What are the best Golf Strengthening Exercises For Seniors?

Golf, just like football, basketball, and hockey, is a physically demanding sport requiring fitness, especially to seniors, since they are more vulnerable to injuries.

Training exercises not only improve your golf game, but they also help control injury. Common problem areas for seniors in golf are the ankles, hips, and shoulders, and you can do several exercises to help improve your strength and flexibility in these areas.

Adequate flexibility, balance, and strength are factors necessary to assume the initial body positions. There are other factors, such as sufficient cardiorespiratory endurance required to accommodate the golfer throughout the game.

 This article will focus entirely on some of the best golf strengthening exercises favorable for the seniors. 

 Golf Swing Mechanics Exercises

Did you know that the golf swing itself is the most common cause of injuries to most senior golfers?

Yes, you read that, right!

Golf swing demands a high level of flexibility, balance, stability, and coordination, as it is quite athletic. Therefore, comprehensive knowledge of the golf swing is a must-know to all golfers, even the seniors.

To ace, your golf swing on your next game uses the following simple exercises.

Pelvic Rotations

Pelvic rotations correct internal and external hip rotation. Apart from helping you with your golf swing, they also contribute to your balance during the game.

● Stand securely with your feet on the ground and place your golf club in front of you.

● In a stable position, swing your hands to the right around your left leg for 20 rotations.

● Now sing to the left around your right leg for 20 rotations as well.

Shoulder Slides   

To achieve an effortless swing performance on the green field, shoulder slides play a considerable role, follow the instructions below.

● Stand next to a solid wall for this one with your back straight to the wall.

● Place your hands up against the wall and slide them up down, counting to 10.

● With your right hand to the side, lift your left hand up and down ten times. Do the same to your left hand and count to 10.

● Now, rotate your shoulders from the wall and right back for 10 to 20 times.

                     Great job!

Flexibility and Consistency Exercises

If you want to look forward to a painless golf game and pull off through the day smiling, you need to get flexibility right. And I just have the three best exercises addressing this below.

Calf Muscle Stretch Exercises

Maintaining posture during your swing can be minimized if there is tightness in the calf muscles as it limits flexibility in the ankles. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you eliminate such tightness before the game. To do this, follow the simple routine outlined below.

● Find a raised step and place your right foot. Ensure your legs are straight.

● Next, lean forward at the hips until you feel a stretch in your calf.

● Exchange your left leg and repeat the same.

The next set of calf stretches is similar but with your knees bent this time.

● Stand with one leg still raised on the step.

● Bent the knee of the raised foot forward till you feel a stretch.

● Repeat the same with your other leg raised several times for effectiveness.

Bridge exercise

This exercise is an essential foundation for your golf game as it strengthens your lower back, spine, and butt. This clearly shows that it incorporates several muscles into a single movement. If you experience small back pains, this exercise is an excellent recommendation. 

Follow the following simple routine, which is very easy to do:

● Find a firm surface to lie down on your back.  

● Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground

● .Lift your pelvis off the ground using your feet.   

● Hold that position for a second and repeat 5 to 10 times for starters.

Club lunge exercises

This exercise is a fundamental way to increase your torso mobility. The lunge exercise improves your consistency and ball-striking as it 

builds stability in your joints and core.

For this exercise, get your golf club. You will use it for stability. Here your legs’ muscles will be addressed. The steps are just as easy to do:   

● With your left leg forward, right leg back, place the golf club outside your left leg for balance. 

● Bend your front leg slowly into a low lunge, keeping your back leg straight.  

● Ensure your heels stay firmly on the ground and do not stretch your knees past your ankle.  

● Hold for 2 seconds and repeat with your right leg forward.

Maintenance of Strength and Power

To ensure that your body coordinates consistently and powerfully during the golf game, your muscles must blend in terms of strength, flexibility, power, and endurance. Therefore, the exercise you chose and the way you carry them out matters significantly.

To maintain the strength, you require for the game, including squatting, bending, lunging, jogging/walking, pushing, twisting, and pulling as you part of your preparation.

Final thoughts

There you have it, the best golf stretches and strengthening exercises that will help improve your strength, stability, posture, and balance in your whole body. The great thing about these exercises is that you can perform them at home anytime and do not require any special training equipment. Soon you will notice pulling-off the most powerful swing in the golf course.

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