10 Best Leak Proof Diapers For Seniors

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s are just some of the conditions that cause incontinence in over 200 million adults worldwide. The invention of leak proof diapers for adults really shed light to this issue that has been subject to stigma and shame for many years.

Fortunately, enough awareness has been created and many people have opted for the diapers for old age instead of pretending they don’t suffer from incontinence.

There are many types of adult diapers for the elderly that we will look at in this article as well as what factors you should look for when buying them to help you a long way in dealing with this problem.

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Top Leak Proof Diapers For Seniors

Finding the right style of diapers for seniors is important. Just like infants, you may have to give a few styles a try until you find the one that is right.

1. For Men

Adult diapers for men are usually narrower in the middle and wide at the end for better absorbency and comfortable fit.

Men require more absorbency on the front part and most of their special diapers are designed to look like men’s underwear.

These diapers for senior citizens are suitable for men who feel a bit shy about wearing adult diapers and they are very good at reducing accidents.

2. For Women

Women diapers on the other hand are made to be more absorbent at the bottom and tighter toward the legs.

Most of them look and feel just like a woman’s panty and they are comfortable and light under your clothes.

Some diapers for old lady are in form of incontinence pads that stick on the undergarment and just cover the vulva for those women with light incontinence issue.

3. Disposable Diapers

This is a highly absorbent diaper featuring cloth like lining and water-proof exterior and it is thrown away after use.

Adult disposable diapers have the ability to contain a lot of waste and that is why they are so popular today.

Some of the best leak proof diapers also have a gel on the lining to protect the user from diaper rash.

4. Reusable Diapers

Unlike disposable diapers, you can wash a reusable diaper and use it again.

They are made with cloth with an absorbency pad inside and they cannot handle a lot of urine like disposable diapers.

Initially, reusable diapers are quite expensive but cheaper in the long run because you will use it many times over.

One of the best reusable diapers is the IBEX Ultra Fitted Briefs that can be used overnight.

5. Pull Up Diapers

Like the name suggests, pull up diapers pull on just like normal underwear and they have no tabs on the side. Therefore, many brands will call them underwear.

People with dementia and arthritis really benefit from pull-up diaper underwear because they don’t have to bother with fasteners every time.

However, there is a variation of pull-up diapers with refastenable tabs like the Depend Refastenable Underwear (Overnight) in case you want to adjust the waist size.

6. Briefs

Briefs are the opposite of pull-ups because they have tabs on the sides and are worn like baby diapers.

Most adult diapers are briefs and they are categorized into briefs with cloth-like backing, plastic backing, refastenable tabs and non-refastenable tabs.

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Disposable Briefs is among the most absorbent adult diaper because it’s quiet and cool.

7. Cloth Diapers

Buying disposable diapers that you will throw away after only one use can be expensive in the long run.

If your loved one requires regular use of adult diapers, it’s more economical to buy cloth diaper that is made of absorbent material like cotton fleece, terry, flannel and wool.

Cloth diapers come with a very absorbent insert that you can wash and reuse or throw away because they are cheaper but the diaper itself lasts a long time.

Apart from being more economical, it’s also very environmental friendly and they feel soft and light on your body.

8. Swim Diapers

Unlike other diapers that are meant to be absorbent, disposable swim diapers for adults are designed to hold waste inside so the person can swim without contaminating the water.

The outer fabric is waterproof and non-absorbent so it doesn’t allow any water to get into the diaper.

9. Fitted Contour Diapers

Fitted diapers are basically what most diapers look like and they are the best overnight diapers for adults.

They are narrow in the center and wider towards the legs for a more custom fit and discretion.

The center part is usually made of a very absorbent material to hold enough waste and they are suitable for regular cases of incontinence.

10. Plastic Covers

When you want comfortable cloth diapers that can be changed regularly and reused, you should use them together with plastic diapers.

These are worn on top of your normal diaper to prevent leakage especially if the level of incontinence is much progressed.

Plastic diapers are also great at concealing regular diapers because they have custom fittings.

Diaper Rash And How To Get Rid Of It?

A diaper rash is a red/pink colored rash on the bosom that is caused by allergy or prolonged wearing of wet diapers.

It can be a very uncomfortable reaction to urine or to the diaper itself and it is itchy. If the diaper is left on for longer hours, the rash will become worse and that is when pain and bleeding occurs.

The best solution for diaper rash is changing that diaper immediately and cleaning the affected area. Afterwards you should pat it dry gently and apply some cream or ointment containing petroleum jelly.

If the rash was too bad, it advisable that you leave the person without a diaper for a while to allow some air flow that will cause the rash to dry and heal.

It’s important to ensure regular changing of diapers and immediate change in case of fecal incontinence.

Adults wearing diapers should also see a doctor if the diaper rash was caused by fungal or bacterial infection, to get the necessary cream to take care of the problem.

Buying Guide for Best Leak Proof Diapers for Adults

What is the best overnight diaper for adults? Getting the right leak proof diapers for adults is easy if you know what to look for. Here are just some of the features you want;


How absorbent is the diaper versus how absorbent you need it to be. People with light incontinence don’t need a diaper that is very absorbent while diabetic people do.

Other important considerations include how big the person is, how much water they drink and how often the diaper will be changed.

However, a highly absorbent diaper is better because it can hold more urine and prevent diaper rash.

Price Vs. Quality

The truth is, disposable adult diapers are extremely affordable. However, in the long run buying a pack of disposable diapers every day or two will put a dent into your pocket.

How often does the person use a diaper and how many times is it changed? If the answer to those questions is ‘frequently, then reusable cloth diapers are more economical not to mention better for the environment.

Right Fit

Fit should be a huge consideration when buying the best nighttime diapers for adults. Luckily, most adult diapers and incontinence products have number sizes on them.

It is essential that an adult diaper fits you snugly; otherwise the chances of leakage are very high.

On the other hand, if the diaper is too small, it will be uncomfortable, tight and also leaky because there is no room for holding the waste.

Plastic Back Or Cloth

While plastic backing is better because it will not allow any wetness to penetrate outside the diaper, they also don’t allow any air inside.

Cloth backing is not only comfortable and light but it’s also breathable and lets in plenty of oxygen so you feel dry and comfortable.

The choice between plastic and cloth backing really depends on the level of incontinence and the specific situation.

Antibacterial Properties

You would think that absorbency and size are the only factors you need to look for in adult diapers. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because adult waste can be extremely smelly.

One way to keep the smell of urine under wraps for a long while is to buy high performance diapers with anti-bacterial properties because it is the bacteria in the waste that causes the smell.

Additionally, such a diaper will also mean less or zero diaper rash and also urinary tract infections that are also caused by bacteria.


In simple terms, do you want a pull-up style or diaper style?

Pull ups are worn through the legs like underwear and they are more suitable for people with low incontinence and whose mind is sound so they can be able to remove the pants and go to the toilet.

On the other hand, if the patient is immobile and mentally unsound, a diaper style is the best since a helper will have to change them.


Though buying the best leak proof diapers for adults is a great start, it’s important to also understand the emotional part of dealing with incontinence.

If need be, the person who has just started to deal with the issue should be cancelled and prepared psychologically before throwing a pack of diapers at them.

With enough information and assurance that they are not alone and their situation is not weird, they can be able to still enjoy their last years on earth without shame and embarrassment.

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