What Do You Say Instead Of Happy Retirement?

Whenever you want to congratulate someone who is retiring, ‘happy retirement’ is the most natural massage that comes to your mind. But can you go an extra mile and find a more pleasant retirement message? 

Remember retirement is a significant time in any person’s life. Any gesture to illustrate a sense of concern can go a long way and touch the life of a retiree for many years, be it outrageous or simple.  

A retirement party is an event that comes with mixed emotions; there is excitement and uncertainty, tears, and smiles all at the same time. However, it’s a golden opportunity to pass an excellent message and make the retiree feel appreciated, honored, and hopeful.

Whether it’s a colleague you’ve experienced the ups and downs of working together or a family member you’ve witnessed grow over the years, passing a nice message to show your sentiments can be a great success.

What Are The Tips To Help You Choose A Perfect Retirement Message?

Are you at loss on what to say to someone who’s retiring? Well, there is both good news and bad news for you. The good news is that we have compiled some tips that can help you know where to start. The bad news is that all of them are so awesome that you might wonder which one to pick and which one to skip. Don’t panic though, just consider a few things like how you relate with the retiree, their preferences, future plans, and how they inspire you.  

Here you go:

Share your funny or good memory of them

If you know of a memorable or funny story in which the retiree is involved, you can retell the story or crack an inside joke that originated from it. Just make sure that the joke is not mean and will not spike up some negative emotions.

Mention something they’ve done that inspired you

Let the retiree know all the times that they influenced you positively. Remind them of their support that enabled you to attempt something that you wouldn’t. If they ever got you out of a tough situation, reflect on how much you appreciate it.

Speak of their good traits

What is that good character that the retiree has always portrayed in their career? They could be punctual, honest, diligent, and just to mention a few. Whatever the trait maybe, they’ll be glad to know that you appreciate the good things they do. That will give them the morale to maintain the good traits even as they retire.

Remind them about their plan for the future

If there is something that you and the retiree had planned to do, but lacked enough time to do it. You can discuss how to make it happen now that they have all the time, and probably the resources. You can also give them ideas on some fun or useful activities to do on their retirement that is if they have none.

Tease them of their advancing years and retirement endeavors

This becomes a big hit, especially if the retiree has a good sense of humor. It also depends on the relationship you have with them, and where you are free to crack jokes anytime. Come up with a nice witty retirement saying that will bring fun to the retiree on their big day. Again, see to it that the teasing doesn’t go overboard.

What Are The Best Retirement Messages?

If you know of a person who’s retiring, and you’re searching for the perfect words to go along with a special gift or a banquet of flowers, here are incredible messages that can help you show your concerns in a great way. They range from thoughtful sentiments to funny messages that are suitable for retirees. You’ll surely get a perfect fit for that special person in your life who is retiring.

Retirement messages for a coworker 

Whether it’s your colleague or your boss, a meaningful message can go a long way in making them know that you enjoyed working with them. 

  • Congratulations to one of the best people in office
  • We’ll miss you
  • You are a symbol of hard work and diligence, congratulations!
  • All the best in your next adventures
  • Sad to see you go, but good luck in your retirement
  • Your presence will be missed

Retirement messages for a family member

Here are among the many things you can say to your facility member or friend who is retiring. Keep your message positive even if you know their negative side in relation to work.

  • Congratulations on your retirement, with much love
  • Dad/mum as you retire, I just want you to know that I have always been proud of what you do. You’re an inspiration, and always will
  • The good part of seeing you retire is knowing that we’ll now have more time together
  • Congratulations, sister/brother, hope you feel to proud and very loved
  • Congratulations on your retirement, you are now answerable to your wife

Straight forward retirement messages

A straightforward retirement’s message comes in where your relationship with the retiree is strictly business-oriented, or when the card has already said much

  • All the best on your retirement
  • Wishing you a long healthy retirement
  • Congratulations as you enter the new chapter in your life
  • Best of luck in your retirement
  • Congratulations on your retirement
  • Good luck on your new venture

Humorous retirement messages

Feel free to incorporate a good laugh along with your retirement message. This is appropriate if the retiree appreciates some humor and your relationship with them is not too formal.

  • I’m not buying this, are you sure that you are old enough to retire?
  • As you write your next chapter, don’t make it boring!
  • Congratulations, your weekends are now extended with 5 days
  • Don’t leave us just like that, take us with you
  • Hello pension, bye tension

Relax and enjoy retirement messages

Remind the retiree that they’ve earned a chance to rest, relax as well as pursue the passions they’ve put on hold for long.

  • You deserve to take it easy and enjoy for a change, For so many years you’ve worked hard
  • Warm congratulations, it’s good that you’re going to enjoy more time with your grandchildren
  • All the best in your retirement, whatever plans you’ll pursue, may you have fun and know that you deserve all the good things in life
  • Cheers on your next stage, may it be more fantastic.
  • Best wishes on your retirement; keep doing, keep growing, keep learning, keep having fun

Miss you retirement messages

‘Miss you’ makes a big part of what you want to tell a retiree you have only met at the workplace. Check on this best miss you or keep in touch messages

  • Happy for you, but sad for us that you have to leave. Congratulations, but keep in touch, don’t becomes stranger
  • Congratulations as you retire. We’ll miss seeing you every working day, but wishing you all the best
  • Things will never be the same at work without you. Missing you already!
  • Here you go Miss retiree, take my contact with you, I definitely would love to hear what you’ll be up to
  • Thank you for your helpful, good natured friendly gestures that made here an exceptional place of work. We’re going to miss you.

Warm closing retirement messages

A nice warm closing just before your signature spices up your retirement message in a special way. Here are some suggestions:

  • Yours sincerely
  • All the best to you
  • Congratulations
  • Enjoy your retirement
  • Heartfelt congratulations to you
  • Warmly
  • Wishing you good days ahead
  • Blessings
  • Grateful
  • With much love
  • Yours in love

 Final Thoughts 

Retirement is a celebration, that’s why you cheer and pass on good wishes to them for such a great milestone in their life. It’s a good time to wish them all the best in life. They’ve put in a lot of effort to build their career, and now it’s time to step back, reflect and appreciate the far they’ve come. It’s also the moment for retirees to look forward to doing the things they like and spending time with loved ones. It’s a great thing to show your appreciation and support to the retiring person in your life by sending a nice message. 

Planning for retirement is such a serious business. But a retirement party is an ideal time to set aside all the weighty decisions that come with retirement and focus and celebrate the far that retiree has come. Pleasant retirement messages go a long way, whether verbal, written on a card or printed on a retirement gift. There are many ways to pass retirement messages. Some make it funny while others prefer it more sincere and personal. It all depends on your preference, and more how you relate with the retiree.

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