Why are old people so obsessed with the weather?

When older adults meet someone, they always talk about the weather and weather forecasts.  The obsession of this phenomenon is not a new thing for the seniors. Whenever seniors meet each other or address some young adults, the discussion on weather is a must for them. Sometimes the weather debate is an ice breaker for … Read more

Why do Old People have a large Vocaulary?

Why Do Old People Have A Large Vocabulary? You may appear younger than you are. You may have good health and seem so. Your movement may be more upright and quick. Nevertheless, all that is forgotten when you speak.  Your vocabulary and choice of words always give away your actual age.  Although change of vocabulary … Read more

10 Best Velcro Shoes For Seniors

velcro shoes for seniors

Shoes are a big part of how comfortable you are, whether indoors or outdoors. Seniors need to have the best velcro shoes which are very comfortable, promote balance, and can be put on and off very easily. Why Velcro shoes? Because they are easy to fasten or adjust as required. For an elderly person, shoelaces … Read more

What Do You Say Instead Of Happy Retirement?

Whenever you want to congratulate someone who is retiring, ‘happy retirement’ is the most natural massage that comes to your mind. But can you go an extra mile and find a more pleasant retirement message?  Remember retirement is a significant time in any person’s life. Any gesture to illustrate a sense of concern can go … Read more

What should you wear to a Retirement Party?

Preparing mentally and psychologically for your retirement is one way to ensure that you get there with a bang. Your retirement party is one of the events that you might have to give a good amount of attention. Talking of a party, one thing that must come to your mind is what to wear. A … Read more

What is the Best Old People Candy?

Have you noticed the love seniors have for candy? Once old age sets in, most seniors develop a thing for sweet things. My grandma always seems to have packs of old lady candy at the bottom of her handbag. Some of her “treats” are the yuckiest I have ever tasted. If you are ready to … Read more

Why Seniors Pick On Freshman

When you are a freshman, you think it is unfair for your seniors to be mean to you. But when you become a senior, the tables turn and you stop believing it as a dishonest or immoral activity to have fun and make some jokes about the freshmen. Playing mean with the freshman has become … Read more

What do Seniors Fear Most?

Often times, seniors try to hide their anxiety towards old age. The process of aging comes with several uncontrollable changes. These changes haunt them for the better part of their day. This is why it is necessary for the family members and caregivers to know and understand the seniors’ fears and worries. By understanding their … Read more

Who takes care of the elderly in Latin America?

There are no official platforms or programs for the elderly in Latin America. The privileges and benefits which seniors enjoy in developed countries are missing here. The retirement age, which is a term used to define the group of the population that is no longer actively working, has no clear meaning in this part of … Read more