5 Best Phones For Seniors

Even though older folks are not often tech-savvy, the emergence of the easiest and best phone for seniors has made the going friendlier. Indeed, you can tell from a mile that the easy to use smartphones for seniors are designed with the elderly in mind.

From larger displays, simple list interfaces, hearing-aid compatibility, and super loud speakers, easy smartphone for seniors are the way to go for the digital elder.

In this resource, we will be delving deeper into the best smartphone for seniors and see why technology is for you even at an advanced age and even recommend my favorite smartphones to you.

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Top Phones For Seniors

Finding the right phone for seniors can be difficult. Technology is changing at a rapid pace so the first step is to know what level of comfort your senior has with tech.

Next consider what level of use will the phone be used for. Does mom still use the house phone mainly and need the cell phone for emergencies? Or is mom comfortable with new technology and like to take photos of the grandkids? Once you know your comfort level, then choose the phone that is best.

1. iPhone 

iPhone is not just for the young – it can be amazing for elders. Yes, it’s true that seniors find it a bit complicated for a start but once they get going, there’s no turning back.

To mention but a few, it has a practical  “Voice Dial” feature, bigger text, volume up, and the useful “Find My iPhone” which enables elders to easily locate their iPhone if misplaced.

You also get the Medical ID card which displays one’s health status e.g. blood type and allergies even when the screen is locked.

iphone for elderly could be great for elders who feel more digital-savvy. They make user guides as well.

2. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart3

Jitterbug has always been dedicated to our elderly community.

Now, the Greatcall Jitterbug is customized to be the most user friendly smartphone for elderly thanks to the straightforward user interface.

It also comes with preloaded medical apps.

Though a bit slow, it’s could be a fantastic smartphone for senior citizens just coming into the smartphone world or those who need medication reminders.

3. Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone

Jitterbug Flip2 is their next generation from the Flip1. For most seniors, using a cell phone is a newer experience and using a simple flip phone is a great starting point for using a cell phone.

The phone is simple to use with large buttons and easy to read screen. Plus the phone includes the Jitterbug technology and security you want for your loved ones.

Once your phone arrives, contact a friendly Lively agent or visit Lively online to select your minutes plan and Health & Safety Package.

4. Motorola Tracfone

In most of our smartphones for seniors reviews, we always include a Motorola because of their affordability.

Not only are Motorola extremely affordable smartphones, they are also incredibly adept with the big, sharp, and bright display ensuring that grandpa can still read and use the phone navigation menu without glasses.

They also happen to be battle hardened and can survive falls and minor splashes.

5. Tracfone Samsung Galaxy 

Samsung is a flagship and again one of the most user friendly smartphone for elderly.

With a mammoth display, seniors can easily increase the font and read the screen.

The impressive cameras enable the aged to take some shots and share with family while it has some of the best security controls thanks to the fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, and iris scanner.

A longer lasting battery means grandma can use without worrying about it draining of its power and going off.

Overall, tech-aware seniors can choose this or the best iphone for seniors.

Why Do You Need A Smart Phone For Elderly Today?

As we age, we tend to undergo great physical as well as emotional changes. For example, our minds slow down meaning we don’t grasp things as fast as we used to.

Then, physically we could have some challenges. Poor eyesight, disappearing hearing ability, and even weaknesses in our hands or forearms.

These transformations have to occur at some point and while there is nothing much you can do about them, you shouldn’t let them to curtail your lifestyle.

Certainly, you can’t allow them to cut you off from communicating with your loved ones.

And that’s precisely where the senior smartphone comes in.

  • They Are Easier To Use

These devices have overly simple user interfaces.

The way they’re designed, you don’t need to be that familiar with Android or iOS to use them. No wonder they are the easiest smartphone for seniors.

  • Customized To Assist Seniors With Health Problems

Elders with poor eyesight will enjoy the bigger and clearer screens. Then, if you have hearing handicaps, a simple smartphone for seniors like the Jitterbug Smart is hearing aid-compatible.

Still, some of the most user friendly smartphone for seniors have a collection of handy urgent care apps installed.

In addition, even some cheap smartphones for seniors have apps which remind seniors to take their medication at the appropriate time.

  • They Are As Good As Every Other Smartphone

Don’t make a mistake of thinking that an old people smartphone is lacking in any way. Because an elder may warm up to technology at some point, manufacturers strive to accommodate as many stylish features as possible.

Most come with a good camera so the senior can still capture the delightful moments with his grand-kids.

Again, in as much as the display is typically big, they have excellent resolutions- from 1280 x 720 and higher making viewing of various media a pleasure.

Most also have 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi plus the increasingly popular USB type-C port.

  • They Help Seniors Remain Independent

In a survey, many elders rated a smartphone as a “freeing” device.

Surely, even a simple smartphone for elderly will help seniors connect with friends and relatives. It’s also reassuring since elders can now go anywhere and call for assistance in case of emergencies.

This technology also helps our grandparents to combat loneliness as they can connect with the communities surrounding them and hook up with more social contacts.

  • The Help Seniors Maintain Fitness

The elderly can still use their easy smartphone for elderly to boost their fitness levels.

A number of them have features that capture the number of steps users take in a day on top of the stairs they have climbed.

The data they generate makes it easier for seniors to remain physically fit.

Things To Consider

I know you’re still wondering what is the easiest smartphone for seniors and what criteria to use when selecting one…

Because of their unique nature, you will need to be extra careful when choosing the best smartphone for older person.

Here are some tips:

  • Ease Of Use

Elders need, first and foremost, something that’s pretty simple. As a matter of fact, this is the single most important reason when choosing the best user friendly smartphone for seniors.

By and large, iOS is rated easier to use thus a good number will prefer the iPhone. But on the hand, Android seems to have more features so one needs to get a middle ground.

This decision can be easier if you understand the user perfectly- that is know his/her abilities and limitations then work from there.

Friendly menus, availability of a physical keyboard, and larger buttons are just some of the features that make up a simple smartphone for elderly.

  • The Camera

Who said that elders hate selfies? A good smartphone should have a great camera – both front and the back.

It could be much better if it has a flash since he/she can take quality photos even at night. Also, specs such as the aperture (the lower the numbers the better) and specials like dual lenses plus optical image stabilization take senior photography to a whole new level.

  • The Battery

Grandparents often forget to charge the phone, yet keeping the smartphone powered is crucial for their safety.

You cannot, therefore, risk with a phone that doesn’t have the oomph to last and last.

Luckily, some of the Motorola models put the battery first and have high-capacity 5000mAh batteries, sure to deliver a wonderful performance under any conditions.

  • The Budget

You shouldn’t pay more than you had planned.

Well, the iPhones and the Samsungs of this world typically come at steep prices.

However, you will find smartphones such as the Greatcall Jitterbug and Motorolla more pocket-friendly despite that they actually outlast their expensive competition on some factors including the battery.

  • Hardware Performance

The processor matters as does the RAM size. If your elder is into entertainment, go for phones with more gaming power.

For instance, an Android phone installed with the Snapdragon 835 processor is awesome while the iPhone X comes with the majestic A11 Bionic processor making it quite fast.

Furthermore, the more the available RAM, the faster the smartphone.

Still, a good device has plenty of storage space for saving photos, music, and other favorites but in case it doesn’t, it should support a sizeable microSD card.

  • Enhancements

Some of the smartphones have extended tailor-made features..

For instance, a built-in flashlight is handy in lighting up a dark space or when looking for the correct key to open the door at night.

Samsung phones also come with the elder-friendly easy mode, are rugged and super-easy to grip.

Some are equipped with physical keyboards, clear display, as well as good speakerphones (plus an earpiece volume).

Hearing aid-compatibility and loud phone’s ringtone are also found in some of these unique phones.

Still, you can stumble on one with an emergency recharge and superb security features such as fingerprint readers.

In short, the extras could make all the difference.

  • The Carrier

Two wireless carriers serve the seniors market: GreatCall, with its Jitterbug phones and consumer cellular.

GreatCall offers advanced features for elders who need health assistance: the urgent response button, the 24-hour access to emergency nurses, and medical alerts.

Consumer Cellular doesn’t provide specialized services, but it has great reviews for excellence in customer service.

  • The Apps

Thanks to various apps, senior citizens can manage to live more independently and to enjoy life.

Almost all smartphones for the elderly come with numerous senior citizen apps all geared to upgrade their lifestyles.

A devices compatibility with the required apps for old people therefore matters. For example, those with poor eyesight will want a phone with reading apps for old people.

In the same fashion, an obese elder would love a gadget with one of the fitness tracking apps for elderly

Phone Apps To Consider

Having the right apps for senior citizens can make the smartphone experience more fulfilling. The good news is that there’s no shortage of amazing apps some of which are literary life-savers.

Have a look:

1.Health Apps e.g.: Blood Pressure Monitor App

Medisafe: a powerful tool, medisafe tracks medications, schedule reminders, and generate status reports concerning how elders have followed their medication timetables.

Blood Pressure Monitor: the app converts a phone into a personalized blood pressure/ weight health monitor. It has lifetime data visuals, detailed statistics, and reports, built-in reminders and more!

2. Entertainment Apps

Lumosity: this keeps elder minds challenged by offering tens of fun-filled puzzles and exciting brain games.

Research shows that seniors who have an active brain have a reduced for Alzheimer’s disease.

3. News & Social Apps

Skype: Skype enables senior citizens to chat face-to-face with their grand kids fostering interaction which we all know is important to our well being as we enter the golden years.

Prismatic: This could be the ultimate news app among all the best apps for seniors dealing with news stories.

It fetches only news items based on an elder’s stated interests and presents them in a highly interactive format.

4. Accessibility Apps For the Elderly

Necta Launcher: This modifies the usual Android user to be full of large, easy-to-see icons. It also labels all home apps with large fonts. Lastly, Necta also enlarges the dialer.

5. Safety Apps For seniors

bSafe: a welcome safety alarm app, seniors can use bSafe to alert close contacts when in danger by simply pushing a button.

The message is accompanied by an automatic map link showing their exact GPS location.

6. Voice Reading App

Audible: Those with vision problems can rely on audiobooks for a good read. Audible has more than 180,000 titles and is one of the best apps for seniors who love books.

7. iBooks

Kindle: Kindle (the app) is available for both Android and Apple tablets and not only enlarges the text but also adjusts the screen brightness to make reading easier.

8. Budgeting Apps

Mint Bills and Money: this app helps seniors avoid missing due bills. It also monitors their bank accounts and the credit cards all the while keeping an eye on spending.

9. Personal Organization

Evernote: Instead of cumbersome notes, elders can rely on this app to help become better organized. Through it, a senior can note down important things instead of risking forgetting.

10. Fitness Apps

MyFitnessPal:  Elders who would like to shape up will find MyFitnessPal app helpful. It tracks weight loss, monitors fitness goals, and ensures they don’t exceed daily calories intake.     


The easiest smartphone for seniors are perfectly created to serve the elderly and help them keep up with technology. If they still want to stick with their landline, there are always cordless phones with answering machines.

Bigger and brighter user interfaces, physical keyboards, countless enhancements such as Samsung’s easy mode and more make them a favorite amongst our aged pals.

Plus, most of them are compatible with seniors’ dedicated apps further ensuring a memorable smartphone experience.

All in all, with these phones, grey hair is no longer a reason to be left behind by the rapidly changing tech.

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