Why Should Seniors Travel?

After the kids have grown up, the house is quiet, and you have squirreled a little money aside, maybe it is time for a trip?

According to statistics, the older population is rapidly growing across the globe.  This has had a major impact on the tourism and travel industry. A recent study shows that by 2025, the number of international trips will have doubled because seniors over 65years will account for 11% of the world’s population.

However, seniors are traveling at a much lower rate than other age groups despite growth in senior travel generally. As a matter of fact, studies of international travelers indicate that only 25% seniors (65+years) take worldwide trips, compared to 45% of the overall population.

Reasons Seniors Should Travel

Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Plenty Of Time And Money

Having no limits such as work, or other commitments, allows you to travel for as long as you like without having to worry about the number of leave days left or missed appointments. This is the beauty of retirement.

Having money to spend as you wish also makes your travel more relaxed. You tend to enjoy, explore, and indulge more. In short, you make sweeter memories when you have plenty of time and money.

2. It Boosts the Mood

It is very common to feel moody, sad, and lonely in old age due to isolation.  It is hard to cope when children are unable to spend more time with you because they have their own families now. And even worse if your spouse left before you. 

To lift up your spirit and find a new lease of life, consider traveling. There’s not one person who is never excited to travel. Just the thought of new experiences or seeing something new in a place you love can fill you with enthusiasm and instantly boost your mood.

 3. Keeps You Energetic and Active

Traveling will keep you on your toes literally. Even in luxurious resorts, you will need to walk around, take a dip in the pool, and move from one corner of the resort to the other to participate in activities. It is this up and about movements that keep you active and energetic.

Moreover, traveling welcomes a change in routine which will also keep off laziness. To keep off loneliness consider traveling with some friends or family. If none of them are available, join a traveling group. 

4. Rediscover the World

Even as a senior, it is essential for you to continue learning and gaining knowledge as the world evolves. Traveling gives you so much insight into the diversity of cultures, beliefs, and even fashion in different parts of the world. There are also breath-taking sceneries and natural features that you can gain amazing knowledge.  

Things To Consider When Traveling

You are more vulnerable to facing challenges as an older adult while traveling such as:


  • Luggage transport and pick-up
  • Waiting endlessly in line at the curbside, check-in, security screening or the bag claim  sections
  • Walking long distances in the terminal, parking, and surface areas
  • Limited availability of wheelchairs

Finding your way around

  •  Strange complex airport environment
  • Confusing signage with complicated terminology
  • Losing directions due to the language barrier

Technology and Equipment

  • Use of escalators and moving walkways
  • Negotiation of the security checkpoint process
  • Understanding and using self-service devices


  • Using crowded retail and foodservice points
  • Finding and strain in using toilet facilities

Safety Tips

Being older means that you are limited in some ways. You cannot just up and go, you have to consider your health, strength, among others. 

Here are important safety tips to consider in order to protect yourself and your belongings.

  • Get an updated insurance
  • Keep copies of travel documents like identity card, passport, route, and emergency contacts
  • Be mindful of your medication
  • Stay safe on your feet
  • Watch what you eat
  • Keep your loved ones in the loop
  • Be thoroughly informed on travel destinations
  • Avoid carrying expensive things
  • Travel with family, companion or in groups
  • Carry comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Avoid risky behaviors like getting drunk
  • Avoid risky adventure activities
  • Stay hydrated all the time

Bottom Line

With proper planning and precaution, senior travel can turn out to be a fantastic experience. Be it a day’s trip or a week-long adventure; traveling can be a momentous experience. 

Besides, what better things to do with all the free time in your hands other than travel, right?

Buckle up and Bon voyage!

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