Easy to Read Watches for Seniors

If you have been looking to buy your senior loved one a wristwatch or you are a senior citizen simply looking to purchase a watch for yourself, then this article is for you. Wristwatches are an important part of our outfit. Not only because of the primary function of telling us the time but also the impression they give about our personality. Wristwatches for seniors come in different styles, some being analog and others digital.

Below you will find an in-depth guide to senior’s wrist watches-all the essential information you would need in one place, offered in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Why Do Senior Citizens Need Special Wrist Watches?

Most elderly citizens do not carry their phones everywhere they go and some do not even own one. They rely on their watches to tell time. Watches, especially smartwatches have proven beneficial for older citizens, although there exist reasons that make seniors require special wristwatches. These include:

Poor eyesight

In many instances, the first thing to decline as you get older is the eyesight. Due to this, older citizens need senior-friendly watches that have big and bold numbers as well as bolder arms. This is because seniors more often than not, can not see the small numbers and arms well enough even with their glasses on.

Unique circumstances

Seniors are known to be clumsy and forgetful and especially if they have other conditions such as Alzheimer’s. These make it easy for seniors to damage or lose the watch. For these reasons, a sturdy watch that can last longer even after enduring several falls is an ideal choice. Visually striking watches also make it easy to read.

What to look for when choosing a watch for a senior

A watch is an item you wear practically every day. It is an extension of yourself and as such it must suit your preferences. As a senior, some of the features that you need to look for when choosing an ideal wristwatch include: 

Large face size

For both digital and analog, watches with a large face are easier to read. Go for large-face watches simply because the large sizes allow for larger numbers and characters.

Large numbers

Whether you decide to go for a digital or analog watch, the numbers should be extra-large enough to help the senior identify the time. Consider going for a watch whose minute hand and the hour hand come in different colors so that it is easier for the senior to differentiate them. Even where the elderly person has forgotten their glasses, they should still be able to read the time.

Strong display contrast

Ideally, watches with either white numbers on a black background or black numbers on a white background bring out a strong display contrast making it easier for seniors to read the time without straining their eyes.

Simple characters

Some watches come with elaborate numerical designs and patterns that make it harder for seniors to read. Go for plain, simple numerical watch styles that are easy to read. Avoid watches that come with roman numerals. For seniors, these are unnecessarily confusing and hard to interpret.


A watch with an even backlight makes it easier to read especially in low-light settings. Avoid watches with button backlights since they require one to hold the button down the entire time to emit light. This can be a nuisance for the senior.

Ease of setting time

Setting the time for seniors may be difficult due to their poor eyesight. Watches that come with tiny pin dials and small buttons make it even more problematic for them. Try and choose a watch that is not too complicated for the senior where it requires setting.

Battery life

Digital watches tend to have better battery life compared to analog watches because they consume less energy. Settle for a watch that has a solid battery life to save you the hustle of constantly changing the battery. Most seniors may find the process of changing batteries more so often to be tedious and some may even be unable to complete the task because of physical challenges that come with aging.


Watches that are light in weight are the most ideal for seniors. A comfortably fitting wristwatch that is not heavy allows the seniors to go about their daily routine such as taking a walk in the park, stretching exercises without it being a burden.

Wearer’s wrist

For the watch to have a perfect fit, consider the size of the senior’s wrist. Where the wrist is small, go for a watch that has plenty of holes in the strap. This allows you to adjust the strap to properly fit the hand. A watch with a strap that is dropping off your wrist can be very annoying. 

Health benefits

Other than just an ordinary item to tell time and an added accessory, go for a watch that also comes with features that provide health benefits. Some smartwatches for seniors can monitor the heartbeat rate. These can prompt reminders of important to-do-things such as periods for the senior to drink water as well as timings of medication. In some watches, these features have to be activated and monitored through an app on a smartphone while others come already installed on the watch.

Review of Easy to Read Watches for Seniors


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Let’s start off our review by looking at the more-pro IP68 smartwatch. This is a sleek and modern waterproof smartwatch that we believe every senior should own.

The very first thing we noted is how soft the band feels on the wrist. This will feel very comfortable on any elder’s skin. The wristband is also adjustable, so depending on the size of your wrist you can adjust it to a comfortable sizing.

The MOREPRO smartwatch also has a 1.3inches touchscreen display whose brightness level can be adjusted. For someone with light sensitivity, this is an important feature.

Another very impressive feature with this smartwatch is the ability to sync with your phone. This way you get all your calls, text messages, and other notifications right on your watch. You can also upload a number of apps on it. This must be such a huge relief for non-techy seniors who find carrying a phone to be such a burden as you don’t need to always carry your phone with you.

Also, since the watch is waterproof, you can use it even while in the bathroom without worrying about water spilling on it. You can even go to the pool with it but beware not to use it on hot or salty water.

There is just so much to talk about this smartwatch. You can monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, calories burned, real-time steps you have taken in a day.  sleep patterns among others. Your whole health could be improved with just this one little technology.

 Once you charge it fully, it will give you an average of 5-7 days of uninterrupted use without having to recharge.

What we like

  • It has a long battery life meaning you don’t have to keep on charging it.
  • The watch is affordable.
  • You can sync it with your smartphone to get all your notifications
  • It is waterproof.

What we don’t like

  • The touchscreen does not work underwater, you will have to use the buttons.


Judging from the MOREPRO-IP68 smartwatch features, there’s no doubt that this is the perfect watch for either a techy senior or one with an active lifestyle.

Amitron Sports watch


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The second item on our review is the Amitron Sports watch. This watch is a great combination of a sports watch and a sleek digital watch.It may not look like it but the watch is designed to withstand harsh outdoor beating, scratches, shocks, or splashing of water. 

Owing to the hard resin casing and a silicone strap, the Amitron sports watch delivers solid performance and is definitely great value for your money. You will find that the date and day are well displayed on the dial at the bottom center and are easy to read.

It is equipped with a secure and comfortable resin strap which fastens securely on your wrist. The wrist band is soft and comfortable on the wrist. It also looks very easy on the eye.

The watch also offers you Japanese quartz movement which is pretty reliable. With this timepiece, you will be able to set your alarm, military time, lap time as well as dual time.

What we like

  • It’s high water-resistance.
  • The face is large enough
  • It’s easy to set and read.
  • It has a comfortable and secure strap.

What we don’t like

  • The compass dial does not stay in place, it moves when touched.
  • The buttons are a bit hard to use


This is a simple pretty straightforward sports watch and is perfect for seniors with an active lifestyle who want something that is not outright sporty.

LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness

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Another one on our list is the LETSCOM fitness tracker. This is a waterproof smartwatch for both men and women. Aside from telling time, it is also designed to help you keep accurate data of your daily activities like calories burned, distance covered, steps, and sleep patterns. This is very important info to a senior who is trying to live healthily. The best thing is that you can pull out your daily or monthly data to check if your working out is effective. 

The watch has a smartphone notification that enables you to receive instant text and phone call alerts on its large display. You can also receive notifications from your social apps.

Other smart functions that come with this smartwatch include a wrist sensor, music control, breathing guides as well as the ability to set up to 10 alarm alerts.

We loved that the battery has a really long standby time of up to 45 days. Once you charge it for 2.5 hours you are good to go for up to 10 days. Very convenient for seniors as they can easily forget to keep charging.

What we like

  • It has remarkably long battery life.
  • Charges very fast
  • You can sync with your smartphone
  • Comes with lots of smart functions

What we don’t like

  • Its display turns off every three seconds which can be very frustrating to the elderly.
  • The HR sensor isn’t very precise.


A perfect smartwatch for an elderly with a love for everything smart and techy. Its easy to set and operate.

Gosasa Unisex Square LED Digital Watch

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Are you an outdoor lover? This is a perfect watch for you. You can go just about anywhere with it-  fishing, cycling, climbing or running without worrying about damaging it. It is shock-resistant, has an LED display, backlight, and is water-resistant.

Even though it’s waterproof operating it underwater will damage the waterproof ring. Remember to also keep it away from hot water and steam. Two things that will instantly render it useless.

What we like 

  • The watch displays the time, day of the week and date
  • Easy to set and use
  • Easy to read in daylight

What we don’t like

  • You have to press the button to display the time and date which might be hard for seniors with dementia to figure out


This is a simple watch with multiple functions. Perfect for outdoor lovers.

Willful Fitness Tracker 2020 New Version

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This watch is an amazing masterpiece, very stylish, sophisticated yet reasonably priced. Just like the previously reviewed piece, it is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. And as the name suggests, it’s designed for fitness lovers.

The watch features a number of smart functions including fitness tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and camera capture. As if this is not enough this fitness tracking watch keeps you connected to your phone. So any notifications on your phone, you get them on your watch. 

Boasting of a fourteen mode sports feature the watch will track multiple sporting exercises like treadmill, badminton, and hiking and give the reading for each of this separately.  

You will love how long this watch can last after a single charge- up to 10 days. And with the in-built USB charging port, you can easily charge it.

What we like

It’s quite affordable considering its multiple functions.

You can capture moments on the camera remotely

It has a relatively long battery life

 What we don’t like

It takes too long to load the heart rate monitor data


This cutting edge device definitely offers more value for your money with its significant number of smart functions.


One of the most important factors in human existence is time. We need to keep time to help us with planning and organizing our schedules. Telling time with elders can prove difficult with a regular watch.

 As a senior, telling time shouldn’t be frustrating. It is important to have an easy to read wristwatch just in case your glasses are missing. Easy to read watches are simple, clear, and easy to operate, giving seniors the pleasure of telling the time without struggling to see small numerals on the faces of watches.

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