10 Best Walking Canes With Seat for Seniors

A walking cane with a heavy duty seat could be just the thing you need. Standing and walking for periods of time can become more difficult with age and health changes. A little extra support makes all of the difference. Don’t let aging heighten the risk of falling and cause unwanted injuries. Not only does … Read more

Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics Feet

Diabetes is a disease that affects a whopping 17.9 million people in the USA alone. Apart from having too much blood sugar, diabetes also comes with other complications such as injuries, ulcerations and infections on the feet unless you wear the most comfortable shoes for diabetics. Diabetes causes a condition called peripheral neuropathy which makes … Read more

9 Best Memory Games for Seniors

Are you searching for the best memory games for seniors? As a senior, Keeping your mind active is as important as maintaining your strength and physical fitness. Keeping a strong memory is important as it is contributes to helping make us happy and helps us live independently as we grow older. Memory games for elderly … Read more

Best Lightweight and Small Walker For Elderly People

There is one major advantage a small walker for elderly has over standard walkers; it is great for negotiating small spaces and tight corners without struggle. If your house has narrow stairways and passageways, a narrow folding walker is exactly what you need to pass though easily. Passing through busy crowds and a congested house … Read more

Best Recliners For Seniors

Best Recliners For Elderly People

 Are you looking for a review of the best recliner for seniors? While aging comes with a lot of perks, it does come with its fair share of challenges as well. The biggest of them all is the mobility difficulties. Such mundane tasks as sitting down and standing up become dreadful with too much pain … Read more

Best Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Best Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Pop up trundle beds for adults have a versatile design and are a fantastic bedding (or sofa) option for those living in compact apartments and condos. In all cases, the engineering is intended to allow them to be used as restful sofas by day and be slept on by night. You can, therefore, place them … Read more

When is a Jack Russell Considered a Senior Dog?

Jack Russell canines are tenacious and lively. Even with a diminutive body, they are curious and fearless, not to mention that they have an inherent need to seek adventure. In case your once hyperactive dog will suddenly not jump into your car the instant you open the door, or it no longer gives you a … Read more

What is another word for old people?

We live in an era where growing old is a privilege. In fact, young people can only wish to grow as old as the oldest person they know. That said, do you know any older person in your circles? Do you work with the elderly? How old is old anyway? To effectively answer this question, … Read more

Which is better for seniors yoga or tai chi?

Martial art has always been a solution to several emotional and physical problems. From making fights to creating peace, martial art has gracefully helped people achieve their goals. Researchers have been working round the clock to find even more benefits of martial arts especially to old people, luckily these researches have proven that martial arts … Read more

Why Do Old People Regret?

At times people live their lives unaware of their thoughts, choices and actions. Subsequently, every decision you make every day plays a part in determining your current and future reality. Even without realizing it, you consistently follow through with the resolutions you make, which shapes what you became as a person.  You may swear to … Read more