6 Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors

Alarm clocks play a huge role in the lives of elderly people. As they age, various needs become dependent on time which includes tracking daily tasks such as taking medicine.

Finding an  alarm clock that is easy to use and suits their daily needs is important.. Today’s clocks offer larger displays and even use smart technology.

We researched clocks that have senior citizens in mind. Find the right one that suits you or your loved ones.

Top Alarm Clocks for Seniors

In today’s world, you can find a variety of alarm clocks, each with unique features that can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Alarm clocks prove to be very useful for senior citizens who are in the habit of following a routine.

Here is our list of top alarm clocks for the elderly that range from loud to simple. We have additionally captured the key features as well as pros and cons.

1. Sonic Alert Bomb Super Loud Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock
  • Power Source Type: Electric Powered
  • Loud Dual Alarm Clock With Snooze – Set Multiple Alarms With A Duration Of Your Desire From 1-59 Mins And A Snooze Feature From 1-30 Minutes. The Super Loud Alarm Clock Sound Will Flash Lights. You Can Also Choose Either The 12 Or 24-Hour Time Format
  • Battery Backup & Full Range Dimmer – An Essential For Every Alarm Clock, The Battery Backup Provides Security To Wake On-Time. A Full Range Dimmer To Control The Brightness Of The Clock To Wake Up Fully Rested And Restored

This alarm clock has special features that are an excellent choice for those who are hard of hearing. The vibration alert feature combined with a loud sound system will guarantee the ones with hearing impairment wake up early.

The red display is easy to see even for people with vision problems. The extra battery option can also be used as a power backup.

You can match this digital alarm clock with your unique style as this alarm clock comes in a variety of colors.


  • Five level adjustable dimmers for the brightness of the alarm clock
  • Electrically Powered
  • Adjustable sound and volume control with 113db extra-loud alarm
  • Built-in flashing red lights with a spare battery
  • Equipped with the latest 12-volt bed shaker


  • Easy to use
  • Huge display which is clear to read
  • Vibration Alert feature to wake you up in the morning
  • Super Loud


  • Made of low-quality materials
  • Doesn’t always shows the right time
  • Not durable

2. LED Digital Alarm Clock

LED Digital Alarm Clock
  • 9”LARGE DIGITAL LED SCREEN DISPLAY ALARM CLOCK WITH 0-100 DIMMER SETTING.You can see the time digits clearly across your bedroom (30 feet).Adjust the dimmer setting from 0 to 100 to a comfortable brightness for a wonderful night.The green number display light not only protects your eyes, but also allows you to feel the breath of nature at any time.
  • DUAL ALARM CLOCK WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION. 9”digital alarm clock can set two separate wake-up times and choice of wake-up date can be workdays (Monday - Friday),weekend (Saturday-Sunday),weekly(Monday-Sunday) and Monday's alarm. Press the SNOOZE button on the top to have 10-60 minutes more to stay in bed before the large number clock sounding again.
  • SAFE DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK WITH TWO USB CHARGE PORTS.5V/1A USB port at the backside of digital clock can be used to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone conveniently.All functions work under AC power, and the charging protection makes you free of charging safety.The backup battery (Not included) with memory function will ONLY back up time and alarm settings in case of AC power failure.

Older people mostly prefer simplicity over complexity. The Led Digital Home alarm clock has been designed with simple buttons, use, and basic features that tell the time without any complications.

The LED digits display the time clearly which can be seen during the day and night. The alarm clock has a top button with a night light feature to help with mid-night bathroom visits.


  • Snooze button that can be set to 9 minutes and used until the alarm is turned off
  • Huge LED digits display with dimmer slider to adjust the brightness to your comfort level
  • Designed with a simplicity that children, elderly and old people can use with ease


  • AC electrically powered that can be powered by simply plugging in the power cord
  • Battery backup to help in the event of a power failure
  • A night light can be activated by pressing the top button on the clock
  • Simply to use with no confusing frills


  • Heavy sleepers cannot wake up even by the loud sound system this alarm clock has.
  • It is not made out of high-quality material

3. 3D Analog Alarm Clock

3D Analog Alarm Clock
  • Neat dial with big 3D numbers instead of printed cardboard found in common market shows a superior clear and elegant look.
  • Small square alarm clock features, measured at 3 1/4 * 3 1/4 * 1 5/8 in, light weight (3.5 oz), fits perfectly on your compact nightstand, table desk & shelf, bedrooms for you to wake up, also portable for travel and nice for beside.
  • Classic beep alarm sounds, designed to ascending four stages for gentle wake at first, then ascend in volume with more and more hurried sounds, which last for nearly 1 hour or stop/suspend when alarm is turned off or snooze bar is depressed.

This basic analog alarm clock only has an on/off switch on the entire unit. The alarm can be set by turning the small hand on the dial to the time you want to get up.

The number on the alarm clock is large. This makes it easy for old people with vision problems to see clearly.


  • The non-ticking feature ensures no tick-tock noise
  • For nighttime viewing, easy-access top light button to illuminate the entire dial for few seconds in the dark
  • 3D printed numbers that provide a neat look instead of cardboard printed


  • An alarm rings until turned off
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight fits well on your shelf and nightstand
  • Battery backup and 1AA battery operated that prevents power outages


  • Require carbon-zinc batteries that are expensive
  • You cannot set the alarm to the exact time

4. Dream sky Radio Alarm Clock

3D Dream Sky Radio Alarm Clock
  • Electric Digital Alarm Clock with Full Range Dimmer for Bedroom: 4 Inches large LCD screen with eye easy catch blue number display, time and clock display are easy to read at a glance. 100%-0% completely adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing. 12 or 24hr switch, Indoor temperature ( ℃ or ℉) Display.
  • Digital FM Radio ONLY with Sleep Timer: Easy tuning in FM radio channel with 0-15 level volume adjustable. Speaker is loud and clear. Benefit sleep timer function lets you fall sleep to the radio by preset the radio to play for a certain amount time (10-120 minutes optional).
  • USB Charging Port: Extra USB port allow you to charge your smartphone, ipad or other smart device without plug in wall, a handy, convenient and organized bedroom alarm clock radio.

This alarm clock comes with a built-in radio and a large display, all at an affordable price. With 3 different brightness features, you can adjust the viewing level, especially at night when you don’t want your whole room to light up.


  • An extra blue light that old people can use to see during the night
  • FM Radio with a Sleep timer that allows you to sleep while the radio is playing for a set time
  • Room temperature display with adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing


  • USB charging port that allows you to charge your iPad and smartphone without a plugin on the wall
  • Adjustable sound levels and snooze that suits your comfort level
  • 4-inch Large LCD screen display that is easy to read


  • No AM stations
  • An Extra AAA battery is needed to keep the clock working for a short time during a power outage
  • Low sound quality

5. American Lifetime Alarm Clock for Vision impairment

American Lifetime Alarm Clock
  • Key features - This unique 8 inch high resolution digital alarm clock clearly spells out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date in large, clear letters with no confusing abbreviations
  • Unique functions - The day clock by American Lifetime is the only one of its kind to include a set of multi-function alarms. Set up to 5 daily alarms, with the option of reminders to take medications throughout the day. This clock uses the DC209 model which has a screen resolution of 800 x 600
  • Battery backup - This day clock also has battery back up a in case of a power outage, it automatically resets to the correct time and date when the power returns

It may not be easy to use but it can be very helpful to those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This alarm clock helps keep track of the day, week, and current time.

The text on the Alarm clock is spelled out clearly for seniors to read without confusion.


  • The clock has 5 types of alarm setting with a reminder to take medication
  • The alarm clock helps keep track of the time of the day. People with dementia can use this clock as a reminder of what time and day is it
  • The 8-inch-high resolution displays the time, date, day, week, and month in large and clear letters


  • Durable material with a money-back guarantee
  • Includes morning/evening indicator
  • Available in 9 colors


  • Needs manual adjustment for daylight savings time
  • Experience required for the menu system to program

6. SVINZ Dementia Alarm Clock

SVINZ Dementia Alarm Clock
  • BEST CLOCK FOR SENIORS: The high resolution 8 inch display clearly spells out the full DAY of the WEEK, MONTH and DATE in large, bold letters with no confusing abbreviations, also shows MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT,PREDAWN during the time: 5:00 am - 11:59 am (MORNING), 12:00 pm - 4:59 pm (AFTERNOON), 5:00 pm - 8:59 pm (EVENING), 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm (NIGHT), 12:00 am - 4:59 am (PREDAWN).
  • UNIQUE SNOOZE FEATURE: Add the large SNOOZE touch button on the top of the clock and snooze repeat times can be set 3 or 5 times. It owns 3-color display options (White / Yellow/ Black) and 5 alarm settings, which can be set up 1 to 5 individual alarms which are very useful for seniors with daily meals or taking medications.
  • AUTO DIMMING OPTIONS: The day clock has auto dimming function and dims at 7:00PM (10cd/M2) and brightens up during the day at 7:00 AM (50cd/M2), also it provides the option to turn off the auto dimming function to keep the high brightness all the time, ideal for seniors and people with vision problems.

If you have family members with Dementia, we recommend the SVINZ Dementia Alarm Clock. This smart alarm clock has a large font, shows key information like date and time of day to support those with memory loss.

The large snooze button on the clock offers an easy solution to turning off the alarm. Plus the clock offers 1 to 5 individual alarms which are great for daily reminders such as meals or medication. 


  • Up to 5 alarms to set for meals or medication reminders
  • Large display
  • Auto dimming great for those with vision issues
  • Date displays time of day such as morning, noon, evening


  • Large number display
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple alarms

What To Look For In  An Alarm clock?

Features you should look for in an alarm clock are:

  • Adjustable volume settings
  • Dimmer settings that allow you to turn down display brightness
  • Large numbers
  • Weather, Temperature and Date

After viewing the features, you can narrow down the alarm clocks that are convenient for your use. Most seniors will find those products that support volume settings are best much like TV headphones.


Today’s alarm clocks offer basic bells to smart technology. For our older adult community, we suggest one of our top picks above. Make sure the clock is easy to use and above all, the numbers are easy to see.

Look for key features like backup battery, easy to push buttons and large display to make sure you get the right one. These clocks are great to help with daily routines, reminders for medication, when to exercise and more.

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