Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics Feet

Diabetes is a disease that affects a whopping 17.9 million people in the USA alone.

Apart from having too much blood sugar, diabetes also comes with other complications such as injuries, ulcerations, and infections on the feet unless you wear the most comfortable shoes for diabetics.

Diabetes causes a condition called peripheral neuropathy which makes your feet lose all sensitivity to pain and leave the feet vulnerable to injury, swelling, and other infections that take a long time to heal or even lead to amputation.

Wearing the most comfortable shoes for diabetics is really the only way you can save your feet from such horrible occurrences and keep your feet healthy.

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Top Diabetic Shoes For Women

Today there are many brands that make very cute shoes for swollen feet so you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of comfort.

Here is a look at some of the best women’s diabetic walking shoes.

1. Propet Women’s Vista Strap Sneaker

An active lifestyle is crucial for everybody but more so for people with diabetes because exercise helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar.

Propet Women’s Vista Strap Shoes are cute diabetic sneakers for women who want to have an active lifestyle and feel good while doing it. They are made from 100% leather and are generously padded within.

These shoes are Medicare-approved through the A5500 code. They come in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from, so you can hand select a shoe you’ll love.


  • Padded collar, tongue, and footbed
  • They are easy to wear and take off
  • The PU unitsole provides amazing cushion, traction, and durable wear
  • The sneaker is very stylish
  • Lots of sizes and colors to choose from


  • Shoes run narrow

2. Orthofeet Arch Support Sandals for Women

Orthofeet Arch Support Sandals for Women is another amazing shoe that features anatomical arch support and a heel pad that conforms to the contours of the feet when you walk.

These women’s diabetic shoes also come with Premium orthotic insoles with adjustable arch support and multiple cushioning layers which means the shoe is air-cushioned to soften each step you take and alleviate stress on your joints and heel. These shoes are designed to provide stability and add spring to your step.

This Orthofeet Sandal has a wide range of widths along with multiple adjustable straps to offer a customized fit and unsurpassed comfort.


  • The sandal is extremely comfortable and stable
  • You can wear it all day without pain or irritating pressure points
  • Easily adjustable for a customized fit
  • Multiple cushioning layers


  • Only comes in 2 colors

3. Orthofeet Arch Support Mary Jane’s for Women

Orthofeet Women’s Orthopedic Mary Jane’s for Women are the best women’s diabetic shoes designed extra wide to alleviate pain from the heel all the way to the knees. This is accived by the premium orthotic insoles that add pillow-like support.

The stylish Mary Jane’s shoe features Easy Gait Ortho-Cushion System to provide some lightweight air cushioning for a softer step, stability and enhanced foot motion. A variety of widths along with two fitting spacers offer a perfect fit.

Non-binding, flexible uppers with extra foam padding and seam-free fabric interior ease pressure on the foot and provide SUPERIOR COMFORT and protection for sensitive feet.


  • Stylish and can be worn with any outfit
  • Offer maximum protection against pain and pressure points
  • A perfect fit and easy to adjust
  • The shoe allows plenty of air to your feet
  • They are very comfortable and lightweight


  • There is Velcro on both sides of the strap and that can be confusing.

Top Diabetic Shoes For Men

Whether it is at work, hanging out with the boys or simply doing repairs around the home, a man’s job is never done. Here is a look at some of the best diabetic shoes for men;

1. Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Propet is the leading maker of comfortable diabetic sneakers for both men and women.

These leather men’s shoes provide a smooth, easy stride while helping to control pronation and pressure points. They come with a generously padded collar and tongue along with a removable cushioned orthotic.

This shoe features a rubber sole and an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. It also comes in a nice veriety of colors and sizes so you can find your perfect fit.


  • The perforated upper allows maximum breathability
  • Very comfortable and stable
  • Fully padded lining and footbed
  • They are very shock absorbing


  • Velcro can become weaker over time

2. Orthofeet Arch Support Sandals for Men

The Orthofeet Arch Support Sandals for Men are perfect for casual wear for everyday use. They are designed with an extra depth and and a wide toe box.

Like all the other Orthofeet shoes, these sandals feature the Easy Gait Ortho Cushion System which helps to alleviate pain and stress from the heel all the way to the knee joint.

The multiple adjustable straps offers a customized fit and unsurpassed comfort.


  • Are extremely comfortable and give great arch support
  • They are easy to adjust
  • They are lightweight and easy to walk on for hours


  • A bit expensive

3. Skechers Men’s GOwalk 5 Wistful Walking Shoe

Skechers Men’s GOwalk 5’s are the easiest shoes to wear, take off and adjust thanks to the velcro strap.

These shoes are made from a lightweight Goga Mat offers maximum support and cushioning. The cussion bounces back almost like a yoga mat.

These shoes can be worn year round and for almost every activity. They are also sutible to go almost everywhere you go. Whether that is outside, inside, shoping, or going to and from work.


  • These shoes are stylish
  • It is a well-made shoe with quality stitching and quality material
  • Cussion is almost like a yoga mat


  • The width is to wide for some people

Top Diabetic Slippers For Men and Women

Slippers for diabetic feet are some of the best options if you don’t plan on walking too much or going to work, because they are very airy and easy to wear.

Here are some of the best diabetic bedroom slippers in the market;

1. Orthofeet Charlotte Arthritis Diabetic Slippers for Women

Charlotte Women’s Orthotic Slippers are designed to help reduce any foot pain and keep your feet feeling as comfortable as possible.

These slippers are super comortable with soft, non-binding uppers are that are available in Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide widths, offering a perfect fit. The unique therapeutic design helps alleviate stress on the joints, enhances stability and substantially improves the ease of walking.

Orthofeet’s slippers are orthotic friendly. The extra depth design with removable insoles provides ample space for custom made orthotics.


  • The slippers is very well made for durability
  • The inside is soft, cool and comfortable
  • You can wear it all day and go with it outside
  • They are very sturdy and give great arch support


  • A bit expensive

2. Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Men 

The Orthofeet Men’s Slippers have unique features like non-binding feet and extra room to ensure maximum protection against pressure points and pain. Men with swollen feet or callouses can wear these slippers all day without any pain.

These slippers come with adjustable arch boosters and multiple cushioning layers to provide the most comfortable experiance possible.

The extra foam padding and seam-free fabric interior are garenteed to provide superior comfort and ease pressure.


  • The construction is high quality for durability
  • They look very good so you can even wear them to go outside
  • They offer great arch support
  • The inside is very soft and comfortable


  • Insert wears down after a lot of use

3. Silvert’s Adaptive Women’s Double-Extra Wide Slipper

Silvert’s Adaptive Women’s Double-Extra Wide Slipper fit even the most swollen women’s feet and give you fantastic comfort all day long.

They are a great choice for women with diabetes, bunions, corns and any other problem that cause swelling, because you can easily adjust them to fit your size at that particular time.

These slippers are designed with comfort as the top priority. They are also anti-slip and are equipped with a Fluid Barrier Advantage that protects against spills and smells.


  • Very wide and give your feet enough room
  • They are well made and can be worn outside
  • You don’t have to order a size bigger because they fit perfectly
  • They are lightweight but supportive
  • Have a Fluid Barrier Advantage


  • The sole of the shoe may not be wide enough for flat footed people

4. Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers 

Men also have not been left behind when it comes to woolen diabetic shoes for swollen feet.

These Foamtreads Extra-Depth Wool Slippers will take care of your swollen feet all day long and you won’t even notice any pressure points even if you take a long walk.

These shoes are 100% fabric with a rubber sole. The size range is from 7 to 14 and it comes with a velcro strap, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it fitting.


  • The shoes are extremely light and comfortable
  • They are deep and wide enough for diabetic feet
  • Has a good size range


  • The arch support is minimal so you may need inserts


This is one of the best diabetic footwear reviews featuring amazing shoes and slippers that will help you through the journey of swollen feet and pain at an affordable price.

Apart from wearing the most comfortable shoes for diabetics, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you take care of your feet and diet every day.


What is the common cost of diabetic shoes?

The average cost of diabetic shoes can be anywhere from $50-$200 per pair.

What is the difference between diabetic and regular shoes?

Diabetic shoes are larger than regular shoes to accommodate for any swelling that may occur on a diabetic foot.

Are diabetic shoes worth it?

Yes, the right pair of diabetic shoes will provide comfort, stability, and protection.

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