A Detailed Guide To Best Wheelchair Carrier For The Back Of A Vehicle.

Whoever invented wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle his needs a hearty hug!  Maybe he was motivated by his own experiences and struggles, or those of a friend or a loved one.

Whatever it was, by introducing a wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle, he solved the messy pain that transporting a wheelchair was for the disabled and their caregivers.

Because it was either you pack the wheelchair in your car- woe unto you if you have a small vehicle- or innovate a way to pull along your mobility aid when embarking on a trip (which is easier said than done).Wheelchair Carrier For The Back Of A Vehicle

What about with a wheelchair carrier?

You just need to mount the carrier at the back of the car, load the wheelchair or scooter and get going. Hauling your wheelchair has never been this easy!

What Is A Wheelchair Carrier?

As the name suggests, a wheelchair carrier is simply a mounting or a lift that enables people with mobility problems to carry their mobility assistants with them.

For instance, an elder who relies on a wheelchair for his/her daily movements can use a wheelchair rack for back of car to easily carry their sidekick along when going out.

In most cases, a wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle is compatible not only with wheelchairs alone but also scooters, power chairs, and a host of other mobility aids.

Benefits of Having a Wheelchair Carrier for Car.

A wheelchair carrier can be a handy device to have. Here is why;

  • More Freedom

When it comes to touring and sojourns, wheelchair carriers solve the agony of how to carry your wheelchair when you don’t own a large SUV or van.

You see, a wheelchair hitch carrier allows you to deliver you mobility tool to the destination meaning you will be free to roam around, enjoy the scenery without help, and run personal errands.

  • Versatile Tool

A modern-day wheelchair rack does more than just haul a wheelchair or a scooter…The latest design is such that a senior can use it to carry heavy equipment, substantial touring luggage, swimming gear, and more.

Seniors can therefore easily deliver even other cargo needed to make a trip more enjoyable.

  • It’s A Cost-Effective Solution

Vehicles which can hold a wheelchair and still leave breathing room aren’t that cheap, so instead of struggling until funds are available to buy this type of a car, a wheelchair hitch can be an immediate and a much more affordable solution.

Not to mention that these autos lack the versatility of wheelchair rack for cars.

  • Space Saving

Even if you have a big van, a scooter or wheelchair will still take up space inside the car that would have been used by the family to carry personal luggage inconveniencing them.

Indeed, a hitch mounted wheelchair carrier ensures the car isn’t overcrowded and facilitates organized travel.

  • Simple To Use

Most of the wheelchair carriers for vehicles are light, compact, and a breeze to mount.

Of course, our friends with disabilities prefer straightforward and user friendly products so as to make life easier.

On the same token, some designs such as a folding wheelchair carrier fold and can be stored when not in use.

Different Types Of Wheelchair Carrier For Car To Consider.

1.     Electric Wheelchair Carrier Lift

An electric wheelchair carrier uses the car’s electric motor (or the battery) to operate the wheelchair.

Users have either a switch or an excellent remote control to help run it making them quite easy to use- compared with manual models in which you have to have to physically load the wheelchair.

These are thus awesome for even disabled seniors as they use minimal energy. On the downside, they are a bit costly not to mention that the car has to be on to run.

That being said, some models such as the TMS folding wheelchair hitch career (Click to Check Price On Amazon) are a bit affordable despite their excellent construction.

2.     Manual Wheelchair Carrier

A wheelchair and scooter carrier doesn’t use power and can’t be operated even when the car is turned off.

People on budget favor them as they’re cheaper.

They, however, use more energy as you must push the wheelchair manually onto the ramp.

A popular choice in this category is the Goplus Wheelchair/ scooter Carrier (Click to Check Price On Amazon) because of its fantastic pricing.

3.     Bumper Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

This is mounted on the car’s bumper and is again for manual wheelchairs. The elder has to lift the wheelchair onto the carrier which may sometimes call for assistance.

For cars which don’t have this provision, holes can be drilled to allow installation.

The major complaint is that the trunk is hard to access with the carrier mounted.

Nevertheless, models such as the Silver Spring Manual Carrier (Click to Check Price On Amazon)are very well built with a tilting platform for for easy loading and unloading .

4.     Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

Practical and cost-effective, a hitch mounted wheelchair carrier usually tilts down to pick the wheelchair, before rising up to eventually lock into place.

People can choose a manual or an automatic one and can be attached to a draw bar or any ball mount at the back of the vehicle.

Unlike bumper mounted types, these provide direct access to the car trunk.

Plus, there are some pretty affordable options including the economy hitch-mounted  carrier rack  (Click to Check Price On Amazon)

5.     Folding Wheelchair Carrier For Car

A wheelchair carrier for car folds for storage when no longer in use.

Actually, some naturally fold in their place when transporting the wheelchair to save on space.

It’s easier to access the trunk when folded. Our most recommended foldable wheelchair carrier for cars is the ALEKO MC400 Scooter Carrier  (Click to Check Price On Amazon) thanks to its anti-tilt locking device which ensures it never wobbles.

6.     Aluminum Wheelchair Carrier for back of car

An aluminum wheelchair carrier for back of car is so called because the frame is dominated by aluminium purposely to make it lightweight and thus less burdening for smaller cars.

It may be attached to a hitch with and usually has a simple to install design.

One of the best aluminum carriers for cars is the Silver Spring Rage Powersports Aluminum Scooter & Power Chair Hitch Mounted Mobility Carrier (Click to Check Price On Amazon), thanks to its heavy duty aluminum construction and ability to handle 500lbs capacity.

7.     Car-Top Mounted Carriers

Elders who desire more space inside the car will love electric this.

It’s installed on the roof of the car. Typically, a motor-driven hoist grabs the wheelchair, folds it, and hoists to the career.

The operation is automated and managed using a switch. However, it only carries manual chairs.

Plus, it doesn’t work with all car models.

8.     Pick-Up Truck Carrier

A pick-up truck career is purposed at users light trucks.

The user first folds the wheelchair manually before it’s lifted onto the bed of your truck by the electric-driven motor.

Older people or those with severe difficulties may, however, need help when folding or transferring the wheelchair.

Buying Guide For A Wheelchair Carrier For The Back Of A Vehicle.

Whether you are looking for a hitch mounted wheelchair carrier, a scooter carrier for car, or even an electric wheelchair carrier for car, there are a few points to keep in mind….

  • Type of Wheelchair Carrier

But for their high pricing, electric carriers are considered the easiest for those who have serious weaknesses.

People who have a budgetary limitation would do well on a manual carrier provided they can at least do some lifting.

However, manual hitch mounted wheelchair carriers are great compromise as they are both affordable and very practical.

  • Weight limit

Carriers have a weight limit so you also need to be aware that most hitch-mounted carriers can haul a maximum of 500 lbs., bumper mounted carriers a maximum of 200 lbs. while most of the rest are somewhere in between.

The idea is to ensure you don’t pick something that would crash under pressure from the weight of your wheelchair.

  • Ease of mounting/dismounting and use

If the career is too heavy, that could spell trouble as it may be hard to mount/dismount.

And don’t forget that your car may not move as fast as you may want due to the excess load.

Ideally, your carrier should weigh about 60-70 lbs.

  • Safety Features

During transportation, the wheelchair should be secured to avoid it getting damaged if it accidentally drops off the carrier.

Thankfully, a majority of the carriers have anti-wobble enhancements and straps which prevents from toppling over.

A few come with safety rails on both sides and additional locking bars to guard the wheelchair.

  • The ability Of The User

Can the user operate the carrier on their own or do they need a caregiver to help?

How detailed is the disability? You see, people or elders who have major physical challenges can’t operate a manual carrier so they’ve little choice away from an automatic carrier.

If not that, a scooter carrier (manual) since it’s a breeze to install.


A wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle can be an amazing equipment to have for a disabled person and others who are forced to rely on a wheelchair to remain on the move.

By accommodating most mobility vehicles including scooters and various types of wheelchairs, carriers help challenged users tag their helpers along ensuring they can have maximum fun and freedom while out on a trip.

Then they’re so many models- both manual and electric- so, you’re sure to find a compatible type that can serve your very specific needs.

And while a wheelchair is life-transforming, its carrier ensures you can have it where you need it and is a convenient way of maximizing it.

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