What is the Best Old People Candy?

Have you noticed the love seniors have for candy? Once old age sets in, most seniors develop a thing for sweet things. My grandma always seems to have packs of old lady candy at the bottom of her handbag. Some of her “treats” are the yuckiest I have ever tasted. If you are ready to … Read more

Alexa For Seniors Review

Technology is moving so fast that it can be hard to keep up, more so for the elderly folks among us. But one area where its advance is highly anticipated for its mutual benefits is the area of intelligent voice assistants (IVA). The biggest and best known IVA right now is Amazon’s Alexa, which is … Read more

10 Ideas to Put on a Retirement Cake

Deciding on how to design and decorate a retirement cake isn’t that simple. Retirement is a significant moment in a retiree’s life, and the small space on top of a case is assigned the important role of commemorating it.  Whether you are baking or ordering a retirement cake, you’ll probably have a moment of wondering … Read more

What Can Seniors Do For Fun?

Just like people from all other ages, being actively involved in physical, mental, and social activities make the elderly healthier. Fun activities are beneficial to their overall wellbeing as they contribute to body strengthening, mind sharpening, and keeping spirits high.  Whether it’s playing games, doing a favorite hobby, or spending time outdoors, such ventures improve … Read more

What percentage of seniors listen to podcasts?

Claiming that the world of podcasts is fascinating is probably an understatement. Podcasts are at the center of modern-day entertainment, and they offer an excellent way to kick out boredom and get enlightened at the same time. So, are podcasts popular amongst the elderly? How many seniors actually listen to podcasts? We took a deep-dive … Read more

Why Should Seniors Travel?

An entire lifetime is said to not be enough to explore all that the world has to offer. And even if you had the chance you wouldn’t have the time or the resources. Raising kids, working, and dealing with everything in between leaves one with no time to oneself leave alone to travel the world. … Read more

What Loft Drivers Should Seniors Use?

For a good reason, golf is one of the most popular sports for seniors.  The exercise, fresh air and camaraderie that come with the game make it ideal for their mind, body and soul. Among many great things about golf is that you can continue to play even as your age advances. It’s obvious that … Read more

When is a Jack Russell Considered a Senior Dog?

Jack Russell canines are tenacious and lively. Even with a diminutive body, they are curious and fearless, not to mention that they have an inherent need to seek adventure. In case your once hyperactive dog will suddenly not jump into your car the instant you open the door, or it no longer gives you a … Read more

What should you wear to a Retirement Party?

Preparing mentally and psychologically for your retirement is one way to ensure that you get there with a bang. Your retirement party is one of the events that you might have to give a good amount of attention. Talking of a party, one thing that must come to your mind is what to wear. A … Read more