10 Best Grab Bars for Seniors

Best Bathroom Bars for Elderly

Every home has a bathroom. But do you know that most of the accidents are likely to occur in the bathroom? Due to their slippery nature, bathrooms are very dangerous especially to the elderly and the disabled. The best way to enhance safety for the elderly in the shower is by installing a bathroom grab … Read more

How old is a Senior?

If you ask ten people about the age at which someone is considered senior, you’ll get ten answers that differ in many aspects.  As well, you’ll find different opinions if you do a quick search about the same on Google. This is quite a subjective topic. It is an issue whose approach varies widely depending … Read more

Water Aerobics Exercises For Seniors

Water Aerobics Exercises For Seniors

You don’t have to be as agile as a fish to benefit from water aerobics exercises for seniors. Even if you just start with light training, in the company of a caregiver who knows his way around the water or an instructor, water aerobics for seniors have lots of physical and psychological benefits. Water exercises … Read more

6 Best Daybeds with Pop Up Trundle For Adults

Best Daybed with Pop Up Trundle For Adults

A daybed with pop-up trundle for adults can go a long way in ‘expanding’ your room by creating an additional sleeping /lounging space. It thus a handy and cost-effective option if your adult visitors like to sleep over or spend more time in your small apartment. Most models are resolute and hold up really well even … Read more

Best Digital Camera For Seniors and Elderly

Easy Digital Camera for Elderly

Capturing some of our best memories and special occasions through photography is one of the simplest joys in life. Even as we grow old and our memory fades, photos preserve these special moments. Going through a family album together with your elderly parent or relative can be a great bonding moment. Seniors love to relive … Read more

5 Best Alarm Clock For Seniors

alarm clock for seniors

Despite it being seen as a technological downgrade, an alarm clock has and will always be a necessity. This new generation may never get it but alarm clocks were at some point one of the greatest inventions after watches. Alarm clocks play a very crucial role in the life of the elderly. The are used … Read more