Why do old people drive buicks?

Buicks are no longer considered boring cars strictly for older people. Such vehicles are today crushing the luxury car markets for reasons that go beyond their comfort levels. Irrespective of your age, Buick offers a wide selection of versatile and affordable rides that are bound to warm your heart. According to a decent number of … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Elderly And Senior?

Everybody is aging, right from the moment of birth. The process of aging is a biological reality that is far beyond human control. The society at large has found terms to describe those that have aged more than others. The words, elderly and senior, are despicably alike and, in most cases, used when they should … Read more

What Can seniors do for fun?

Just like people from all other ages, being actively involved in physical, mental, and social activities make the elderly healthier. Fun activities are beneficial to their overall wellbeing as they contribute to body strengthening, mind sharpening, and keeping spirits high.  Whether it’s playing games, doing a favorite hobby, or spending time outdoors, such ventures improve … Read more