Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Reviewed

Finding the best Golf Clubs for Seniors is much easier then it used to be. Golf is one of the few sports that you never can age out of. Tiger Woods started at 2 years old, while some play into their 90s! It is important to have the best golf clubs for seniors that fit your season of life. Someone in their 20’s will want to play the long ball, while seniors will want clubs that favor the short game. We review the best golf clubs for seniors below:
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What is the difference between regular and Senior Golf Clubs?

The main different between regular and Senior Golf Clubs is the flex in the club shaft. As you age the speed of your swing slows down over time. Having a flexible shaft can help make up for a slower swing by providing some extra whip toward the ball.
How a shaft bends in a golf swing is referred to as flex. With a more athletic swing less torque is needed on the shaft. Generating velocity is much easier at a younger age, so having some extra flex in the shaft can help make up for lost velocity.

What are the Benefits of Golf and Finding the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors?

As you enter you golden years, most sports are very rough on your joints. For instance, sports like basketball, tennis, and men’s softball requires frequent starting and stopping. These short, quick movements, are often the cause of injury.
When you look for options for hobbies to get into as a senior, Golf is a great option. Golf if one of those sports that anyone can play, and it is one of the best relationship building sports.
The old saying “Deals get done on the Golf Course” is because when you are in a cart for 3-4 hours with someone, you end up building a close relationship with them.
As a senior, it is common for people to isolate themselves if they have retired from work. Golf gives seniors a solution for a way to scratch that competitive itch while connecting with others like few other sports provide.

Here are some other Benefits of playing golf for Seniors:

  1. Mental Challenge: Golf requires continues focus throughout the round. We have all had great rounds through several holes only to lose concentration and our scores to balloon up to close to 100. As you age, it is important to pick up hobbies that can keep you engaged and focused throughout the activity. Sports like Softball, Running, etc are often very slow paced and there is a large amount of idle time. With Golf, it requires 3-4 hours of continuous focus, while allowing for a ton of fun!
  2. Physical Workout: Golf often gets a bad rap as being a lazy persons game. It is quite the opposite! People often walk in excess of 10-15,000 steps throughout 18 holes of Golf while using a cart! Without a cart the amount of steps can be much higher.
  3. Camaraderie: Golf is a great social sport to play. It is great to play with existing friends, but it is also a perfect way to meet new friends. Recently I went to play with a friend at a busy golf course and we were paired with another couple. We all hit it off and left as friends at the end of the day!
  4. Enjoy the Outdoors: Many hobbies for seniors tend to be indoors. Another great benefit of Golf for Seniors is that you get to be outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Exploring new golf courses across the country has become a hobby of mine that never gets old! From the greenery in the southeast, the the desert landscapes in the Southwest, the design of modern golf courses never seizes to amaze me!
  5. Competitive Itch: Another transition as you age is the removal from competitive environments. There are very few sports that fire up the competitive itch like Golf does! As Arnold Palmer Said:  “Golf is quite simple and overly complicated.” Golf is a sport you can truly never perfect, and really can become addicting! The failing nature of Golf tends scare some people away, but the people who stick with it tend to become driven to improve their handicap!

Why Does Finding the Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Matter?

I had a friend who went 20 years without replacing his golf clubs. In the past few years as he transitioned into retirement, he bought a brand new set designed for seniors. His score improved greatly as he finally had a set of clubs that were fit for his swing!

The previous set he owned were from the late 90s, and the technology over the last 20 years has improved significantly when it comes to club design. Some of the new Drivers on the market are so light that they make it difficult to not over-swing!

What are the Benefits of Golf For Senior Ladies?

Senior Golf for Ladies has become very popular as of late. According to the National Golf Foundation’s 2018 Golf Report, women now make up close to 25% of all golfers. This number has improved more then 13% in the last 5 years and looks like it is only going to continue to grow.

It is important for ladies to buy clubs that are designed for them. These often are slightly shorter and lighter then men’s clubs. We recommend stopping in at a local golf store to make sure you get measured for a proper fit prior to purchasing a new set!

What Age is a Senior in Golf?

As you know there are many great benefits of officially becoming a Senior in terms of discounts. Golfers 55 or older can save up to 30% on green fees at a variety of courses. Each Golf Course has a different policy and discounts vary state by state as well. Golf Courses tend offer great discounts for Seniors as they are a great recurring customer.


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