Best Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Pop up trundle beds for adults have a versatile design and are a fantastic bedding (or sofa) option for those living in compact apartments and condos.

In all cases, the engineering is intended to allow them to be used as restful sofas by day and be slept on by night.

You can, therefore, place them anywhere you need space including your guest bedroom, your tiny office, main bedroom or even in your sitting room.

These beds are largely hardy, easier to use, and convenient space saving pieces of furniture.

What Is A Pop Up Trundle Bed?

A pop up trundle is a pair of sleeping beds working hand in hand with each other. The main bed is typically higher and usually uses a twin-size mattress while the smaller trundle bed is fitted with rollers (or casters) and is stored underneath your upper bed frame.

The trundle bed mostly accommodates a twin-size mattress and can be ‘popped up’ if desired to rest at the same height as the upper bed.

The Design of Popup Trundle Bed Frames

For the design of pop up trundle beds to function efficiently, their frames are normally made of either steel or wood and sometimes boast of a wired trundle bed system.

A common feature is four carpet rollers attached to the frame’s bottom to ensure an easier sliding mechanism when rolling the trundle out or pushing it in after use.

The right system is also such that it helps to support and extend the life of the mounted mattress either with or without a box-spring foundation (rarely necessary).

Further, during raising and/or lowering using the ‘pop-up’ feature, the bed’s heavy duty springs hold it steady ensuring the safety of the occupant.

How do the Pop-up Trundle Bed Work?

Pop-up trundles are available as full-size, twins, or even a collection of bunks. Just like other trundles, the process commences by you pulling out the lower bed on the rollers until it’s completely freed from the top bed.

But now, rather than sticking lower to the surface and at some height away from the main bed, the secondary bed can ‘popped-up’ and lifted to the same level as the principal bed effectively creating a huge bed ( virtually twice as big as the original bed).

Are Trundle Beds Comfortable?

The second bed in trundle beds is typically compact and demands a thinner mattress so as to fit below the bed hence they may not be the most comfortable furniture ever invented.

Again this bed could lack some sophisticated support features and is thus less supportive in comparison to conventional raised beds which could have some advanced support features.

Thus, even the most comfortable trundle beds may not be recommended for seniors or people with ailing backs.

Pros And Cons Of Trundle Beds.

Pop up trundle beds for adults have slowly risen to prominence and are huge right now.

The question is:

What makes them so special?


  • Space savers

Trundle beds first claim to fame is in their space saving qualities. This has made them a favorite among people living in small rooms or places with restricted floor space.

A daybed with pop up trundle bed serves as two beds while occupying the space of only one bed.          

  • Versatility

Individual beds are just that- beds! And sofas just sofas! What if you want to save money and space?

You go for a trundle bed with pop up! It will gladly function as a comfortable sitting sofa during the day and a relaxed bed in your guest room during the night.

  • Trundle beds adds more beauty to your home

A daybed with pop up trundle for adults can liven up your home if you go for the most beautiful pop up trundle bed frame.

Some of the eye-catching choices are upholstered in elegant fabrics, carved from gorgeous wood, or made from magnificent cast iron.

  • Better organization

Besides economizing on your space, the best daybed with pop up trundle could come with additional drawers which help to store magazines, books, clothes, and personal accessories. You can also remove mattress if not used often to create more storage space for your blankets and other belongings.

This helps the guest room to appear more organized and appealing.

And the Cons?

  • Some Trundle Beds may Be Uncomfortable

As aforementioned, some have slightly thinner beds making them unsuitable for senior citizens or anybody suffering from back problems.

  • Some Mechanisms don’t last

The pullout or ‘pop-up’ mechanism may not survive for long if continually pushed in/out and up/down daily.

  • Limited Weight Limit

A trundle bed may not have the capacity to support larger people. Though you’ll find a good percentage with fairly good weight ratings, some squeak and can crash if used by overweight users.

What You Need To Know About Pop Up Trundle Bed Frame.

You need a long-lasting and a sturdy trundle bed and this is where the frame comes in.

Some of the most durable beds are constructed from fully-welded metallic frames while others come from solid wood and also hold out strongly.

Still, some best trundle beds for adults are semi- metallic and semi-wood.

When looking at the frame, also check out related factors like the bed’s weight capacity if you expect to be hosting plus-size guests.

On the same note, steel-made frames have been known to accommodate as much as 500 lbs. without complaining.

Types of Pop Up Trundle Beds.

1.     Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

A daybed with a pop up trundle is a very practical solution for accommodating extra guests or family.

The trundle typically includes four casters like in  the DHP Daybed Trundle   some locking and others non-locking for ease of movement and safety.

You can roll them out on demand to create a cozy sleeping space or a plush sofa. Most of these beds take in twin size mattresses on the roll-out trundle and daybed.

2.     Full Size Trundle Bed

A full-sized trundle bed was initially built as a compromise between saving space and accommodating the highest number of people in one room.

Leading brands including the  Poundex Full Size Trundle Bed includes a full sized bed and a lower twin-sized trundle.

Some types often have storage too increasing their efficiency as you can store away clothes and related items.

3.     Budget Pop Up Trundle Beds

If you are on a budget, you should opt for the available cheap trundle daybeds. Options include the DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed with Twin-Size Trundle and the compact Modern Finlay Daybed with Trundle which works out of the box ( doesn’t a foundation or a box spring).

The manufacturers of such trundle beds use eco-friendly and other affordable materials to build sturdy beds at minimal cost.

What to Look Out For When Buying Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults.

The market has nowadays more choices as far as the pop up trundle beds for adults go. Your work can be less involving if you are conversant with what to look out for:

  • Quality

Depending on your special requirements, you may your multi-purposed trundle daybeds for adults to be of the best possible quality.

Quality translates to more value for your money and covers issues like the fabrication, aesthetics, sliding and pop-up mechanism among other.

  • Fashion

You will want a bed that is coherent with your living room’s decorative theme and overall appearance.

Fortunately, there are multiple stylish wooden day beds with pop up trundle and more sleek looking metallic beds.

Pick the right looks vis-à-vis your décor.

  • Available Space

Although a daybed with pop up trundle generally takes up very little room space, some are still a bit oversize and may not fit in the intended area.

To be on the safe side, measure the bed and compare it with the space set aside to ensure it fits.

  • Storage Options

Certain full size trundle beds for adults feature built-in cubbies to hold books, toys, the alarm clock, and other personal effects.

Moreover, some come with additional drawer storage units and help to make your space look more orderly.

  • Portability

Full size trundle beds for adults and almost all other trundle beds for adults with caster wheels are easier to move about from one room to the other.

Ensure that your adult trundle bed is also lightweight so as to easily drag it around.

Speaking of wheels, those with locks are safer since your bed will not move around randomly once positioned.

  • Easy to Assemble

Unless you’re a skilled artisan, assembling a pop up trundle bed can be a harrowing experience.

Choose a bed with minimal parts, direct and clear instructions, and one which looks easier to set up.

What Size Is A Trundle Bed Mattress?

Any discussion about comfort in pop up trundle beds cannot be complete without discussing the mattress.

Now, the mattress that best fits into the pop up trundle frame is the typical twin mattress size.

However, some modern trundle bed frames can be in full size and their mattress full or twin (should not be beyond eight inches thicker).

If unsure about your candidate best daybed with pop up trundle, measure the frame or mattress.

It’s also worth noting that twin or trundle-sized mattresses are smaller than twin XL mattress by at least five inches and can neither fit standard trundles nor twin frames.

Height-wise, many trundle beds happily take any 8-inch-thick twin mattress. That being said, it’s not strange to find beds with trundle mattresses measuring a mere 5 inches.

Finally, although a pop-up trundle accommodates the standard twin mattress (39 X 75 inches), you can come across fitting 71-inch mattresses because of trundle drawers.

Best Mattress For Trundle Bed.

So, except for sizing, how else do you select the mattress for your full size daybed with pop up trundle?

  • Material

Mattress manufacturing technology has made great strides in the last decade with more emphasis being placed on creating trundle mattresses with greater comfort.

From antimicrobial memory foam, gel foam, latex foam, and all the way to air-chamber trundle mattresses, you are spoilt for choice.

Memory foam mattresses are especially favored because their construction could lead to improved sleep in seniors and individuals with back pain.

Gel memory foam mattresses such as the Classic Brands Cool  also support the body evenly and automatically adjusts to changes in temperature and body weight.

  • Firm or Plush?

The recommended mattress for the best back health or reducing soreness on the back is the type that reduces pressure points for example in your shoulders and hips.

Unlike their plush counterparts, firm mattresses provide the balanced support needed for a good night sleep while ensuring the best for your back.

You should, however, avoid ultra-firm or stiff mattresses since they’re too hard on the back.

Some of trundle bed mattresses like the Zinus Memory green foam Mattress uniquely balance firmness with a cozy level of softness in addition to shaping up perfectly to your body.

  • Durability

Also, consider any added features that make the trundle bed mattress more resilient. These could be from the thicker wires and higher coil gauges amongst others.

The certipur-US Certified Zinus Memory 5 Foam mattress is one of the most durable trundle bed mattresses and is one of the few mattresses using high-density foam base layer.

  • Dimensions

When choosing the best mattress for your trouble bed, capture the measurements of both the bottom and top beds.

That’s because despite that the twin size could fit both beds, the trundle’s full mattress can still work provided it’s not too short of the length of the bed frame but fits under your main bed.

The thickness can also be an issue.

To be comfortable, the mattresses’ thickness should ideally be between 8 to 10 inches in depth.


Pop up trundle beds for adults are an amazing piece of furniture for families and individuals looking for more sleeping space for visitors in their smaller bedrooms.

By day, you can use it as a sofa, a convenient reading spot, or just a restful coach as you catch up with your latest TV drama series.

At night, you pull out the trundle to establish a comfortable sleep space for your extended family members or guests.

And considering that the leading brands are sleek and contemporary in design, these beds can be very worthy additions to your home.

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