A Guide To Safe Sleeping Pills For Elderly People.

For the elderly, insomnia and insufficient sleep can be hugely detrimental…problems such as depression, memory loss, more night-time falls, and even lower immunity are just some of the challenges caused by poor sleeping patterns…that’s why having it’s advisable to have some safe sleeping pills for elderly in the house.

Disclaimer:  I / We the authors at Senior Pride are not doctors. We are not providing medical advice. Please consult your doctor with any questions you have about the products listed.
safe sleeping pills for elderly

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is closely associated with difficulties in initiating sleep, maintaining sleep, or restoring sleep after some disruption and is a recurring problem in older citizens

Insomnia can be:

  • Chronic Insomnia: lasting one month or longer
  • Acute Insomnia: lasts from one day to a week or several weeks
  • Comorbid Insomnia: this is a result of another disorder
  • Onset Insomnia: difficulty falling asleep
  • Maintenance Insomnia: inability to remain asleep

How Insomnia Affects Older Adults.

When deprived of sleep, older adults are exposed to numerous problems like depression, memory loss, more night-time falls, and even poor immunity…

Common Causes Of Insomnia And Sleep Problems In Older Adults.

Loneliness: Social activities warm the body for a good night sleep. These include chatting with friends or a family outing.

Menopause Onset:  night sweating and hot flashes can interrupt sleep in women of menopause age.

Poor Exercise Routine: Regular exercises promote good sleep.

Stress: stressful situations may lead to disturbed sleep.

Poor Sleeping Habits:  Irregular sleeping hours, consuming alcohol before bedtime and caffeine mess with sleep patterns.

Poor Sleep Environment: A noisy, stuffy and uncomfortable bedroom hardly stimulates sleep.

Lack Of Sunlight: Bright sunlight regulates melatonin and normalizes sleep-wake cycles. Lack of sunshine may, therefore, confuse your sleeping schedule.

Medication: Generally, older adults take more medications compared to younger people. Some of these drugs have some terrible side effects including causing insomnia in elderly

Pain/Medical Conditions:  Pain, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, heartburn, and Alzheimer’s disease may interfere with sleep.

Sleep Disorders: sleep disorders such as apnea and snoring occur more commonly in seniors.

How To Improve Sleep Habits For Elderly People.

Having looked at the common causes of insomnia in elderly, let’s now focus on how to improve sleep quality and how to reduce senior sleep problems

1.     Engage In Healthy Exercises

One of the best sleeping tips for elders is to become physically active. And seniors can still participate in a wide range of activities including

  • Swimming and other water-based exercises
  • Dancing
  • Ball games including Lawn bowling
  • Playing a round of Golf
  • Walking , Cycling or running

2.     Observe Beneficial Bedtime Rituals

Others ways to improve sleep are;

  • Sleeping and waking consistently at the same time
  • switching on soothing music
  • Creating a habit of reading something at bedtime
  • Ensuring the bedroom is fully blacked out
  • Blocking out snoring -use anti-snoring tools
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Being physically intimate- for example, he/she can engage in sex

3.     Avoid Harmful Pre-sleep Activities

As an elder, you should strive to avoid sleep-chasing activities. Do not:

  • Consuming alcoholic drinks before bedtime
  • Eat sugary foods before bedtime
  • Consume heavy meals or spicy foods (due to potential discomfort)
  • Take caffeine (it’s a stimulant and bad for sleep)
  • Take lots of liquids close to bedtime (latest should be 1 ½ hours prior to sleeping otherwise you’ll keep rushing to the loo disrupting your sweet sleep)

4.     Beat Stress

Stress and anxiety make treating insomnia in the elderly far more difficult.

This is how seniors can reduce mental stress.

  • Listening to their favorite music
  • Thinking of positive experiences
  • Reading motivational books
  • Going for massage
  • Talking to close family or trusted friends
  • Playing some games or watching movies

5.     Other Helpful Measures

  • Retiring to bed earlier than usual- if your body demands
  • Improving melatonin levels naturally e.g. by basking in the sun
  • Eating well before bedding
  • Making sure the bedroom is cozy
  • Consulting a physician- if insomnia persists
  • Reducing random intake of sleep medication for elderly and other sleep aids for elderly

Treating Insomnia in Elderly.

The answer to “what is a good sleep aid for the elderly” lies in knowing the real cause of insomnia and treating it.

For example, if it’s caused by underlying diseases, older adults should prioritize seeing a doctor who may prescribe medications.

If it’s caused by poor sleeping habits, then the elder should try to follow the routine I have highlighted above…

The safest sleeping pills for elderly may suffice for short-term disruptions in sleep…but it’s always advisable to consult a professional before self-prescriptions

Consider This Before Buying Any Safe Sleeping Pills For Elderly.

So, what should you consider when buying safe sleeping pills for elderly?

  1. Medical history

As a senior, you may have some tried certain pills in the past with little success. Or maybe you’re taking some other medications which react to your preferred sleeping tablets.

Such issues mean you have to be more selective when picking

  1. Habit Forming

When looking for the best prescription sleep aid for elderly, this is huge.

The best sleep aid for elderly should allow them to fall asleep without it. Avoid addictive sleep aids.

  1. Side Effects

Sleeping pills for adults may have adverse side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Check the label for any side effects before buying.

  1. The Morning After

Some of these safe sleep aids for seniors will cause you to wake feeling groggy and tired.

Pick those that ensure you feel energetic at wake time.

  1. Performance

All sleep medications including natural sleeping pills should nudge you to sleep shortly after you take them but it’s not always the case

Do some thorough research to know what works and what doesn’t

Best Sleeping Pills to Help the Elderly People Get Better Sleep.

1.     LUNA Natural Sleep Aid For Elderly

A natural, herbal sleep supplement, LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is one of the best treatment for insomnia in older adults.

It’s not just naturally safe, but also proven to be non-habit forming

Its scientifically backed ingredients such as GABA, melatonin, Magnesium, and L-theanine encourage a healthier, balanced sleep schedule, and importantly, have no known side effects

More to this, it replaces feelings of worry with states of relaxation making it easier to doze off and also to sleep for longer.

Finally, its non-GMO, free of toxins, and also cruelty-free


  • Natural, herbal sleep supplement
  • Ingredients: Magnesium, L-Theanine, GABA, melatonin, Amino Acids
  • Non- GMO, cruelty-free


  • Safe even with allergic elders
  • One falls asleep soon after
  • It doesn’t have any known  side effects
  • One wakes up feeling fresh
  • The capsules are easy to swallow


  • May not work for chronic insomnia

2.     Genius Sleep Aid – Smart Sleeping Pills for Anxiety & Insomnia Relief.

Genius Sleep Aid  comprises of  very little melatonin (less than 1mg) and so there is minimal risk of developing tolerance to melatonin for elderly which is what makes elderly citizens become dependent on sleeping pills.

Instead, Genius relies 100% on powerful herbs and certified amino acids to not only optimize sleep but to also restore important cognitive function in the morning

And there’s more:

Genius also delivers a unique synergistic relaxation meaning insomniac seniors will feel less anxious and less stressed when going about the daily chores.

In addition, Genius has rutaecarpine – an ingredient which helps to reduce caffeine in the body and also restore adrenal glands.


  • Features rutaecarpine
  • Ingredients: Melatonin, L-theanine, glycine, and inositol 
  • 100% pure herbs & amino acids


  • It makes one fall asleep faster
  • It’s a safe natural sleep supplement
  • It also helps reduce adrenal fatigue
  • It doesn’t create dependency
  • Also reduces caffeine from your body


  • A bit pricey

3.     Zenwise Health Natural Sleeping Aid For Elderly.

By just looking at its ingredients, you can easily tell why Zenwise Health Sleeping Aid is always rated as among the best sleeping pills over the counter.

It has the powerful relaxer- Magnesium glycinate, the tension relieving amino acid 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), and a soothing mix of GABA, melatonin, chamomile flower powder, and L-taurine / L-theanine

Then, any of the best sleep medication for elderly has to be able to assist the patient reduce to stress and anxiety and this is no exception… it’s other components – melatonin and valerian root powder- expertly manage stress in seniors ensuring they will enjoy deeper and extremely restful sleep


  • Ingredients: Magnesium Glycinate, 5-HTP, Chamomile Flower Powder, GABA, Melatonin, L-Taurine / L-Theanine, Melatonin,  Valerian Root Powder
  • Natural product
  • NSF & GMP certified


  • No groggy feeling in the morning
  • You wake up feeling more refreshed
  • It doesn’t take time to take effect
  • Also helps to relieve stress
  • The company provides excellent customer support


  • The capsules are a bit big and harder to swallow

4.     Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve Tablets Sleep Aid.

Melatonin supplement is without doubt one of the best sleep aid…that’s because a number of sleep problems are caused by its deficiency

Natrol Melatonin Supplement Sleep Aid is a popular choice for those looking to increase the level of this important sleep-promoting hormone for the simple reason that it comes in form of easy to chew sweet tablets hence user-friendly.

Further to this, it’s absorbed quickly into the blood stream hence its impact is felt soon after intake.

In the end, seniors sleep faster and stay longer in bed


  • Fast dissolving formula
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • Chewable melatonin tablets
  • Flip top cap


  • Comes in the form of easy to  chew tablets
  • It dissolves into the blood system quickly
  • No morning grogginess
  • It doesn’t create dependency
  • Its cap is friendly even to seniors with dexterity issues.


  • The strawberry flavor may leave an aftertaste

5.     Alteril Sleep Aid For Seniors

L-Tryptophan is a 100% natural sleep and aging dietary supplement and is famous for its effectiveness in countering insomnia, depression, anxiety as well as premenstrual syndrome.

Alteril Sleep Aid active ingredient is tryptophan and is common in many daily dietary sources and has for long been a favored prescription for sleep induction.

Because it’s based on L-Tryptophan, Alteril has built a reputation as one of the best premium grade sleep aids and helps insomniacs to restore their sleep patterns without any side effects

And it has a very minimal risk of addiction.


  • Main ingredient: L-Tryptophan
  • All natural


  • Won’t produce any side-effects
  • It’s very gentle on your body
  • Comes in an excellent package
  • They’re very effective
  • No addiction whatsoever


  • It doesn’t dissolve as fast as others

Safety When Taking Sleeping Pills.

Here now are some safety tips to help seniors remain safe when taking insomnia pills.

  • Follow instructions on the package 100%.
  • Avoid taking them during working hours due to potential confusion
  • Only take them when sure of a whole night of sleep.
  • Watch out for side effects and consult a physician in case of extreme reactions.
  • Don’t take a new pill on the night prior to a crucial appointment or activity since the effects are still unclear.
  • Alcohol and sleeping pills for elderly patients don’t mix.
  • Avoid overdose
  • When it’s time to stop, they should quit gradually to avoid possible side effects


When everything else has failed, safe sleeping pills for elderly could suffice in tackling insomnia for older adults.

It’s however better to consult a doctor before picking medications.

Other strategies that can help with insomnia include making lifestyle changes, exercising, and observing correct bedtime rituals.

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