Why are old people so obsessed with the weather?

When older adults meet someone, they always talk about the weather and weather forecasts.  The obsession of this phenomenon is not a new thing for the seniors. Whenever seniors meet each other or address some young adults, the discussion on weather is a must for them. Sometimes the weather debate is an ice breaker for … Read more

How Can Seniors Lose Belly Fat?

There is nothing like ‘you are too old’ or ‘it is too late’ for you to look and feel good. However, it often feels as if there is no way around the weight gain that comes along with getting older. Despite the crop tops, anti-aging creams, or fidget spinners that we buy, the waist size … Read more

7 Best Exercise Ideas for Older Adults

Our body’s requirements are ever changing with age hence exercise should be an essential part of our lifestyle to live a healthy joyous life. Exercise for older adults is important. It is as important as your diet. Older adults must incorporate exercise into their daily routine to maintain their strength, flexibility and prevent any kind of … Read more