Best Lightweight Velcro Shoes for Elderly.

Are you looking for the best lightweight velcro shoes for elderly and seniors? Unfortunately, the thought of bending to untie shoe laces and pull on tight shoes can be discouraging for many seniors.

In this case, lightweight Velcro shoes for elderly come in handy because they are easy to wear and they don’t require you to do much in terms of fastening.

In a Hurry? Below Are Some of the Most Popular Options:

If you are looking to buy a good pair of Velcro shoes for seniors, you are in the right place.

Here, you will find out the benefits of wearing Velcro shoes as opposed to other types of shoes and also what factors you should be looking for when shopping.

What are Velcro shoes?

Velcro shoes are identified by their simple hook and loop fastener where the top part is simply placed on the bottom part.

Velcro fastener is better than shoe laces and buckles because it’s easy to use and takes only a second to close up the shoe. Here is another article we wrote on the best Velcro Shoes for Seniors.

Benefits of Wearing Velcro Shoes to Elderly Seniors

Aren’t Velcro shoes worn by kids? Aren’t they ugly and old-looking? These are assumptions many people have regarding Velcro shoes and wonder why the hell an adult would want a pair or two.

Well, apart from the fact that a lot of Velcro shoes made today are very stylish and fashionable, here are other awesome benefits of wearing Velcro shoes for elderly;

  • Safety

The danger with shoe laces is that they can get untied and trip the person wearing the shoes. Buckles also get loose which can make the shoe come off when walking.

A Velcro fastener stays secure until you unfasten it and even if it somehow got undone, it wouldn’t cause the user to fall.

  • Adjustability

Velcro shoes allow you to adjust how tight or loose you want your shoes to be that day. If your feet are swollen, you can loosen the fastener and make it a bight tight when the swelling goes down.

  • Ease of use.

Velcro shoes are very easy to wear and take off. Just loosen the fastener, slip into your shoe and pull the fastener to your desired tightness.

You don’t have to bend for more than two seconds to do that and even people with arthritis and poor eye sight will be able to use the hook and loop.

  • Comfort

Lightweight Velcro shoes for elderly are designed with soft upper, spacious toe box and a lot of padding and arch support to keep seniors comfortable for many hours.

The shoes are wide enough to accommodate swelling but still offer great support so you don’t fall or injure your leg.

  • Reduce fatigue.

Most Velcro shoes come with amazing arch support and shock absorption that helps to distribute your weight evenly and take the pressure off one part of the feet.

The result is that you can be wearing shoes all day long and not get tired or sore feet.

Different Types of Velcro Shoes for Seniors.

1.      Men Velcro Shoes

Generally, men have larger and broader feet than women. With this in mind, Velcro shoes for men are usually longer and wider to adapt to the size of men’s feet. The shoes are also deeper and have better arch support to enhance flexibility.

Mens Velcro Shoes

2.      Women’s Velcro Shoes

Women’s shoes are usually a bit shorter and softer because of the shape of a female foot. Their feet are very different from men’s especially at the lateral side, arch and first toe.

It is also very true that women feet swell a lot more often so they need spacious shoes with big toe box to accommodate the swelling. These Velcro shoes are fashionable, comfortable and come with enriched support to prevent pain.

leightweight velcro shoes for elderly

3.      Velcro Shoes for Arthritic Feet

Arthritis is associated with toes starting to face outwards, losing shape and a lot of pain. Velcro shoes for arthritic feet must have a very wide toe box to accommodate the deformed toes and make sure the joints are not touched.

Sufficient arch support is also essential to prevent pain and ankle pain. Women love this Propet Vista Walker Velcro shoe that is soft, comfortable and very supportive.

lightweight velcro shoes for elderly

4.      Velcro Shoes for Diabetic Feet

Diabetic feet may not feel pain but they are extremely sensitive to touch. The best diabetic Velcro shoes guarantee comfort by having extra padding in form of cushion and memory foam and also anti-bacterial properties.

Comfort and space are key so the senior doesn’t get any infection or irritation. Orthofeet 826 Women’s Comfort Diabetic Extra Depth are amazing stretch shoes for ladies dealing with the downside of diabetes.


5.      Orthopedic Velcro Shoes

For people with problematic feet, Velcro shoes are the best.

They are designed with enough space and depth inside to accommodate orthotic insoles that enhance shock absorption and weight distribution.

The shoes are soft, light and very supportive to relieve any pain and discomfort. Womens Adjustable Strap Orthopedic Wrap Shoes feels like heaven thanks to its soft construction, big toe box and dual support memory foam inside.


6.      Velcro Walking Shoes for Seniors

The best Velcro walking shoes are flat to minimize pressure, lightweight and come with amazing tread.

This design makes it possible for the senior to walk for miles without getting tired or having pressure sores on the bottom of their feet.

A lot of walking shoes have motion control and heat-molded insoles to give you enough support and stability as you walk.

The Propet Tour walking strap shoes leads this category thanks to the innovative construction and 13 different colors and design.

7.      Velcro Shoes for Swollen Feet

Extra extra wide shoes come in handy for swollen feet to accommodate the increased size and swollen ankles comfortably.

They are also a great choice for people with bunions, corns, diabetes and hammertoes because they are spacious, well cushioned and come with adjustable Velcro straps.

Deep- wide diabetic bootie slippers with adjustable closures for men and women are the perfect shoes in this category.

8.      Velcro running shoes For Elderly

Running requires strict coordination and placing most of your weight on the ball of the foot and this can be difficult for elderly people struggling with balance issues.

While sufficient cushioning and motion control are important, good running shoes must also be lightweight and flat with a low heel to toe drop.

Running shoes must have a padded heel collar and seamless upper to prevent the shoe from rubbing your foot the wrong way.

A rounded toe box with a bit of space for your toes combined with adjustable Velcro straps will be great for support and safety.

9.      Velcro Dress Shoes

Even in old age, looking fashionable is still important and nothing does that well than dress shoes.

They are stylish, simple and easy to wear not to mention you can wear them with any outfit.

Though most dress shoes are laced up or come with a buckle, you can find some very good Velcro dress shoes that have a wide width, comfortable soles and a very beautiful upper.lightweight velcro shoes for elderlyBottom line is that the shoe will have a classy rounded toe and very beautiful definition that stands out.

10.  Tennis Shoes With Velcro Straps

Sneakers, trainers, runners or gym shoes. These are just a few names that can be interchanged with tennis shoes and they are all used to mean shoes that are designed for sports and other physical activities.

The shoes have amazing arch support, padded upper and they are very breathable so your feet will not sweat too much.

Ideally, the shoes have a flexible, lightweight sole and leather or synthetic upper that make it very easy for you to jump up and down when playing sports.

With Velcro straps, you can adjust the tightness of the shoe while still keeping it secure on your foot because Velcro straps don’t come undone.

Factors To Consider When Buying Lightweight Velcro Shoes For Elderly.

The truth is, there are countless shoes makers and brands that release what they call the best Velcro shoes. Unfortunately, most of those shoes end up disappointing the users for being uncomfortable, heavy and of poor quality.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of factors you should look for when buying Velcro shoes for elderly considering also the price and the type;

  • Quality of Material

The quality of material used will determine two things; durability and comfort. Most Velcro shoes are made of either synthetic or leather.

Leather works really well because it’s high quality and lasts a long time if well taken care off and with enough padding your feet will feel dry and comfortable.

On the other hand, synthetic material is lighter and easy to clean because you can even machine wash the shoes.

  • Comfort

The number one criteria for buying a shoe for the elderly should be comfort because their feet are sensitive and problematic.

Comfort in a shoe is determined by enough padding, width, type of material and of course the insoles and outsole.

A manufacturer who has gone out of their way to make a shoe comfortable will definitely talk about those features and consumers who wear the shoe will notice them without fail.

  • Unique features

Just like in comfort, a brand that has used unique innovation and features to improve a shoe will not fail to brag about that.

Such features include patented sole technology, orthotic insoles, breathable upper, antimicrobial properties and many others.

Look for a shoe that stands out from others in terms of comfort and features as long as it’s not too expensive.

  • Supportive sole

Elderly people’s shoes need to be well supported because of balance issues.

A good shoe must have a thick sole that is not too rigid so the feet can mold into them instead of being pressured. It’s also very important to have a lightweight slip-resistant sole to prevent falls.

  • Wide opening and roomy interior

The whole idea of Velcro shoes for elderly is to make it easy to wear and take off shoes. A wide opening will make it easy to slip your foot inside the shoes without struggle or rubbing your skin off the shoe upper.

It’s also very important to ensure that your feet especially the toes have enough room for air and blood circulation.

Elderly people’s feet swell, get hot and experience many other issues that can only be accommodated inside a roomy shoe.

  • Size

Velcro fastener makes it easy to adjust the tightness of a shoe when your feet swell. However, it is still important to get the right shoe size at the moment because feet change as you grow old.

The wrong shoe size can cause falls, irritate your skin and toes and also cause calluses, bunions and other unsightly conditions.

  • Weight

It is very important to buy lightweight shoes for seniors. Heavy shoes weigh down and drag their feet back which make it impossible to walk and in some cases can also cause a fall.

Rubber soles are very good because of the lightweight so the elderly person can walk comfortably.

  • Arch support

While a quality sole with enough tread will play a huge role in support and safety, the midsole is also crucial.

A good midsole cushion your step, provide arch support and help to distribute weight evenly. This is what keeps you from feeling pain in the knees, ankles and having sore feet.


When it comes to buying shoes for seniors, it never hurts to visit a podiatrist beforehand so their feet can be measured and any underlying problem detected.

Many lightweight Velcro shoes for elderly really help seniors struggling with edema, arthritis, diabetes and other foot issues to still find comfort in shoes.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for the well-being of everyone especially seniors. With the right Velcro shoes and a good mindset, they can enjoy long and healthy golden years without pain.

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