7 Best Cordless Phones with Answering Machine for Seniors

Even though cordless phones may seem outdated due to the advancement in technology, many seniors still use landlines at home. Cordless phones allow seniors freedom in their own home. The good thing about cordless phones is that they have a user-friendly design which means that anyone can use them irrespective of age. They come with … Read more

Best Toenail Clippers for Seniors

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Why are old people so obsessed with the weather?

When older adults meet someone, they always talk about the weather and weather forecasts.  The obsession of this phenomenon is not a new thing for the seniors. Whenever seniors meet each other or address some young adults, the discussion on weather is a must for them. Sometimes the weather debate is an ice breaker for … Read more

Best Retirement Gifts For Your Boss

The fact that they are your boss means that you’ve had the chance to see them both at their best and at their worst. But what is cherished most are the times they passionately lead, stood up for their decisions, and became an inspiration to many. There’s no better time to make them feel esteemed … Read more

What is the Best Old People Candy?

Have you noticed the love seniors have for candy? Once old age sets in, most seniors develop a thing for sweet things. My grandma always seems to have packs of old lady candy at the bottom of her handbag. Some of her “treats” are the yuckiest I have ever tasted. If you are ready to … Read more

10 Ideas to Put on a Retirement Cake

Deciding on how to design and decorate a retirement cake isn’t that simple. Retirement is a significant moment in a retiree’s life, and the small space on top of a case is assigned the important role of commemorating it.  Whether you are baking or ordering a retirement cake, you’ll probably have a moment of wondering … Read more