What percentage of seniors listen to podcasts?

Claiming that the world of podcasts is fascinating is probably an understatement. Podcasts are at the center of modern-day entertainment, and they offer an excellent way to kick out boredom and get enlightened at the same time.

So, are podcasts popular amongst the elderly?

How many seniors actually listen to podcasts?

We took a deep-dive into the demographics of podcast listeners across the world to gather a few insightful answers.

What Is A Podcast?

You are familiar with radio channels, right? Think of podcasts as regular radio shows that are pre-recorded, allowing you to listen whenever you’re ready.

Instead of tuning in to frequency, you listen to recorded stories, conversations, interviews, and more. As long your device has internet connectivity, you can access any podcast recording that tickles your fancy. Incredibly convenient, right?

Some of the devices used to listen to podcasts include:-

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  •  Mp3
  • Stereo system
  • Smart wearable

Who Listens To Podcasts?

Recent research shows that older people are more likely to listen to the radio. Podcasts are consumed mainly by young people or rather the plugged-in smartphone generation. This comes as no surprise because youngsters are also seen to be higher consumers of connected devices.

However, statistics also show that gone are the days when the podcast community was dominated by the young. In the past year alone, the growth of podcast listeners between 25 and 60 years has increased by 25%.

Why the sudden increase?

This growth is highly likely a result of three things:-

  • An expansion in listening devices
  • A drastic increase in podcast options
  • Recent device developments have made it easier and faster to stream or download podcasts

Where Do People Listen To Podcasts?

About 64% of podcast usage happens at home. 24% of listeners tune in when commuting using public transportation, while about 20% of podcast listeners tune in when commuting using their bikes or cars. Around 18% listen when running errands (shopping for groceries or walking the dog), and 16% find time to listen at work.

Here’s the deal; while young people are more likely to listen on the move, older people are likely to stay tuned for longer as they listen from home.

Compelling Reasons to Listen To Podcasts

On the off chance that you are yet to discover the power of listening to podcasts, here are a few good reasons to find, subscribe, and listen to a podcast today.

The most apparent reason to gain interest in podcasts is that they are free. You can also find recorded conversations on every topic, including comedy, politics, health, hobbies, spirituality, arts, news, and so much more.

Here are four excellent reasons why you should start listening to podcasts now!

1.    Get inspired

Podcasters are passionate about what they do. They share explanations, interviews, and conversations to give you new ideas to expand your horizons on certain areas of your life.

2.    Stay Informed

Through podcasts, you can learn a new language, master new business ideas, enrich your hobbies, begin healthy living habits—the possibilities are endless. Whether you are searching for personal or professional growth, there is possibly a podcast out there that can get you started!

3.    Find a Healthy Escape

Life can get boring, especially after retirement. In case you often find yourself lazing around with little or nothing that makes your routines cheerful, you should start listening to podcasts. You can find thousands of recordings designed to offer pure entertainment while touching on the things you like such as comedy, politics, crime, celebrities, and more.

4.    Optimize Your Time

An exciting, educative, and entertaining podcast can make time fly by. Whether you are taking a 5-hour drive or walking around the park, listening will make your sprees more enjoyable.

Top Podcasts to Listen To

Are you interested in listening to podcasts? Here are the top 5 options for seniors.

  • The Black Tapes

The black tapes is technically a fiction podcast with so much mystery you will be inclined to believe it’s based on factual events. It’s a serialized docudrama that focuses on paranormal activity and the mysterious life of Dr. Richard Strand.

  • Radio Diaries

The Radio Diaries podcast has been around since 1996. It aims at telling extraordinary tales of ordinary people from all across the world. If a collection of true stories organized in dairies would interest you, this is a podcast you must listen to.

  • Lore Podcast

I have a thing for the Lore podcast because it tells real-life scary tales. The podcaster Lore finds a fascinating and entertaining way to explore places, people, and creatures; many of us can only explore in our wildest nightmares.

Spoiler alert, this bi-weekly podcast dives deep into dark historical tales. While it is entertaining, it’s not for the fainthearted.

  • The True Crime Enthusiasts

As the name suggests; this podcast talks about true-crime stories. It’s likely to knock you off your socks if you enjoy true crime tales. Because it focuses on lesser-known crimes, it keeps your mind jogging, offering just the escape most seniors need.

  • Bon AppĂ©tit  Foodcast

Do you love taking a peek into the minds of food writers, world-renowned chefs, self-made culinary masters, and foodies? If your answer is yes, then the Bon Appetit Foodcast is for you. With new episodes each week, you can look forward to learning some great culinary tips to spruce up your cooking skills.

Final Words

More and more seniors are today listening to podcasts. No matter your passion, there is always a show posted online through platforms like Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, and more.

Check out our suggestions and do some basic research to find conversations that take you to your happy place!

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