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Most Amazing Best Front Closing Bras For Elderly Women.

The most underrated and yet most important feature to look for when buying the best bra for elderly women is front closure. Unfortunately, most bras in the market have rear closure which is very difficult to elderly women with arthritis and other issues to operate.

Front closing bras for elderly are incredibly easy to wear and take off because the lady doesn’t have to bend their arms backwards to close the latch.

They also come with easy to use latches like Velcro, nap or zipper because elderly women struggling with arthritic fingers, pain and poor eye sight don’t need more stress.

What Are Front Closure Bras?

A front clasp bra is characterized by a latch that is situated in the front instead of the back like other bras.

The front placement combined with easy to use latches like Velcro closure makes it very easy for elderly ladies to wear and take off the bra without help.

Most front closure bras for elderly are designed with optimum comfort in mind and they feature a smooth backline and seamless look under your shirt.

Though people assume that front closing bras are for seniors, even younger women can benefit from the comfort and convenience of these bras that still look stylish.

Benefits Of Front Closure Bras To Elderly Women.

  • Smooth Back.

Since there is no closure on the back, your back under the shirt will look smooth even if you wear a light blouse like chiffon.

Knowing that no one can see you are wearing a bra is pretty cool and can boost your confidence.

  • Deep Neckline.

Most front closure bras for seniors have a deep neckline because the closure takes only a tiny space.

This means you can wear a low cut top or dress without fearing that the bra will pop out.

  • Ease Of Use.

A front close bra for elderly is easy to wear and take off even if you have arthritis, injury or anything else that can make your arm dexterity limited.

All you have to do is put on the arms to the straps and then fasten the hooks like a blouse without bending your arms.

  • Better Support.

Having the closure in the front makes the band stronger which means better support for your breasts. You can also easily adjust the closure to your desired tightness so you feel comfortable at all times.

  • Comfort

Most elderly women avoid wearing bras altogether because they are very complicated and they can be boring to stay with.

However, with the ability to adjust and fasten the closure from the front, every woman can now be able to wear a bra to support their breasts, prevent under breast sweating and keep sagging at bay.

  • Variety Of Closures.

Unlike rear closing bras which are predominantly adorned with hook and eye closure, front closing bras for seniors comes with quite a variety to makes things easier.

You can find zip, Velcro and even laces just in case it’s hard to see or use those little eyelets.

Are Front Closing Bras Suitable For Elderly With Arthritis?

Front fastening bras for the elderly are the best for elderly ladies with arthritis. Apart from easy access of the closure, here are some more benefits of bras for seniors with arthritis;

  • Bras for elderly with arthritis generally have large clasps which are easy to fasten even if your fingers are painful and bent. There is also the choice of zip, Velcro or lace that won’t be hard to use.
  • The bras are designed with wide shoulder straps and band for extra back support and most of them even have a crossover back design that helps to keep your back and shoulders straight despite the effects of arthritis.
  • Since you don’t have to bend your arms backwards, you won’t experience any pain trying to wear a bra.

Types Of Front Closure Bras For Seniors.

1.     Wireless Front Closure Bras.

Elderly women find the underwire on a bra to be very uncomfortable because it rubs and irritates their delicate skin.

For this reason wireless front closure bras are the most comfortable bra for older women with sensitive skin.

A wire free bra can still be supportive if it’s the right size and the straps are strong and adjustable. A strong band and enough padding also go a long way in ensuring the breasts are well supported and also comfortable.


2.     Front Closure Underwire Bras.

Ideally, underwire front closure bras are not the best for elderly ladies because they have sensitive skin that can be irritated by the wire.

However, an underwire bra with a wide soft comfort band can take care of that problem.

The underwire makes the bra stronger and more supportive so it’s a very good feature especially if you have big breasts. It also gives the bra definition and a good profile so it doesn’t lose shape fast.

Front Underwire Bra


3.     Plus-Size Front Closure Bra.

Do you have a bigger bust than most women? Front close bra plus size is the best option to give you maximum support and comfort.

A plus size bra has wider and longer cups that can accommodate big breasts and the band is extra strong to give the necessary support and handle the weight.

This is also the best bra for a lactating mom whose breasts are bigger and the front closure makes it easy to breastfeed.


4.     Front Closure Sports Bra.

Whether it’s walking, jogging, dancing or Pilates; exercise is mandatory for elderly women who want to stay healthy and fit.

A front closure sports bra makes working out comfortable because your breasts are well supported and help in place so they won’t get in your way.

What makes sports bras so good is that they are light, breathable and extremely comfortable so you can wear them even when you are not working out.


They also provide amazing support and a bit of lift not to mention they are smooth and invisible under your shirt.

5.     Front Closure Strapless Bra.

What if you want to wear that strapless black dress for a wedding or date night?

Well, a strapless bra is the right choice to wear underneath such kind of a dress or anything that is shoulder-bearing.


Despite being strapless, this bra is very supportive thanks to the strong band that holds everything in place. The secret here is to get the perfect fit so there will be no unpleasant surprise.

6.     Front Closure Bras Full Figure.

A full figured woman is a masterpiece when she knows how to dress her body well.

Nothing does this better than a front closure full-figure bra to hold those twins in place and make the outfit come together beautifully.

Wearing a smaller bra can completely ruin the outfit by making the breasts come together to make a uni-boob.

Thanks to its design, a full figure bra supports the breasts perfectly and even holds together the areas around your chest and back smoothing everything over.

7.     Front Closing Lace Bras.

Lace bras are incredibly sexy not to mention sensuous. When a woman is wearing a beautiful lace bra beneath her dress, she feels confident and sassy no matter her age.


Today, front closing lace bras are available for women who still want to feel good despite their age, limited dexterity or motherhood.

With a strong band and adjustable straps, a lace bra is something every woman should have for that date or girls night out.

8.     Front Closure Mastectomy Bras.

Having your breasts removed before or after cancer is not easy on your body and it can even affect your dexterity.

A front closure mastectomy bra comes in handy because on top of the silicone prosthesis pockets, the front closure makes all the difference.

This type of comfortable bras for seniors feature extra soft fabric with anti-microbial properties to make sure you are comfortable.


It is the ultimate secret to having a full chest before a reconstruction is done and the front closure makes it easy to wear and take it off.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Front Closing Bras For Elderly.

It is unfortunate that front closing bras for elderly women are still pretty much unchartered waters.

However, despite their limited numbers the competition is till stiff. Here are some qualities you should look for when buying such a bra;

  • Size

The most important feature to look for when it comes to easy bras for seniors is size because a bra that is too small will tighten the breasts and also constrict your body while a larger one will give you zero support.

The bra must be proportional to your body size and especially the size of your breasts.

An undersized front closure bra can actually be more uncomfortable because the clasp will be digging through your chest.

It’s critical to know your size or get a professional fitting at every stage of your life. Knowing your perfect fit in terms of band size and also cup size will help you enjoy superior comfort and support.

  • Weight

Though padding is important, the best bras for elderly breasts should be lightweight and the lighter the better.

Senior ladies already feel that bras are uncomfortable so a heavy one with excess padding and underwire will only prove their point.

A perfect bra should be made of cotton with minimal padding for comfort and no wire to add on the weight.

  • Durability

A bra should be durable and long-lasting. Not only is it boring to keep buying bras every now and then but it can also be quite costly.

Good quality bras for older ladies don’t come cheap so you should invest in four or five quality ones that will last a long time.

  • Comfort

Good front opening bras for elderly should be extremely comfortable such that they can wear it all day and even go to sleep with it.

Some of the features that make a bra comfortable include enough padding, wide adjustable straps, wide comfort fit band and of course the right fit.

It also helps if the bra is lightweight and breathable so you don’t sweat under the bra.

  • Closure

Unfortunately, even with front closure, some ladies will still find it difficult to fasten the hook and eye because of poor eyesight, arthritis and other conditions that affect the hands or the mind.

In such situations, you should buy front hook bras for elderly with zippers, laces or Velcro closure instead of hook and eye.

The clasp should be large enough such that the elderly woman will not struggle to fasten it.

  • Extra Back Support

Besides breast support, elderly women need something extra from their bras and that is back support.

As you grow old, the spine begins to curve and shoulders become rounder which is why old people look like they are hunched over.

The best bras for senior citizens provide sufficient back support by having shoulder support bands and crossover back design.

This helps to improve posture and reduce back pain by forcing the shoulders to stay straight and pulling the spine backwards.

  • Dark Colors

According to caregivers, elderly women should not wear white or cream colored bras for older women especially at home.

This is because they sweat more than younger ladies and that can stain the bra. The ideal colors for elderly women are black, red, gray and blue because they are easy to maintain and also beautiful.

  • Front Adjustable Straps

The convenience that comes from front hook bras for seniors is enhanced even further by front adjustable straps.

Elderly ladies prefer wide padded straps that will not dig into their skin and they need to be adjusted from the front instead of the backside.

Straps play a huge role in supporting the breasts and also the back so they must be strong and durable.

The ability to adjust from the front really helps women with limited hand dexterity and back pain you don’t need to bend your arms in any way.

  • Conclusion

The assumption that elderly women don’t care about how they look is completely wrong. Every woman has the right to look and feel good and front closing bras for elderly make this possible.

racer back bras front closure even provide extra benefits of preventing back pain and improving your overall posture so you can stand tall and feel young for a long time.

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