What Loft Drivers Should Seniors Use?

For a good reason, golf is one of the most popular sports for seniors.  The exercise, fresh air and camaraderie that come with the game make it ideal for their mind, body and soul. Among many great things about golf is that you can continue to play even as your age advances. It’s obvious that in your golden years you’re not as fast and fit as in your 20s and 30s, but can still enjoy a respectable round of golf.

The main aspect that affects golfers as they get old is having less agility, less strength and reduced amount of motion in the swing. The aftermath is a slower swing speed. While this is an inevitable outcome of the aging process, it is necessary to make a few adjustments while selecting the playing equipment such as the loft driver to match up the changes. Here we answer a few questions to understand what lofts drivers are best for seniors.

What Makes A Good Loft Driver For Seniors?

For best results, seniors need to be realistic of their speed of swinging the club. Since most seniors don’t swing the club above 100mph, most of them are better off when using a driver that would soar straighter and further. 

The driver gets more chances to optimize the carry and roll when the swing or club speed is slower. Most drivers have their degrees of loft ranging from 8.5 to 16. With a higher speed of the ball, more lifts are created to allow the ball climb faster following the impact

For seniors who are not sure if they need extra loft, they should consider experimenting on a course of driving range. This involves matching up three wood distances from the tee. Most of them get surprised that their three woods attain a comparable distance to the driver. Increased loft sends the ball skyward without giving a ball fight that’s flat. 

Finding a professional or shooting with the assistance of a launch monitor technology is helpful for accurate measuring of swing speed. Accurate readings give the senior golfer more steer on the amount of loft that their driver should have.

What Factors Should Seniors Look For In A Driver?

Quality drivers enhance your game, allow for a more rewarding and enjoyable round and other such good stuff. Below are the important aspects senior golfers should consider when deciding on which one to pick.

 Spin. Take note that a ball goes too high without achieving great distance when spinned too high. Also an underpinned ball will mean a poor launch with reduced distance. Therefore getting the right balance for your speed and style is very key.

Weight Distribution. Weight distribution varies with different players. High club head speed is achieved by a lighter head or generally club .Launch is also affected by optimal head weighting which contributes greatly to the forgiveness of the driver.

Budget. For you to maintain the club, budgeting for it and its expenditure is very important. Having quality drivers means digging deeper into your pocket. However, this is worth it since they will last you longer and assist in moving your golf game higher.

Grip. Considering the size and the quality of the grip will help you to maintain the control of the club. Seniors with larger hands will need bigger grips while those with smaller hands will need smaller grips.

 Are There Drivers That Are Specifically Made To Suite The Seniors?

With the fact that seniors make up a large percentage of golf lovers, much of these improvements are geared specifically to suit them. Materials, testing methods and advances in technology while manufacturing golf equipment have been improving over the time. 

You can take advantage of these developments and advances, and get equipment  designed particularly for golfers of advanced age. Obviously, you’d want a tool that helps your swing and allows you to use less effort to attain greater distances. Here we look at some of the best golf drivers for the elderly plus their key beneficial features

  1. Ping G25 Graphite Regular Driver. It has a loft that easy to adjust, well made shaft and a sweet spot of a good size
  1. Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver.  This driver is very forgiving, has great control and hits straight
  1. Taylor Made SLDR Golf Driver. It has a reduced spin rate, great forgiveness and superb adjustability.
  1. Call way Men’ sXR Driver. This offers the best combination of accuracy and distance. It’s also aerodynamic and adjustable
  1. Cleveland 588 altitude driver. It’s lightweight and has high MOI

Final Thoughts about What Loft Drivers Should Seniors Use

One good thing about getting to your old age is that you have more time to play golf. There are many elderly golfers who experience difficulty in their mobility but still make it to have a respectable round when it comes to golf.

Seniors ought to carefully choose the right loft when choosing a driver. Major trends that the elder fall into are packing a driver that has a lower loft, with the theory that a lower loft can achieve more distance. This trend can cost the elderly golfer a lot of accuracy and yards. Most of them could boost the distance they achieve with the driver if the could give up a few degrees driver and crank up their loft to make the most of launch on the ball

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