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Most Comfortable Bras For Older Ladies.

There is an ill-considered assumption that elderly ladies don’t like bras and they prefer bra alternatives for elderly. Best Bras For Older Ladies

The truth is, most bras in the market are designed with rough lace, underwire and other sexy features for young ladies. It is therefore very hard for an elderly woman to find suitable bras for older ladies that’s both comfortable and practical.

Apart from comfort, the best bras for older women should offer support and be easy to wear and take off taking into consideration poor eyesight, arthritis and back pain.

In this resource we’ll discuss the fundamental benefits of wearing comfortable bras for seniors and what features to look for when buying an old lady bra and different types of bras available for senior women.

Best Bras For Elderly Women

Why Do You Need Comfortable Bras For Seniors?

  • Support

As we age, the skin, muscles and tendons grow weak and provide little support for the breasts.

After a long active day, the woman will notice some chest and shoulder pain due to that lack of support and stability.

A well supportive and comfortable bra for seniors is the only way to provide this artificial support and avoid the pain and sagging.

  • Shape

Pull on bras for the elderly lifts up the breasts and makes them look shapely leaving the woman attractive.

It is one of the best ways to look good in any outfit and also feel confident as you walk and go on with your activities.

  • Firmness

Few things are more uncomfortable than dangling breasts when you are trying to walk or work.

The most comfortable bra for older women will be able to prevent the sagging and dangling by holding the breasts in place so they won’t bother you.

  • Comfort

Breasts that are slapping into each other and sweating under the bust can be very uncomfortable and even unhealthy.

The best bras for women will not only keep your breasts in place but also prevent under-bust sweating especially if it has moisture wicking cups.

  • Protection

The purpose of underwear is to protect the private delicate parts like breasts from friction, cold and other elements.

The best bra for over 60 can help add insulation, reduces friction and keeps the breasts from feeling cold not to mention hiding the nipples.

10 Different Types of Bras for Older Women.

1.  Front Closure Bras For Seniors.

Failing eyesight, arthritic hands and limited dexterity common with elderly people make fastening rear closing bras almost impossible.

Instead of having tiny hook and eye closure, the best bras for older women can have a front zip, snap, Velcro or even laces to tie in the front like a blouse.

Ladies with limited mobility in their arms will find fastening front closing bras for elderly very easy.

Bali Women’s Comfort Front-Close Bra is one of the most loved front closure bras by the elderly women due to its flexibility and comfort.

2.  Wireless Bras.

While the underwire makes the bra firmer, older ladies find it uncomfortable and irritating to the skin.

Front closing bras plus size should be supportive without the underwire feature because it digs into the skin and hurts a lot.

Wireless bras for senior citizens are especially suitable for ladies who are active and are sensitive to metal. Take a look at this wonderful wireless bra on amazon.

3.  Push Up Bras.

The main job of push-up bras for older sagging breasts is to lift them up and give you shape under the clothes.

They are best suited for women who have large breasts especially if they are sagging due to gravity and age. This Women Lace Push-up Bra for  plus size is a great deal that offer comfort and confidence to any elderly woman out there!

The bra will lift them up to a stable position, bring them closer and give you a more symmetrical look which is very attractive.

4.  Strapless Bras.

Older ladies also want to wear sexy shoulder baring outfits for date night and girl’s night out.

The best bra for elderly to wear with this kind of outfit is a strapless bra because you don’t want straps ruining your sexy.

A strapless bra is held in place by a strong band so you need to get the right fit to avoid feeling uncomfortable. See my recommended excellent strapless bra here on amazon.

5.  Padded Bras.

A padded bra is something every woman should have because it provides great support and covers the nipples completely.

If you have small breasts, padded bras for seniors will give the impression that they are bigger and also enhance your shape.

These are the best bras for older breasts because they are super soft, comfortable and warm especially for winter.  Take a look at this Bali Wireless Padded Bra on amazon

6. Sports Bras.

The whole idea of sports bras for elderly women is to provide support to the breasts and hold them firmly in place when you need to work out or do vigorous activities.

They are comfortable, easy to wear and prevent bounce when you are busy jumping up and down.

The secret to comfort is getting the right size so your breasts will be covered and still have room to breathe. Here are some comfortable well padded sports bra.

7.   Mastectomy Bras.

A Mastectomy bra is designed for women who have had their breasts removed for whatever reason and are yet to do a reconstruction.

The bras are designed with silicone prosthesis pockets to hold breasts prosthesis and they are specially fitted for each client.

The cups are adorned with feather-soft fabric that has an anti-microbial top for comfort.  This Classique Post Mastectomy Seamless Molded Underwire Bra is among the best under this category.

8.  Convertible Bra.

Versatility is the key word in convertible senior bras because you can wear them in a variety of styles and with different outfits.

They come with detachable straps that you can completely remove and have a strapless bra or re-arrange them to have a one strap, cross-back or two strap bras in one. Here is a great one for you.

9.  Lace Bras.

Lace is sexy, sensuous and feels great on your body.

Older women can still wear lace bras like this Wacoal Underwire Bra when they want to have that edge or feel sexy during dates or as lingerie.

Lace fabric is also used as the top layer in padded and push up bras so they can be functional and beautiful as well.

10.  Halter bras.

A halter bra like this beautiful and comfortable one, has a thin strap that goes around the neck or two straps that you can tie around the neck.

This type of bra is easy to wear and suitable as a swim suit, t-shirt bra or with backless dresses.

Apart from being sexy and supportive, a halter bra covers most of the breasts and also the abdomen.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Bras for Older Ladies.

Buying the perfect bra is an art that many women have not yet perfected.

It becomes even more complicated for older women because they have to look for more than just the right fit and decoration.

Here are some of the most important features to look for when selecting the best bras for older ladies;

  • Size

Size is what determines whether a bra is a perfect fit or not. In this regard, you should check the size of the cups, band and of course the straps.

The band is the most important because it’s responsible for 80% of breast support. It should be flat and level all around without riding up your back or pressing in between your breasts.

The band size can be number 32, 34, and 36 and so on and it should be comfortable under your breasts which means not too tight.

Are you a size B, C, D or DD? If you don’t know this, you can wear the bra and lean forward to see if your breasts are spilling out or giving you a double boob.

The perfect cup size should cover most of your breasts comfortably without pulling them together or leaving gaps between the bra and the breasts.

  • Front Adjustable Straps

Straps are responsible for the remaining 20% of breast support so they should be able to hold up to the pressure.

Unlike young ladies, older women prefer wider straps that will not hurt their shoulders. It also helps when the straps can be adjusted from the front easily as opposed to the back because of limited dexterity.

When adjusting the straps, they should feel comfortable when you are standing upright and your fingers should pass beneath the straps easily.

  • Back Support

Good support is what every elderly woman is looking for in a bra because the breasts are not as firm as they used to be.

The spine also begins to curve and shoulders hunch over with age. A bra with great back support helps to improve posture and prevent back pain even after you work.

Bras with crossover back design and thick straps offer the best breast and back support so you can be comfortable doing everything you want during the day.

  • Front Closure

Lifting your arms to the back to unfasten a bra is very uncomfortable for elderly women struggling with poor dexterity, arthritis and such issues.

Front closure makes it so easy to wear and take off the bra without help.

For ladies who have swelling fingers and poor eyesight, extra-large clasps, Velcro, or zip on the front can be a better alternative.

  • Comfort

Discomfort is the major reason why elderly women avoid most bras for elderly people.

However, comfortable bras for old ladies that offer great support can be a woman’s best friends especially if they still have an active lifestyle.

Comfort starts with ample padding on the cups, band and straps so they don’t irritate the skin.

Materials like cotton with stain finish are the best for bras for elderly women breasts because they are soft and sensual to the skin and also don’t make the breasts feel hot and sweaty.

Even if you want a sexy lacy bra, you can choose one where the lace is the outer material while the inside is something soft like cotton.

  • Dull Colors

Not to say that elderly women are dirty but their clothing should be more tolerating of dirt and stains.

Stay away from whites and creams when buying bras for elderly women because it may be hard to maintain that color. The best colors are gray, black, blue and variations of red.

My Top 4 General Recommended Best Bras for Elderly Women

1.  Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

The Bali comfort revolution collection is all about superior shaping and comfort without sacrificing support and fit.

This is a front-closure bra with only one clasp and front adjustable straps making it perfect for elderly woman with mobility issues.

Though the bra has an underwire, it is knitted in a very wide soft comfort band and you won’t even know it’s there.

The shape of this Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Underwire Br(See an amazon) is also very sleek and beautiful featuring stretch foam cups for flexibility and beautiful tonal pattern.

2.  Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Bra.

This is another sexy bra for big-chested women who want great support without compromising on beauty.

The underwire bra features one front clasp for easy fastening and beautiful lace inserts and scalloped trim at cups.

It is an exceptionally comfortable bra despite the underwire thanks to the moisture-wicking bottom cups, hidden comfort band and wide cushioned shoulder straps.

You can wear the bra under any outfit and it won’t show because of the smoothing shape enhancers on the side and flattering neckline. Check it here on amazon

3.  Playtex Women’s Front-Close Bra with Flex Back.

Elderly women who are looking for superior comfort and custom fit support will really appreciate this Playtex Women’s Front-Close bra.

The bra offers full breast coverage and support and the best part is that it has no underwire to irritate your skin.

It’s an easy to wear bra thanks to the large hooks and eyes on the front that fasten easily.

The thing that stands out though with this Playtex bra (Link to amazon) is the adjustable wide straps with extra padding on the back which really provide back support and take the strain off you shoulders.

4.  Carole Martin Women’s Full-Freedom Front Closure Comfort Bra

Can you imagine wearing a bra that is so light and comfortable that you don’t feel it at all? That is exactly what this Carole Martin Women’s Full-Freedom Front Closure Comfort Bra (Link to amazon) offers thanks to the wire-free and light nylon material.

This bra is designed with a multi-directional stretch nylon and spandex blend that cradles your breasts comfortably and give you a silky smooth fit all round.

It is a front closing bra for easy fastening and features really wide straps that stay on your shoulders for back support.


Contrary to popular belief, not wearing bras is not very comfortable especially when you have an active lifestyle.

With the right information on your fingertips, you can find a couple of amazing bras for older ladies that provide support, comfort and the confidence you need as an older woman to still live your life.

The secret is buying what works for your body and not following push-up and lace hype.

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