Best Lightweight and Small Walker For Elderly People

There is one major advantage a small walker for elderly has over standard walkers; it is great for negotiating small spaces and tight corners without struggle.Small Walker For Elderly People With Small Spaces

If your house has narrow stairways and passageways, a narrow folding walker is exactly what you need to pass though easily. Passing through busy crowds and a congested house is also easy as pie.

If you are here searching for the best narrow walkers for small spaces, you are definitely in the right place. But first, the definitions.

What Is A Small Walker For Elderly?

Compact Walkers for seniors are simply petite walkers designed to fit in tight spaces. Many old people are affected by balance issues and diseases that limit their mobility.

However, by using a walker for senior citizens, they can still live their life independently and move from one place to another.

Unfortunately, standard walkers have the limitation of being too big and heavy meaning you can’t pass through a narrow doorway or a room with a lot of furniture.

A narrow width walker comes to solve that problem because it’s smaller and can pass through most spaces.

Why Do You Need A Small Walker For Elderly?

·         Maneuver  Through Tight Spaces

Most people live in buildings where the doorways, lifts and even staircases are way too narrow.

Some have lived in the same house for many years and accumulated a lot of furniture and other stuff.

Since moving or getting rid of the furniture may not be feasible, having an ultra-narrow walker that can easily pass through the tight spaces available is the best choice.

·         Comfort

Small walkers for elderly are usually smaller in size compared to standard walkers. This means that even short people and anyone without a lot of upper strength will be able to comfortably use the walker.

Many people struggle to use standard walkers that force them to raise their arms all the time and it hurts the shoulders.

·         Safety

It is an unfortunate time when you need to go to the washroom or pass through a room and you can’t because the walker is too wide.

When this happens, most people opt to use a cane or just walk without supporting themselves and this can lead to falls and injuries.

A narrow walker with wheels enables you to pass through anywhere and you don’t have to give up using this most crucial support.

·         Easy Storage

Most narrow walkers for the elderly can be folded into very small packages and some even fit in a briefcase.

Since they are light and small, you can fold them and store them anywhere near you including under the chair for convenience.

·         Lightweight

It is very common for seniors to have injuries and limited strength. In most cases, their spouses are also in the same situation.

This means that neither of them can be able to lift up a heavy walker for storage or use it if it’s too heavy.

A small walker is usually very light and easy to handle especially when you fold it. There are many walkers that are below 10lbs heavy and this means that anyone can be able to easily fold it and lift it up to the car trunk.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Small And Narrow Walkers For Small Spaces.

When buying a small walker for elderly, it is very important to have the user in mind so you can meet their specific needs.

Everyone needs a walker for different reasons meaning the type of walker you get each person should also be different. Here are some of the features you should expect from narrow walkers for seniors;

·         Comfort

A good walker should not make the user tired and it must be comfortable to use. Some of the features that contribute to this comfort include a comfortable seat with back support preferably when it has inflatable cushion.

A walker with ergonomic handgrips that won’t hurt your hands after using it for long is also perfect.

·         Easy To Use

It goes without saying that a senior person might need some training on how to use the walker but it should be very simple to understand.

Things like folding, assembling and adjusting height and width should be easy on the elderly because they are not very tech savvy.

·         Quality

Can you imagine a walker coming apart when an elderly person is using it to support themselves?

Apart from the danger this poses to the user, buying elderly walkers often can be expensive. It is therefore important to get one made of high quality material and from a reputable company.

Ideally, most walkers are made with strong 1 inch diameter aluminum for durability and also because it’s very lightweight. Aluminum doesn’t rust and it’s easy to maintain.

·         Size And Weight

Ideally, walkers for narrow doorways are very small in size and lightweight so they are easier to use. However, you might want to consider the size of the user both in height and width so they can be able to use the walker comfortably.

Today, most narrow rollators are adjustable to fit any user but it must suit the body size of the user.

Additionally, it must be light enough for the user to lift it up when they want to store it or even place it on the trunk of the car.

·         Versatility

Most walkers for older adults are designed to be used inside the house. However, an elderly person may still want to go outside and visit his friends without being helped to walk by someone else.

The best small walkers with wheels should be versatile with all-terrain durable wheels that can go outdoors without coming apart.

·         Safety

Apart from size and quality, how safe is the walker when you are using it? Safety features like brakes and other controls are crucial so the user can be able to stop the walker easily if there is danger ahead.

You must also check that the wheels are stable and well-connected so they don’t come off when you are using the walker.

Other safety concerns include stability and also ensuring that the walker is not slippery especially for indoor use.

·         Type Of Walker

What type of walker do you want? Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all kind of walker because seniors struggle with different levels of immobility.

If your loved one has lost all strength in their legs and they cannot stand for long, you should buy a rollator which has four wheels for balance and a seat to take the pressure off their legs.

Someone who has slight balance issues on the other hand will find a basic walker to be sufficient.

Best Rated Walkers for Elderly.

1.      NOVA GetGo Petite Narrow Rollator Walker for Elderly

Living life to the fullest is the mantra of NOVA and this petite rollator is designed to help you do just that.

The 22 inch wide walker is among the narrowest walker available in the market and it will help you maneuver through the narrowest doorways.

This beautiful rolling walker comes standard with a large padded seat designed for maximum comfort and an under seat pouch to store your belongings on the go.

The four 6inch wheels enables this rollator to move smoothly outdoors and you don’t have to worry about safety because they are connected to NOVAs patented feather touch locking hand brakes.

NOVA GetGo Petite Narrow Rollator only weighs 13 pounds and comes with a patented lock and load that locks the walker when you fold it so it’s easy to store and lift up.

This is a well-made rollator that can handle up to 300 pounds and you can adjust the height from 4’1” to 5’4”.

This petite narrow walker is very handy but it could do with better and stronger wheels for those who go outdoors often. It’s also not great for tall and large persons because it’s very tiny.

2.      Able Life Space Saver Narrow Walker with Wheels

If you want a small walker that performs amazingly in any terrain, this Able Life Space Saver is the best out there.

The unique rear easy-glide feet are designed to do well outdoors and it has stationary wheels though you can switch them with swivel wheels.

The most impressive feature about this walker is that you can adjust its height from 4’1” to 6’8” meaning even tall people can use it comfortably.

Its one-touch folding design is very unique and you can steer through very tight spaces and also store it under your seat or airplane compartment.

Able Life Space Saver Narrow Walker is a very strong and durable small walkers and it can handle up to 400 pounds despite being among the most lightweight walkers for the elderly weighing only 8lbs.

The walker is wide enough so you don’t need to squeeze in and you can adjust the width when you are inside and make it narrower.

The handgrips on this walker are very comfortable and it’s available in several colors to choose from. Unfortunately, it has no brakes or seat.

3.      Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker for the Elderly

Having a safe and convenient walking aid is ideal for your daily activities and independence.

This Drive’s new Deluxe folding walker is a combination of strength and durability thanks to the sturdy 1inch diameter aluminum construction which also makes it very lightweight.

The folding walker features an easy-push button mechanism on both sides for easy folding and it can be operated by fingers or palms.

It is a walker you can use on any terrain thanks to the durable 5 inch wheels and rear glide caps that slide easily on any surface.

Drive’s new Deluxe walker is as comfortable as they come with vinyl contoured handgrips, u-shaped frame for easy clearance and easily adjustable height.

Each side of this walker operates independently so it’s easy to maneuver through narrow spaces and it is very stable thanks to the enhanced cross-frame design.

It is extremely easy to assemble this walker on arrival and also adjust it to the height you want. Though the walker has a weight capacity of 350lbs. it is very narrow between the handles and a large person won’t fit in there.

4.      Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker for Seniors

This walker is a lot similar to the above Drive’s new Deluxe folding walker in terms of features and also ease of use.

It is a very stable walker because of the cross-frame design and also the side braces adjusts with the height of the walker.

The Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker features rear glide caps that slide easily over any surface and the 5 inch wheels come in handy on most terrains.

On top of being very narrow, the walker is also designed in such a way that each side operates independently so you can slide through the narrowest spaces easily.

The walker is made of sturdy 1 inch diameter aluminum that not only ensures strength and durability but also makes it light enough so you can easily lift it up with one hand.

You can adjust the height from 28.25” to 38.5” so it’s very versatile and the weight capacity is 300 pounds.

The folding walker is extremely comfortable even without a seat because the hand grips are well padded and contoured plus the buttons on each side make it very easy to fold and unfold the walker.

Unfortunately it is not meant for large people because the space between the handles is very narrow.


There is no doubt that a small walker can help to improve your quality of life even when you are injured.

The rule of thumb when buying a small walker for elderly people is to consider their specific needs, weight and size so you can get one that suits them perfectly.

As long as the small walker meets the safety criteria determined by its stability, construction and wheels, it can be used by elderly people without fear of falling.

Though they can be costly, you should go for walkers from reputable companies that have proven to make strong and durable walkers for seniors.

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