Get Comfortable With These Best Shoes For Swollen Ankles And Feet.

The best shoes for swollen ankles and feet are among the leading remedies for swollen ankles and feet.

Unlike standard footwear, these shoes are roomy, have a bigger opening, and can accommodate even your badly swollen feet/ankles.

They are thus a great choice for elders (and other people) with foot edema and also help with other podiatry foot problems including bunions.

What Are Shoes For Swollen Ankles And Feet?

Shoes for swollen ankles and feet are shoes designed to hold swollen feet and ankles and provide essential support and relief ensuring that you can still walk around and run your daily errands with minimal problems.

Ultimately, this type of footwear deflects pressure from the swollen parts and may help prevent further irritation.

Advantages of Wearing Shoes for Swollen Feet and Ankles.

Women and mens shoes for swollen feet will help your swelling problem in several ways:

  • They Are Easier To Put On/Off

Some of these shoes open fully for easier foot insertion. This is awesome considering that you usually experience problems fitting your feet in a traditional closed or a narrower shoe.

This can also encourage elders to put on their walking shoes and venture out for some walking exercise which ultimately helps in reducing the swelling.

  • Very Comfortable

Most footwear for swollen feet is very plush and swollen or even bandaged feet will feel at home.

Some models are fleece-lined for extra warmth (during chilly winter days), softness, and comfort.

In some case, the high-density memory foam will mold to your arch cushioning your steps like pillows placed under your feet;

Shoes with arch support also sooth common foot pains including plantar fasciitis from all-day standing walking or standing.

  • You Are Safe

Some of the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet have natural rubber outsoles enhanced with sports traction and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces (like in the bathroom) or hardwood floor.

With these wide-width indoor cum outdoor soles providing extraordinary support and traction, you can wear them safely as indoor shoes and even step outside to walk your dog, fetch the mail or the morning paper without switching footwear.

  • They Stretch

You will find almost all of them stretching!

The manufacturers understand that sometime the swelling may be subdued in the morning but expand later in the day.

A good number of the footwear is thus made of materials which are ultra-flexible and adapt perfectly to the size of the swelling.

This explains why they accommodate other foot deformities including bunions and hammertoes, without losing their shape even after countless washes.

  • They May Help Heal Edema

According to the manufacturer, the Aircast airselect walking boot produces pneumatic compression as you walk and can help reduce swelling.

In like manner, a good shoe will stimulate circulation and may gradually help alleviate pain.

Such qualities make these shoes popular with individuals living with diabetes, arthritis, and aching feet.

What Causes Swollen Feet And Ankles?

Swelling mainly occurs due to certain lifestyle and health issues such as:

  • Either sitting or Standing for extended periods: Your muscles play an important role in pumping back fluids into your body. But there is little muscle movement if you spend your days standing/sitting. Inevitably, water and blood will be retained in your legs inducing swelling.
  • Obesity: Being overweight is never good. Now, too much body mass may inhibit blood circulation making fluid to accumulate in your ankles, feet, and legs.
  • Foot injury: Many foot injuries may instigate swelling. For example, twisting or spraining your ankle as you work out or accidentally breaking a bone in your leg may interfere with your body’s ability to return back fluids to the system. Some foot, leg, and ankle infections may also increase blood flow to the affected areas coming out as a swelling.
  • Being Pregnant:  One of the ways that your body reacts to pregnancy is to produce more blood so as to meet the needs of the growing baby. The additional fluid could linger elsewhere within the body including your legs again causing edema. Pregnant mothers with high blood pressure complications may also notice feet swelling.
  • Side Effects of Certain medications: You may also experience some leg, ankle, or feet swelling when taking medications such as certain steroids, testosterone or estrogen medicine, and anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin.
  • Hormonal changes: Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels can block circulation in your legs, causing swelling. This is especially common in pregnancy and during the menstrual cycle.
  • Serious medical conditions: Edema can also be caused by serious conditions such as liver, kidney, and heart problems.
  • Other Causes: Taking too much salt, some allergies, traumas, a blood clot (in your legs), varicose veins, lymphedema, and neuromuscular disorders can also cause swelling.

How To Reduce Swelling In Feet And Ankles

You can reduce swelling by practicing some simple remedies:

  • Leg Elevation:

This is the main weapon against edema.  Elevate your legs above the heart. This eliminates pressure on the knees, thighs, and your lower back promoting circulation. You can even recline in your chair and enjoy your favorite TV show.

  • Walking and Exercise:

Walking increases muscle activity and will boost circulation. It can also help you shed weight. Remember to wear the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet to avoid irritating the swelling.

  • Be careful with Hormonal Therapies and Contraceptives:

If possible, consult your doctor before using contraceptives and hormonal replacement therapies.

  • Avoid Prolonged Sitting/Standing:

If your work demands, keep alternating between standing and sitting, stretch your legs, and try to walk around,

  • Control Salt Intake:  

Decreasing your salt intake may reduce the level of fluids building up in the legs.

  • Drink a Lot of Water:  

Drinking more water helps mobilize fluid movement and reduce swelling.

What Are The Best Shoes For Swollen Ankles And Feet?

(The links in this section will lead you to where you’ll be able to check the product’s price and hundred of customer reviews. Read some of these reviews to gauge the suitability this product to you before buying.)

1.   Extra Wide Womens Shoes For Swollen Feet

Womens shoes for swollen feet stand out due to the eye-catching style and unmistakable beauty as well as their functionality.

The dominant models of extra-wide women shoes are easy to get on/off, deliver first-class comfort, and support making them a great choice if you have swollen feet

Some of these cute shoes for swollen feet, like the beloved New Balance Women’s Walking Shoe, have more width and height, shock-absorbing cushioning, and fantastic Velcro fasteners.

2.    Extra Wide Mens Shoes For Swollen Feet

With edema, mens shoes for swollen feet are first and foremost super wide. They also stretch to custom fit your feet comfortably on top of being lightweight meaning you can walk for many hours.

Just like women’s shoes for swollen feet, most men shoes for swollen feet have cushioned shock-absorbing insoles and safe anti-slip soles.

Propet Men’s Cronus Sneaker is one of the market leaders and is adjustable so it fits just right. It also has a non-slip sole, a cozy neoprene lining, and an exceedingly cushioned orthotic (removable).

3.    Boots For Swollen Feet And Ankles

Boots for swollen feet and ankles are typically wide fitting and adjustable. Equally important is the secure touch-fastening straps as you can easily adjust it to fit various swelling levels.

The best boots like the Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot/Brace provides full-limb protection and use the innovative softstrike technology to help absorb shock.

Best of all?

The shoe provides intermittent pneumatic compression and can reduce edema quite fast. The UGG  Neumel Chukka Boot is another classy option.

4.    Best Swollen Feet Shoes For Diabetics

Diabetics often have circulation difficulties causing wounds not to heal (or heal very slowly). Edema complicates matters and wounds may take even longer to heal.

Suitable footwear can help diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage, or poor circulation. Shoes purposed for diabetics also help protect your sensitive feet from wounds.

Coupled with reducing a swelling, the design of diabetic footwear also prevents complications such as calluses, ulcers, and strain.

Rated as one of the best shoes for swollen diabetic feet, the Gold Toe Jude Diabetic Footwear(men) has an extra wide fit, warm fleecy lining, adjusting Velcro fastening closures, and an extremely wide toe box.

It’s also a popular option for arthritis, various injuries, plantar fasciitis, and aching feet. For women, the Git-up Diabetic Slippers are equally impressive.

5.   Clogs For Swollen Feet

Clogs are some of the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet. They are roomy, protective, easy to wear, airy, and very soft.

Originally popular among the nursing community, these shoes are now used almost anywhere- homes, kitchens by chefs, offices, and by anybody else prioritizing feet comfort.

If a regular shoe is causing pain in your swollen feet, clogs such as Crocs Unisex Lined Clogcould offer a terrific alternative.

6.   Extra Wide Slippers For Swollen Feet

Extra-wide slippers also happen to be very light, easy to put on/off, and are amazing when remaining indoors.

A number are made of fabric, have great arch support, adjust to the feet’s length, and are very pleasing to the feet.

We love the Plush Memory Foam Slippers thanks to the cozy memory foam insoles, anti-bacterial features which keep infections away, not to mention that it completely adjusts to your foot.

The Silvert’s Men’s Extra-Wide Slippers are also highly rated.

7.   Best Sandals For Swollen feet

Sandals for swollen ankles and feet come in myriad styles from casual to formal ultra wide shoes swollen feet.

Outstanding as summer wear, you will find extra-large sandals easy to wear but protected from accidental slipping while walking by a plethora of features.

They have multiple openings making them airy and super comfortable during the summer. Propet’s Women Pedic Walking Sandal best illustrates this category of footwear. Dr. Comfort Men’s Therapeutic Extra-Depth Sandal has also been causing waves among the shoes for swollen feet amazon.

8.   Orthopedic Shoes For Swollen Ankles

If you suffer from bunions or fallen arches besides having a swollen ankle, you need to ensure that your feet are well supported throughout.

Rated as some of the best shoes for swollen feet, orthopedic shoes support the layout of your foot thanks to their highly technical insoles, footbeds, midsoles, and soles.

The shoes are fully lined as well for extreme comfort. Orthofeet Women’s Mary Jane Shoes and Propet Men’s Galway Slip-on shoe are the two pacesetters here.

What Are Features Of Good Shoes Designed For Relieving Swollen Feet?

  • Adjustability

The swelling level sometimes keeps on fluctuating. Adjustable shoes for swollen feet elderly can be flexed to accommodate varying levels of swelling making them a formidable choice.

Some Velcro shoes for swollen feet are especially good since they enable you to establish a customized fit. The same can be said of the models with adjustable easy-touch hook and loop fasteners.

You don’t even have to worry about the shoe size if it’s perfectly flexible.

  • Wide Width

Shoes for swollen feet elderly with a wider width accommodate big swellings and are superb for swollen feet.

The best footwear for swollen feet and ankles also comes with an extra-wide toe box, greater room all around, and is generally extra deep to hold extreme swellings.

Additionally, these shoes are super to get on/off.

  • Comfort

Poor footwear will irritate your swollen feet even further.  Some conventional shoes excessively pressurize your toe joints, the front of the foot, and generally make movement discomforting.

To escape from this, pick a pair that is breathable, optimally cushioned, and adequately supportive to relieve pain.

This may help to naturally reduce the swelling.

  • Stability

To reduce falls and improve balance, footwear for swollen feet and ankles should feature non-slip or non-skid technology soles.

Brands using anti-twist control technology in insoles also help to stabilize your gait when on rough surfaces.

Some skid-resistant ultra-wide shoes swollen feet also have anti-slip soles and help reduce elderly falls while in slippery floors like in the bathroom.

  • Special Features

Specialist shoes for swollen feet have a textile lining and prevent friction between your skin and inners

Shoes for swollen diabetic feet also have an internal lining that makes them so soft while footwear with antimicrobial technology prevents foot odor and infections.

Other special features you can look out for include mold injected soles since the enhance blood circulation.

  • Orthotics

Most shoes for swollen feet pregnancy accommodate orthotic inserts. This helps your feet, knees, ankles, hips, and the back, which improves posture and can relieve pain, amplify circulation, and heal the swelling.

Wrapping It Up

One of the ways of reducing swelling in ankles and feet is by wearing the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet.

Unlike conventional footwear, such shoes are specially built to accommodate different levels of swellings and have numerous support features for swollen ankles and feet.

Over time, the shoe will boost circulation, help relieve pain, and may eventually help to heal your swollen legs.

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