Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Are you looking for the best golf balls for Seniors? Look no further, as we have you covered!

Golf is among the most popular sports that is preferred by most seniors. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t involve a lot which means that you won’t strain when playing.

However, in order to make it more enjoyable, you will need the best equipment for the game. Here are our top picks for golf balls.

Top Golf Balls For Seniors

Today’s technology has changed the traditional golf ball. Top Golf, a popular golf game uses microchips in their balls so you can follow your golf ball on the video TV screen.

When you on the golf course however, you want to make sure you have the right ball for your game. Here are our top picks.

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


  • Available in different colors
  • Consistent flight
  • Great feel and control
  • Soft golf balls
  • Low-spin compression of 35


  • Very slow on the green

Callaway is among the top rated companies when it comes to production of golf products. Callaway Golf Softball is specially made for seniors or players with a low swing speed.

What makes it unique is that it has a low compression rating of 35. With this ball, seniors can enjoy high distance game. Another thing you need to note is that the ball has a two-piece construction and features a lanomer cover. This cover lasts longer than urethane covers.

The other outstanding thing about this golf ball is the ultra low compression core which enhances low spin. A low spin provides a stick straight shot which fly longer even when the swing speed is not very good.

You should also note that it  has HEX Aerodynamics which means that the ball will have minimal drag. As a result, it gives you a better distance even on very low drives.

As compared to many golf balls, this one is able to fly very high. For those who prefer a good shot stopping pin, this ball has a trino-meter cover which is specially built to provide a better feel as well as control. Also note that the balls are available in different colors which are easy to see.

2.TaylorMade TP5 Prior Generation 


  • Dual spin cover
  • Maximum distance with high spin
  • Ultra- soft feel
  • Gives you more control around the green
  • High launch angles


  • Cover gets scuffed easily

TaylorMade TP5 comes second in our list as a quality golf ball for seniors. What makes it unique is the fact that it is the only golf ball that uses 5-layer technology.  This construction enhances speed and doesn’t have any negative effect on the spin performance. Its construction also features a high-flex material which enables it to provide very high speeds with every shot.

Again, it uses a new speed layer system which provides more speed on longer and lower shots. It also features a Tri-Fast core which provides low drag and maximum carry.

In addition, it has a dual-spin cover with an ultra-soft and highly durable urethane cover. It provides a combination of flight control, velocity and feel. The 322-dimple design gives you more control.

The 3-layer core system contains progressive compression which provides maximum energy transfer. Ultra also helps to generate massive speeds on full shots. The semi rigid inner cover and the ultra soft cast urethane cover create maximum interaction between the club grooves and the club and this result to an exceptional spin performance.

However, it is a bit expensive which means that you should be keen not to lose balls frequently.

3. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation


  • Very cheap
  • Soft design
  • Available in different colors
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Ultra-compressed core provides low spin
  • Perfect for practice


  • Difficult to track

Callaway Supersoft Golf balls are a cheaper version of Callaway Golf Softballs. However these are specially made to decrease the spin and instead, they increase the speed. In terms of accuracy, they are more accurate than the original model.

You will also find that they feature an ultra-compressed core which boosts the ball’s initial speed. This design also adds distance to your hits.

Another excellent feature that comes with this ball is the tri-ionomer cover. This cover provides an exceptional feel and a decent control around the green.

The balls are available in different colors such as pink, white, yellow among other colors. Also note that it is aerodynamically designed to enhance lift and reduce drag.

Due to this design, it covers a great distance. You will also be happy to note that these balls are very cheap. They are also soft which makes them to be very responsive.

4.Titleist Velocity


  • TruTouch core for low compression
  • Modern aerodynamic design
  • Reasonable price
  • It is very soft to enhance the ball flight mode


  • Poor swing

If you are in need of the best golf ball with an extra distance and slow swing speed, Titleist Velocity Golf Ball will be a great option.  It is the softest compression golf ball from Titleist and it has a compression rating of 60. You will find that it has large TruTouch Core which has a low compression. As a result, it provides low spin on distance shots. Low spin means longer distances.

Another thing that sets is apart from other low compression golf balls is that it provides an exceptional control around the green. This is mainly because of the proprietary TruFlec Cover which provides and increased stopping power on the green. It also delivers a soft touch on every shot. If you are searching for a quality ball with high stopping power, it will be an excellent option. It is also a great option for regular practice because it has a reasonable price. It also uses a modern aerodynamic design which gives it a functional flight capacity.

5. MG Golf Balls for Seniors 


  • Exclusively designed for seniors
  • Very enjoyable
  • Add distance to low swing speed players
  • Amazing feel and sound


  • Expensive

Just as the name suggest, this golf ball is specially designed for seniors. You will find that the balls are available in different colors which includes yellow, white and pink. 

This makes the ball easy to see. If you drive less than 250 years, this ball should be your first choice. Again, it provides a good distance and it is very suitable for seniors with a lower swing speed and those who want to gain range in the game.

Even if the ball is uniquely designed for distance, it is still suitable for putting. You will find that it is soft and provides an excellent responsive sound and feel.

However, this ball is not allowed in many tournaments because it does not conform with USGA standards. As a result, you can only use it for training.

As compared to others, these balls are a bit expensive but if you really want to enjoy the game, they provide unmatched performance.

6. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls


  • Exceptional soft feel
  • Very inexpensive
  • 342 aerodynamic dimples for durability
  • Very straight ball fights
  • Soft and long lasting
  • Great control on spin
  • Customizable with your logo


  • Not very accurate

Whether you are senior golfer or just a golf payer with a swing speed of less than 85 miles per hour, this golf ball will be the best option. The ball enables your shots to fly through the air easily irrespective of how soft you hit the ball.

You should also note that it has a super soft 34-compression core and it has a soft iothane cover.

Another thing you need to note is that it has a two-piece construction which is designed for low spin which means that seniors can cover the distance easily.

This design is also important because it gives the ball more control when you are close to the green. As a result, you are able to put it exactly in the spot where you want it to go.

In addition, the patented cover features a 342-dimple design which enhances aerodynamics. This boosts the performance of the ball and it also provides more straight flights in the air. 

The only problem is that these balls are available in only one color which is white.

7. Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft Golf Balls


  • Increased distance and lift
  • Web dimple pattern
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • Very soft

Bridgestone is a well-known brand when it comes to sports and also auto. Bridgestone E12 is one of the best low compression for seniors.

It has a three-piece construction design and it also features a Surly cover which is highly durable. In addition, the ball has an active acceleration mantle that is located inside which increases the distance by increasing the initial velocity and thrust.

You should also note that the ball has a compression rating of 50 which means that it is among the softest golf balls you can find today. Another interesting thing about it is that it has a web-dimple or Delta Wing pattern which gives it additional distance and carry.

This also means that it has a smooth airflow and reduced drag which is a great thing for senior golfers.

You should also note that it is made in the U.S which means that it is made using the highest quality standards. Since the ball is super soft, you may need some time to get used to it. You may also find that you are not getting the same feedback from your hit as you are supposed to get.

The ball is available in 4 different colors which means that you can easily choose the color you are mostly comfortable with.

8. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball


  • Two-piece titanium core provides maximum energy transfer
  • Very cheap
  • Modern symmetrical dimple design
  • Available in 4 bright colors
  • Cut-proof cover


  • Scratches easily
  • Srixon Z Star XV 5 One Dozen Golf Balls

One of the most important aspects of playing golf is the distance. If you can’t achieve a reasonable range, you may not enjoy the game.

What you need to note is that the type of golf ball you select will greatly affect your performance either positively or negatively. If you are searching for a cheap golf ball that will help you achieve your preferred distance, Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is specially designed for that.

It uses two-piece titanium core technology which provides maximum energy. It is also approved by USGA. For those who are searching for an affordable golf ball for seniors, this one is among the cheapest you can find out there.

In addition, it has an aerodynamic design which enables it to provide long distance with straight bal flights. The design also lowers the drag and it also boosts the lift of the ball.

9. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls


  • 3 pieces of Surlyn makes it durable
  • Lower spin enables it to achieve a straight distance
  • It can cover a long distance with a straight journey
  • Clear visibility
  • Very cheap
  • The ball is very soft to enhance performance on the green

Bridgestone E6 Soft golf ball is a great choice for those searching for an affordable option. What makes it unique is the fact that it gives you the accuracy and a straight distance around the green.

It also has a lower spin which means that it provides a better control on the spin. As a result, it is the best for greenside performance.

Another notable thing about this ball is that it is available in yellow and white colors. This means that it is highly visible which is also a great feature for seniors.

Again, it has a delta dimple design which provides a smooth air resistance.  To enhance the performance, it is equipped with an advanced mantle cover. This combination of a mantle layer and soft cover enhances its performance around the greenside.

10. Srixon Z Star XV 5


  • Advanced speed dimple pattern
  • 3rd generation spin skin
  • Provides a soft feel
  • Energetic gradient growth core

Srixon Z Star XV 5 is designed for seniors or golf players who want maximum performance. As compared to others, it uses an exceptional technology and it also has an incredible feel, as a result, it allows golfers to improve their game and score better.

If you are searching for a quality 4-piece golf ball for seniors, this one will be a great option.

One of the most outstanding things about it is the 338-speed dimple pattern which enhances the flight performance. This design also provides a better distance plus full shot control. In addition, it uses 3rd generation spin skin coating which gives it a softer feel and more consistent spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes golf balls for seniors different from others?

The major reason why these golf balls differ is because old people may lack the ability to do various activities that requires power and intensity. As a result, they require golf balls that have less compression and rotation for them to reach long distances even when they hit the ball with low intensity.

 2.Which is the best golf ball for slow swing speeds?

If you are searching for the best golf ball with slow swing speeds, Callaway Golf Softball will be an excellent choice.

3. Do golf covers affect the golf ball’s performance?

The type of cover used on the golf ball may affect the performance. The most common types of covers used in may golf balls are Surlyn and Urethane. If you are searching for quality golf balls for an elderly person, Surlyn covers are the best.


Choosing a good golf ball is something is the most important thing if you want to enjoy the game. The good thing is that you already have a list of the best golf balls for seniors. 

You will find that all those golf balls we have reviewed are specially made to provide the best performance. They are also cheap and are designed to give you the preferred distance and speed.

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