What should you wear to a Retirement Party?

Preparing mentally and psychologically for your retirement is one way to ensure that you get there with a bang. Your retirement party is one of the events that you might have to give a good amount of attention. Talking of a party, one thing that must come to your mind is what to wear.

A retirement party is an ultimate event for any senior to dress up gorgeously and feel special. It is so lovely for elders to dress up to match a special theme or simply getting bejeweled for an exceptional party.

You can either purchase or search your wardrobe for an ideal retirement party outfit.  What matters is choosing a dress that suits the occasion, flatter your silhouette, and makes you look elegant.

What To Wear

There are different typical dress codes for a retirement party, and your selection may depend on the type of retirement party. The party can be a well organized formal event or just small gatherings with a few friends and family.

If you are invited to a retirement dinner party, the dress code may be mentioned in the invitation card, or you can go ahead and enquire from the host. You should wear more formal if you’re looking forward to a corporate retirement party. But you can dress casually for a barbecue party. 

It’s important to select an outfit that compliments your physique. It should not be too fitting to make you uncomfortable, and not too loose to make you look like a tent. Remember that your personal preferences also count, so be the best judge!

Dress Codes For Retirement Party Dinner

If you are wondering what to put on to a retirement party, worry not. Listed are various great ideas of dress codes that are worth considering.

  1. Casual dress codes

Casual dress code is the least restrictive. You can basically wear what pleases you, as long as you look good for the party. Casual dressing is most ideal when attending a retirement party for a close friend or family member. 

For women, you can put on your decent pair of pants, a beautiful blouse, and a stunning pair of boots or heels. If it’s cold, drape a knit sweater or a jacket. For men, simply put on your favorite blazer and a pair of jeans and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Cocktail dress code

This dress code is best portrayed as a semi-formal look. It bridges the gap between casual day attire and twilight wear like a proper black tie. 

For women, it means wearing a party-ready short dress and pair of heels, while men can put on a dark-colored suit and a tie.

  1. Formal dress code

When you hear of formal attire, what is required of you is an official outfit, with a bow tie or Tuxedo being compulsory for men.

When it comes to women, you can choose to go for a dressy suit, a dress with a cocktail length, or a long evening gown with a matching pair of heels. Stylists suggest that men should wear an official dark suit, a tie and black leather shoes for formal dinner parties.

  1. Black tie dress code

From the formal attire, black tie dress is the second most official out for a retirement dinner party. It suggests that the occasion is an evening affair.

Black tie for women means a stylish cocktail dress or a long evening dress. The dresses should be made of elegant fabric like chiffon, silk, velvet, or lace. For men, it’s a dark suit, a bow tie, a Tuxedo, and matching leather shoes.

  1. White tie dress code

The white tie dress code is for a prestigious and formal dinner party. It is usually exclusive for state party dinners. 

If you get the privilege to attend a white tie party, this is what to put on as a lady: a lengthy and profligate gown along with the most incredible jewelry you can find. When it comes to men, look for a white attractive vest, a long-tailed jacket, a bow tie, and patent black leather shoes.

  1. Themed dress code

Themed dress code is fairly simple. You typically have to wear an outfit that matches the specified theme of the party. The trick to this is wearing as many accessories that reflect the theme as possible. It is a great way of giving the host your all-especially if the retiree is the one hosting the dinner party. 

For instance, if the chosen theme is supposed to reflect James Bond movies, ladies should wear like a very fascinating Bond girl, you can even attach a small fake gun to your leg. Men should put on like sophisticated James Bond or a favorite character of the movie.

Final Thoughts

As much as it is good to follow the guideline of the dress code in a retirement dinner party, staying true to your personal style makes you more comfortable. Dress appropriately but ensure that you are at ease with whatever you chose to wear. 

Don’t forget that you’re not to upstage the retiree. The retiree should be the center of attraction. They should have the best attire to sets them apart and make them outstanding since the party in their honor, it’s their chance to stand out and shine. Try to leave the dazzling colors and best accessories for them.

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