Why do old people move to Florida?

The mecca of the seniors, which boasts sandy beaches, leisure, luxury, and relaxation is known as Florida. The reputation which this destination owns is purely earned, not a stunt of false advertisement. The census always reports the highest percentage of senior citizens than any state in the U.S. This sunshine state has been a hot … Read more

Which is better for seniors yoga or tai chi?

Martial art has always been a solution to several emotional and physical problems. From making fights to creating peace, martial art has gracefully helped people achieve their goals. Researchers have been working round the clock to find even more benefits of martial arts especially to old people, luckily these researches have proven that martial arts … Read more

What is another word for old people?

We live in an era where growing old is a privilege. In fact, young people can only wish to grow as old as the oldest person they know. That said, do you know any older person in your circles? Do you work with the elderly? How old is old anyway? To effectively answer this question, … Read more

Why do Old People have a large Vocaulary?

Why Do Old People Have A Large Vocabulary? You may appear younger than you are. You may have good health and seem so. Your movement may be more upright and quick. Nevertheless, all that is forgotten when you speak.  Your vocabulary and choice of words always give away your actual age.  Although change of vocabulary … Read more

Why do old people drive buicks?

Buicks are no longer considered boring cars strictly for older people. Such vehicles are today crushing the luxury car markets for reasons that go beyond their comfort levels. Irrespective of your age, Buick offers a wide selection of versatile and affordable rides that are bound to warm your heart. According to a decent number of … Read more

How old is a Senior?

If you ask ten people about the age at which someone is considered senior, you’ll get ten answers that differ in many aspects.  As well, you’ll find different opinions if you do a quick search about the same on Google. This is quite a subjective topic. It is an issue whose approach varies widely depending … Read more

What are good stretching exercises for seniors?

Is aging taking a toll on your body? Do you constantly battle with stiff joints, aches, and pains?  Stretching exercises is definitely what you need. Stretching is an excellent way for you to relax as well as relieve tension in your muscles. The trick to getting the best of stretching exercises is good breathing and … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Elderly And Senior?

Everybody is aging, right from the moment of birth. The process of aging is a biological reality that is far beyond human control. The society at large has found terms to describe those that have aged more than others. The words, elderly and senior, are despicably alike and, in most cases, used when they should … Read more

What Can seniors do for fun?

Just like people from all other ages, being actively involved in physical, mental, and social activities make the elderly healthier. Fun activities are beneficial to their overall wellbeing as they contribute to body strengthening, mind sharpening, and keeping spirits high.  Whether it’s playing games, doing a favorite hobby, or spending time outdoors, such ventures improve … Read more