10 Best Shoes For Elderly With Swollen Feet

Leg, ankle, and foot swelling is quite rampant among elders prompting an increasing number of affected seniors to turn to shoes for elderly with swollen feet.

First, unlike tight footwear, the best shoes for elderly swollen feet allow circulation to ooze freely in and around the legs.

Secondly, some shoes for seniors with swollen feet are made such that you can loosen or tighten it as the swelling fluctuates.

Subsequently, senior citizens experience less discomfort and difficulties and can still perform their daily tasks.

In this article, we will get deep into old people swollen feet shoes and discuss how they can help senior citizens to lead a normal life in spite of an alarming swelling on their feet.

Why Choose Shoes For Swollen Feet?

Recommended as part of caring for a swollen feet, these are extra-wide shoes designed to fit easily, leave breathing room, and lessen the pain.Shoes For Elderly With Swollen Feet

They are typically adjustable, soft, and made cozy thanks to the special cushioning materials used interior.

Some designs have adjustable Velcro straps to allow the elder to expand/narrow it as the bump oscillates.

Consequences of Swollen Feet

Medically known as Edema, swelling in an elder may bring puffiness in the tissue under his/her skin. The skin could also appear shiny or stretched. And when pressed, the bloated area may get a dent as the pressure eases.

Uncomfortable shoes are also known to aggravate a swelling and delay recovery


Top Shoes For Swollen Feet

When it comes to finding the right shoe for swollen feet, we looked at many factors.  These include no foot is the same, health issues, walking needs, and more.  Here are our top picks when it comes to swollen feet based on key factors.

1. Extra Wide Womens Shoes For Swollen Feet

Female legs and feet differ especially at the arch, the first toe, ball of the feet, and the lateral side. These differences are captured in the design of all extra-wide shoes for women’s with swollen feet.

They are fashioned with customised arch support, big toe box, and with enriched support to eliminate lateral foot pain. A great  example is this Orthofeet Orthopedic shoe for Arthritis and Diabetic that’s made with precision to ensure maximum comfort to swollen feet.

And because of their wide shape of these shoes, some mould to the swollen feet and make you intensely comfortable all day long.

2. Extra Wide Mens Shoes For Swollen Feet

Men generally have longer and broader foot than women.

Thus, most extra wide shoes for men with swollen feet have been adapted to be spacious enough and to comfortably fit swellings of almost any size.  Silverts Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures is an excellent  example of perfect men’s shoes for swollen feet.

They are also extra deep ensuring the feet is breathing and flexible.

For men whose swelling worsens during the day, we have extra-large types lately coming with easily adjustable straps.

3. Velcro Shoes For Swollen Feet

Velcro shoes for swollen feet can make all the difference as they remain firmly and snugly in place.

For this reason, the foot is protected from sliding and eventualities such as falling.

Then, they decreases movement and friction- two factors which can worsen a swelling and pain.

Senior citizens recovering from surgeries and other medical procedures may find them exciting as they hold the foot orthotics inside.

Below are two amazing  Velcro shoes for men and women that can help you  in a greater way if you have swollen feet.

Check out our article specifically on velcro shoes for seniors here.

4.  Slippers For Swollen Feet

Slippers for elderly with swollen feet are designed to maintain a senior’s feet warm and dry.

They are wider, have additional padding, and smooth inners (plus no rub seams).

This unique built also enables the slippers to help stimulate, refresh, and relax the feet.

In addition, thanks to their non-constricting fit, you can wear them with bandages, casts or even braces.

My recommendations:

5. Sandals For Swollen Feet And Ankles

Sandals are thrilling during the summer as they let the feet breathe. Their slip-on design is easier to put on/ off and convenient for swollen ankles.

Furthermore, sandals dedicated for seniors with Edema come with built-in arch support and extra cushioning to reduce discomfort or pain.

Still, orthotic sandal shoes realign the feet and can help correct various foot conditions e.g. hammertoe.

Check out these comfortable sandals  with positive reviews from customers:

6. Stretchy Shoes For Swollen Feet

Stretchable shoes are some of the best for people with swollen feet. They expand offering extra depth and flexibility needed for a cosy fit like this Propet Women’s Sneaker.

They also come with advanced ergonomic soles which further helps to alleviate heel pain associated with swellings.

They are also awesome for elders who suffer from lingering foot injuries and who find ordinary shoes punishing.

7. Boots For Swollen Feet And Ankles

A fine boot for swollen ankle offers support, protection, and immobilization and is particularly helpful when recovering from an injury.

These boots also resists shock on joint, adding an extra layer of protection. And unlike traditional boots, boots for swollen feet and ankles are light, so a senior can wear them non-stop without straining. Check this Men’s Plush Fleece Lined Extra Wide Swollen Boots for super comfort.

8. Sneakers For Swollen Feet

Sneakers for swollen feet are typically flat and ensure minimal pressure on the feet.

This design also makes them superb for seniors who prefer walking exercises as he/she can walk for longer without getting tired.

Still, sneakers decrease the tendency to slip, and fall making them one of the best shoes for swollen feet women and men.

9. Shoes For Swollen Diabetic Feet

Diabetic shoes relieve pain and guarantee extreme comfort for seniors with sensitive feet and problematic feet.

They are usually skid-resistant, anti-bacterial, and have expansive memory foam. Elders are thus unlikely to suffer accidental falls or develop smelly feet.

Then, they are versatile enough to be used at home or outdoors. here is an excellent recommendation: Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers.

10. Shoes For Edema Patients

For Edema patients, a comfortable show can be precious. You need a shoe which is soft and comfortable and have features that allow you to customize it to perfect fit.

Further, Edema shoes are designed to help elders with mobility  problems since they’re lighter (so one can move easily)and have excellent closures which make putting them on easy.



Special shoes for elderly with swollen feet are one of the best care solutions. They lessen the discomfort, are light-weight and offer more cushion. Remember no foot is the same. Finding the right shoe can make all the difference.

Additionally consider using feet massager tools for dealing with feet issues such as Plantar Fasciitis that can cause swelling. 

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