What is a good breakfast for seniors?

Breakfast For Seniors

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. This is especially true for seniors because of the special dietary needs that they need to have at the start of the day.  But then what is considered to be the best breakfast for seniors?  The best breakfast for seniors is one that … Read more

Best Handheld Shower Heads for Seniors


Anyone can agree that taking a shower is the most relaxing and rejuvenating activity of the day. However, it can be quite a strenuous activity for some seniors. Finding the best handheld shower head for seniors can help make every day feel as if you are showering in a 5 star resort! When it comes … Read more

Easy to Read Watches for Seniors


If you have been looking to buy your senior loved one a wristwatch or you are a senior citizen simply looking to purchase a watch for yourself, then this article is for you. Wristwatches are an important part of our outfit. Not only because of the primary function of telling us the time but also … Read more

Best Alarm Clock For Seniors


Despite it being seen as a technological downgrade, an alarm clock has and will always be a necessity. This new generation may never get it but alarm clocks were at some point one of the greatest inventions after watches.  Alarm clocks play a very crucial role in the life of the elderly. They remind them … Read more

What is the ideal room temperature for an elderly person?

The most ideal temperature for an elderly person is 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperatures lower or higher than these are said to be unsafe.  However, this temperature may vary because of a number of factors such as the person’s weight, their own body temperature, and certain ailments. An elderly with thyroid problems or diabetes will … Read more

Best Recliners For Seniors

Best Recliners For Elderly People

 Are you looking for a review of the best recliner for seniors? While aging comes with a lot of perks, it does come with its fair share of challenges as well. The biggest of them all is the mobility difficulties. Such mundane tasks as sitting down and standing up become dreadful with too much pain … Read more