Best Golf Drivers For Seniors

For a good reason, golf is one of the most popular sports for seniors.  The exercise, fresh air and camaraderie that come with the game make it ideal for their mind, body and soul. Among many great things about golf is that you can continue to play even as your age advances. It’s obvious that … Read more

5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors For Seniors

When it comes to blood pressure monitors for seniors, you want to ensure the cuff works properly, the monitor has large numbers for visibility and it is easy to use. We were helping our Grandmother the other day and realized the blood pressure monitor we had at the house was out of date. After shopping … Read more

Best Adult Terry Cloth Bib For Seniors

Are you looking for the best Adult Terry cloth Bibs for Seniors? Thankfully, the designs for Terry Cloth Bibs have become much more fashionable as of late. Adult terry bibs are essential because they assist caregivers in protecting activities taking meals or medications. Besides, they usually measure 18×30 inches to provide proper protection for adults. … Read more

Fun Balance Exercises For Elderly

fun balance exercises for elderly

One of the challenges seniors struggle with as they age is balance…Luckily, there are several solutions towards balance issues including walking sticks. However, fun balance exercises for elderly remain one of the best and most natural ways to stabilize balance when you hit the golden years Why Are Balance Exercises For Seniors Important? Poor balance … Read more