10 Best Senior Dog Vitamins

Are you looking to buy the best senior dog vitamins that will promote your furry pals health? Dogs age very quickly and by combining daily vitamins with exercise your dog will thrive!

Note that these supplements need to be combined with other methods such as therapies and exercises for it to be fully active.  Check with your veterinarian to ensure your dog is getting the right supplements, exercise and care. They can offer a senior blood panel, much like humans, to ensure your pets numbers are right on target.

Top Senior Dog Vitamins

Your furry friends deserve the best. Here’s a look at our top picks.

1. NaturVet –VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins 

NaturVet - VetaPet Senior Daily Vitamins
  • SENIOR CARE - Full spectrum senior dog supplement formula with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that may be missing from your senior dog's daily diet.
  • INGREDIENTS THAT WORK - Formulated with Glucosamine to provide extra joint support essential to maintaining healthy hip and joint function.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER - Time Release Chewable Tablets for Senior Dogs. For sick, convalescing, pregnant, or nursing dogs we recommend to double the daily amount.

NaturVet is one of the best brands for making dog products. VitaPet senior daily vitamins have been enhanced with Glucosamine, which is good for joints. Besides, it has a full spectrum of other minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the ageing dogs.

Vitapet seniors are easy to administer. That means you will have a humble time while administering them to your fury ageing pal. Furthermore, they use a unique form of technology known as time-release, which is best for consumption management.

Time-release technology works by releasing only small quantities of vitamins to increase ingredient absorption. In other terms, it is known as controlled, sustained, or extended-release. The tablets dissolve slowly, even though they appear to be more potent.

Another great feature that makes vitapet senior daily vitamins great is that they are manufactured in the USA and are NASC and cGMP compliant. Besides that, these tablets are specially made for older dogs.


  • Formulated specially for senior dogs
  • cGMP, NASC compliant
  • Best for joint support because it contains Glucosamine
  • Provides a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins
  • Affordable


  • Some dogs refuse to take them at first
  • Large tablets

 2. Waggedy Chewable Dog Vitamins

Waggedy Chewable Daily Essentials
  • MULTIVITAMINS FOR SENIOR DOGS – As they age, it is essential for dogs to get the right vitamins to support their growth. These Daily Senior Dog Vitamins provide a full spectrum of dog vitamins and supplements senior specialized to promote healthier skin, coat and nails for small to large dogs in their older age. These chewable senior dog treats are formulated to maintain aging dog joints, immune system and long-term health.
  • ENERGY BOOST VITAMINS – Along with boosting natural energy and vitality, these essential daily All-in-One multivitamins also reinforce their digestive and immune system strength. This advanced formula contains dog nutritional supplements that are vital to your pet’s long-term health, including Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and more. And with a rich boost of antioxidants, it helps fortify your pet’s immunity healthy and natu
  • MADE SO OLD DOGS CAN FEEL LIKE YOUNG PUPS – Backed by a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, this daily old dog treat is a mineral supplement for dog joints, kidney and muscle function. This premium combination infused with enzymes helps promote normal digestion, muscle and bone growth, healthy skin and coats, and it’s even safe for convalescing, pregnant or nursing dogs. The Daily Essentials time-released vitamin for senior dogs is designed for dogs over 4 years old and completely safe for s

Waggedy produces the best multivitamins for senior dogs. It contains all the essential ingredients and vitamins that support growth.  Besides, this brand is well known for specializing in promoting, healthier coat, skin, and nails for dogs of all ages. Furthermore, the waggedy chewable are also customized for the immune system, long-term health, and maintaining ageing dog joints.

Apart from strengthening the immune system, these chewable tablets are also vital for boosting natural energy. Besides that, these advanced tablets are very rich in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, B, D, E, and C.

Other nutrients include iron and antioxidants, which help to fortify your dog’s immunity health. They are good because your dog will feel like a young puppy. That is because they are backed by a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins

The Waggedy chewable tablets are easy to swallow, especially when mixed with food. Besides, it’s is also tasty; hence it will reinforce good behavior to your dogs. In addition, the tablets contain natural anti-microbial to promote bad breath and bacteria.


  • Easy to swallow
  • Promotes a healthier coat, skin, and nails
  • Good for kidney, muscle function, and joints
  • Made in an NSF and cGMP certified facility
  • Affordable


  • Contains natural flavoring

3. PETHONESTY 10-in-1 Multivitamin Chewable

PetHonesty 10 in 1 Multi
  • 10 Benefits in 1 Daily Treat - PetHonesty's 10-For-1 Multivitamin chews combine a well-rounded blend of the most essential vitamins and supplements for dogs' overall daily health including glucosamine, probiotics, vitamins, and omega's.
  • Joint Health with Glucosamine - These natural supplement soft chews have high amounts of glucosamine and other joint support ingredients that reduce joint inflammation and increase mobility and flexibility in your dog.
  • Improve Digestion with 1 Billion CFU Probiotics - These one a day dog vitamins contain probiotics and pumpkin, which help keep your dog's digestive system running smoothly and decrease diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach issues.

Just like the name itself instills, pethonesty’s multivitamin is designed to serve you with ten benefits in a single day. It combines a blend of some of the most crucial nutrients that older dogs require. For example, probiotics, vitamins, omegas, and Glucosamine for overall daily dog’s health.

They are natural and soft to chew treats that contain high amounts of joint support ingredients such as Glucosamine.  Furthermore, it improves flexibility and mobility by reducing joint inflammation. Also, pethonesty multivitamin is useful for improving your dog’s digestion.

The pumpkin and probiotic available in this multivitamin are responsible for keeping the digestive system running smoothly. Besides, it decreases other conditions such as stomach issues, vomiting, and diarrhea. Apart from improving digestion, pethonesty is an excellent product of keeping the skin plus the coat healthy.

If you want your dog to have a shiny and durable, healthy coat, then this is the right product for you. The multivitamin contains eggshell meal and krill omegas to heal flaky, itchy, and dry skin.

Pethonesty multivitamin is an excellent product because it boosts the hearth health. Besides, it also increases the whole immune system with the help of vitamins C, A, and D3-A. The blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and inflammatory properties is what makes pethonesty one of the best senior dog vitamins.


  • Contains Glucosamine for boosting joint health
  • 1treat includes a pack of all the essential vitamins
  • Improves digestion
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Boosts the heart health and the immune system


  • Large for small dogs
  • Some dogs may not eat the tablets

4. VetriScience Multivitamin For Seniors – Soft Chews

VetriScience Soft Chews For Seniors
  • SENIOR DOG HEALTH - Canine Plus Senior incorporates over 25 balanced ingredients that are not found in most dog foods or ordinary multivitamin supplements
  • VITAL MINERALS - Each vegetable flavored soft chew provides vital minerals that support proper composition of body fluids, bone structure and helps to maintain healthy nerve function and cognitive health
  • FULL SUPPORT - Canine Plus Senior is recommended for geriatric dogs to support heart, liver, brain and eye function as well as physical and mental well-being

Vetri science is a big player when it comes to making the best senior dog vitamins. Canine high is well known for integrating about 25balanced ingredients. Only a few dog multivitamins and foods contain equal or more than this.

Canine nine is a soft vegetable flavored chew that supports the proper composition of body fluids. Furthermore, it also contains vital minerals that maintain healthy nerve function, boosts bone structure, and cognitive health.

Canine plus senior multivitamin is also a recommended supplement for geriatric dogs. It supports the liver, heart, eye, and brain function. Also, support mental and physical wellbeing. Furthermore, all products from vetriscience come with a 100% satisfaction since they are veterinarian formulated.

Another great advantage of vetriscience laboratories multivitamin for older dogs is that it’s tasty.  Healthy habits are not supposed to taste bad. That makes it easier to administer to the dogs.


  • Specially formulated for geriatric and senior dogs
  • Contains 25 balanced ingredients
  • Tastes good
  • Affordable
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat


  • Contains high calcium levels

5. Nutramax Labs – Cosequin Joint Supplement Plus

Nutramax Labs Cosequin Joint
  • #1 Veterinarian Recommended
  • Your veterinarian may suggest Cosequin supplements if your dog is having difficulties climbing stairs, jumping into the car, or going for walks
  • Cosequin supplements are formulated to meet a variety of needs

Cosequin contains highly scientifically researched ingredients for better joint health. Furthermore, your vet may recommend this product if your dog is having trouble jumping into the car, climbing stairs, getting up, or even going for walks.

Cosequin products are made in such a way that they can meet your dog’s needs. But it doesn’t depend on the activity level or age. It is available in a tasty chicken flavor tablet. Hence your dog will have a very humble time taking it.

The primary purpose of these tablets is improving your pet’s mobility. For instance, it will reduce inflammation in the joints to support the movement. Joints are the most vulnerable body parts when it comes to aging dogs.

These tablets are manufactured in the United States. Also, they have proven to be of high quality, especially when it comes to joint and dog hip supplements.


  • Best dog vitamins for hip and joint
  • Excellent for long-term use
  • veterinarian recommended product
  • Contains Glucosamine


  • Contains artificial and natural flavors

6. VetriScience – Immune Support Drops

VetriScience Immune Support Drops
  • Supports immune system function and performance in dogs, cats and birds
  • DMG is an adaptogen that helps the body cope with various forms of stress
  • DMG supports performance by enhancing circulation, efficient oxygen utilization, and muscle recovery

Despite not explicitly made for dogs only, Vetri DMG liquid can be very resourceful to senior dogs. In addition, it also helps cats, birds, and dogs to cope with various body stress.

DMG is useful for enhancing blood circulation, muscle recovery, and efficient oxygen utilization. In addition, it has the ability to lower lactic acid. Reducing lactic acid build-up is suitable for supporting stamina.

Besides being an excellent blood circulation enhancer, DMG boosts the entire immune system. Also, this liquid is easy to administer, unlike most of the multivitamins.

Even in times of stress, the vetriScience DMG liquid functions effectively. It achieves this by assisting the body at the cellular level to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, this product has undergone intensive research and testing.

Vetri DMG liquid is one of the best supplements when it comes to the immune system support supplement. Furthermore, it has been in use for more than 30 without causing any adverse effects.


  • Suitable for enhancing blood circulation
  • Adaptive
  • Affordable
  • Used over 30 years without adverse effects


  • Not specifically made for dogs

7. VetriScience –  Probiotic BD

VetriScience Probiotics
  • Vetri Mega Probiotic is a non-dairy formula produced from an all-natural source of beneficial microorganisms to support digestive health
  • Each capsule is guaranteed to contain 5 billion microorganisms per capsule with 8 different strains from non-dairy sources
  • Fructooligosaccharides(FOS) or prebiotics- to support digestive tract health

Vetri Probiotic BD from the vetriScience laboratories is suitable for senior dogs because it supports digestive health. Dogs that infiltration of unwanted bacteria or foo sensitivities in their bowel and digestive functions should be administered with this vitamin.

Another advantage is that dogs that are sensitive to diets or have food allergies can easily take this supplement because it is made with chicken liver imitation.

Vetri Probiotic BD is designed in such a way that it soothes the digestive tract lining. Besides that, it supports microbial balance and proper immune function.

Some of the beneficial ingredients that are associated with this ingredient include Glucosamine, glutamine, Alfalfa, lipase, and Amylase. The help settles the stomach, promotes regularity, and supports beneficial flora growth.

Vetri Probiotic BD from vetriscience laboratories is easy to administer. The tablet contains chicken flavor and is highly palatable chewable.


  • Supports digestive health
  • For susceptible systems
  • Easy to administer
  • Contains many beneficial ingredients
  • Designed to soothe


  • Some said it’s hard to chew

8. Pet Wellbeing  – Immune Sure Drops

Pet Wellbeing - Immune Sure Drops
  • Helps pets maintain balanced behavior without negative side effects
  • Non-drowsy formula to gently support the nervous system
  • Assists with hyperactivity

If you want the best senior dog vitamins to boost the canine immune system, then this is the right product. Besides, Pet Wellbeing Immune Sure for Dogs supports against both bacterial and viral infections.

Pet wellbeing is one of the best supplements for older dogs because it does not affect all-important gut flora negatively. Furthermore, this product is produced organically. For example, the herbs that are used are imported from trusted growers.

Pet wellbeing formula contains immune sure with zinc and vitamin C, which is a powerhouse for boosting feline immune function.  Did you know that about 80% of your pets’ health relies on its guts? The pet wellbeing formula focuses more on the gut’s health.


  • Made from organically grown herbs
  • Boosts the immune system
  • A natural boost for the gut flora

9. VetriScience Laboratories – UT Strength STAT for Dogs

VetriScience - UTI support
  • A chew to support urinary tract health in dogs
  • Contains n- acetyl glucosamine to support structural integrity of the g;i; tract
  • Cranberry extract supports urine acidification

Most aging dogs develop urinary disorders. When this happens, your dog experiences a lot of pain, which may lead it to depression or other worse conditions. However, vetriscience labs have developed one of the best formulae to support the urinary tract.

Furthermore, if your dog has been predisposed to crystals and infections, then this is the best senior dog’s multivitamins that you can find. In addition, this formula contains d-mannose that removes harmful bacteria by voiding and attachment

There is also N-acetyl Glucosamine that helps to boost the joint functions. Also, this vitamin supplement is good for aging dogs because it acidifies the urine with the help of cranberry.


  • 90 chewable tablets
  • Supports g; I; tract integrity
  • Affordable
  • Best supplement for urinary tract disorder


  • Strong urine smell

10. Zesty Paws Omega Chews

Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats for Dogs - with AlaskOmega for EPA & DHA Fatty Acids - Itch Free Skin - Hip & Joint Support + Skin & Coat Chicken Flavor (90 Soft Chews)
  • Rich Omega-3 Support – Zesty Paws Omega Bites are delicious chewable supplement treats with Omega fatty acids (with EPA and DHA), vitamins, and nutrients to help dogs look and feel their best.
  • Features AlaskOmega – Derived from Wild Alaskan Pollock, this premium ingredient provides a clean and pure source of omegas (with EPA and DHA) to boost your pup's wellness.
  • Healthy Skin = Happy Dog! – This formula contains Fish Oil, Biotin, Vitamin C and E. These vitamins, omegas, and antioxidants may help with hot spots and dry, itching, irritated, sensitive, and flaky skin.

If you want the best senior dog multivitamin, these are the right product for you. Besides, it supports skin and coat, joints kidneys, and cardiac health. Although it also supports the overall immune system as a whole as well.

Another benefit of using Zesty Paws for your senior dogs is that it does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. Furthermore, omega three fatty acids are highest in proportion than other fish oil supplements.

Omega three fish oil is a natural source for vitamin A and D. However, it also contains other vitamins and minerals. It is derived from the North Atlantic cod, anchovies, and sardines liver oil.


  • Supports cardiac health
  • Supports skin and coat
  • Natural source for vitamins
  • Higher omega-three fatty acids proportion
  • Flavorful chews


If you love your fury aging pet, then it’s good to get him one of the best senior dog vitamins. This is because, as a dog’s age, they begin to lose hair and develop many complicated conditions.

Besides, these vitamins for older dogs help in mobility. In addition, most of these senior dog multivitamin contains Glucosamine, which is good for joint health. With such nutrients, your senior dog will become as active as a puppy.

Remember, even though you feed your dog a balanced diet, vitamins are still relevant. However, always make sure you consult your vet before administering new products.


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