Nothing hurts like a painful feet. Things are especially tough if you are a lady with big or swollen feet since you often have to put up with narrow, poorly constructed, and stifling shoes. Below is a list of some of the most popular women’s shoes for swollen feet on amazon:



And while there could be other ways of ensuring that you remain comfortable as you go about your daily business, nothing triumphs over wearing extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet.

Be they slippers, sandals, sneakers, or sporty shoes, these extra-wide gems bring tranquility and are a soothing antidote to distressed feet.

What Are Extra Wide Shoes For Women?

Extra wide shoes for women are specially made lady shoes targeted towards comforting women with extra-large feet, those with swollen feet due to diabetes or ladies with general edema, for example, due to old age.

Their special design and a plethora of specialized features make them probably the most comfortable women footwear for those with bigger feet.

Benefits of Wearing Extra Wide Shoes For Women With Swollen Feet.

If you have huge feet, few things beat the feeling of wearing adaptive shoes for swollen feet …

They are made to relax your feet and make your daily living a joy. Here is how:

  • They Make Walking Easier

Wearing thin-soled and narrow shoes can be a nightmare if your job involves standing or walking for the whole day!

Not only does the discomfort affect your productivity but you also continue suffering even when resting at home due to the friction suffered in the course of duty.

Good extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet buffer the impact through bumper cushioning and make your days more tolerable.

  • They Contribute To A Faster Recovery Of Feet Injury

Good slippers for womens with swollen feet or general extra-wide shoes offer more support and can act as a healing catalyst when recuperating from all sorts of foot injuries.

If your injury is diabetes related, the best womens diabetic shoes extra wide should help in healing thanks to their plush make-up.

Provided you get the selection right, the most comfortable shoes for diabetics could even fix the principal source of your problems with time.

  • You Can Even Exercise

Supportive and comfortable shoes help shield your feet during a workout, which is especially crucial for older adults and pregnant women.

Ultimately, if you have oversized feet, you have scarce options away from the extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet if you want to reap from exercise.

  • You Can Avoid Foot Surgery womens extra wide shoes for swollen feet

Problems like bunions, general foot pain, and hammer-toe often result in foot surgery.

However, wearing good womens velcro slippers for swollen feet can help you escape that.

Again, these types of footwear help in caring for your feet and can minimize your visits to the doctor now and in the future.

Sadly, some women with swollen feet ignore and dismiss it as nothing, risking a long tiring road to recovery later on.

  • They Can Help Correct Some Foot Problems

Some women’s ankles turn in. others may turn out. You can sort some of these problems by wearing adjustable slippers for swollen feet or other comfortable shoes suitable for swollen feet.

By providing ample support on your arch or outside foot (depending on whether you over or under-pronate), good shoes may balance the ankles and rectify foot troubles.

  • They are safe for elders with walking problems

Advancing age can bring numerous health changes including sometimes developing pain in muscles and joints, weaker bones, and balance problems.

Seniors also face a higher risk of slipping or falling if they use normal shoes.

It, therefore, goes without saying that your older parent with edema, diabetes, or swollen feet will benefit a lot from using shoes for swollen diabetic feet and slippers for elderly with swollen feet when indoors.

Different Types Of Extra Wide Shoes For Women With Swollen Feet.

(The links in this section will lead you to where you’ll be able to see the product price and hundreds of customer reviews. Be sure to read some of these reviews to gauge the suitability this product to you.)

The available options are optimized according to distinct constructions and belong to varying categories. Here is a highlight;

1.     Extra Wide Sandals For Swollen Feet

It’s sometimes important to keep the feet dry and breathing. Extra-wide sandals let your feet breathe and are easier to get into.

In addition, some common foot conditions like athlete’s foot heal quickly with dry feet.

Equally important is the fact that sandals such as the fast moving Orella Slingback Sandal2 have excellent arch support or this spectacular Orthofeet Orthopedic Comfortable Diabetic Flat Feet Womens Sandal

2.     Extra Wide Boots For Swollen Feet

Safety footwear including boots are an unavoidable accessory in many dangerous jobs, particularly in the light of tightening health and safety workplace laws.

And so a few manufacturers have released top-rated boots including the in-demand Dr. Comfort Vigor Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Wide Boot  

Apart from its therapeutic construction, these boots comes with elastic laces with Velcro straps and padded lining suitable for outdoor hikes with optimal comfort.

3.     Extra Wide Womens Slippers For Swollen Feet

Outsized slippers offer tremendous metatarsal and arch support. Apart from being extremely comfortable, they are tailored to reduce strain on your feet and legs.

Types with removable footbeds also accommodate various custom orthotics and feel delightful.

Some of the best footwear for diabetics and edema are actually slippers and includes the skid-resistant Silvert’s  Extra-Wide Adjustable Footwear.

4.     Women Velcro Shoes For Swollen Feet

Velcro footwear provides a superb solution for women with limited motor skills such as the elderly or the disabled as they usually find tying shoelaces problematic.

The other attraction in this class of enlarged shoes for women is the ease of putting them on and taking off.

I personally love women shoes with Velcro fasteners and finds Dr. Comfort Marla Therapeutic Extra Wide Velcro Shoe exceptional.

5.     Extra Wide Womens Sneakers

Sneakers put comfort above everything else and extra-wide sneakers are certainly one of the most comfortable footwear.

Sneakers also have more wide-ranging advantages. First, they protect you from injury because of extra cushioning and enhanced support.

Secondly, sneakers are much more stable than most of the other women shoes.  A shoe like the Orthofeet Pain Relief Women’s Orthopedic Diabetic Athletic Sneaker  will enhance your comfort if you have sensitive feet, diabetic Feet or swollen feet and comes with superb arch support and cushioned heel.

6.     Expandable Shoes For Swollen Feet

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the accurate measurement for your foot size. Yet it’s hard to do much without a fitting pair of sandals, sneakers, or boots.

These shoes stretch and adapt to your feet’s shape. Also, as in all other spacious shoes, the forefoot area gives you luxurious space to move the feet around.

And even though their upper may not be too fancy, the used technology ensures the shoe fit pleasantly on your feet. This Orthofeet Arthritis and Diabeti Women’s Shoe will give you enough space and comfort for your swollen feet

7.     Womens Wide Dress Shoes For Swollen Feet

The reason why some women prefer these shoes is because they look very fashionable and can be worn for a variety of events.

From more formal events, business-formal, to parties, and during special occasions, ultra-large dress shoes fit the bill.

They also have some all the essential features for comfort so they won’t irritate your feet when you wear them.

8.     Extra Wide Work Shoes For Swollen Feet

If you are a nurse, a construction worker, and in a career where you spend most of your days moving, you know how disconcerting a bad shoe can be.

Extra wide work shoes have a platform which takes off some of the unyielding pressure from the soles preventing discomfort.

Every step you take becomes less straining and you experience better foot motion.

This Extra Wide Womens Slip On Shoe can be a great start.

9.     Extra Wide Orthopedic Shoes

If you experience foot or back pain throughout the day, you should consider orthopedic shoes.

They provide comfort and support on top of superior health benefits including blood flow stimulation and are supportive of flat feet.

Even the disabled find it easier to walk with minimal discomfort because of the amount of cushioning provided by these shoes.

One of the best orthopedic shoes is the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort Shoe courtesy of anatomical arch support plus a biomechanically engineered orthotic Cushioning System.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Extra Wide Womens Shoes For Swollen Feet.

Like any other womenware, you may have to take your time when evaluating the ultra-wide shoes swollen feet in order to get the best.

Here are a few issues to worry about when buying womens extra wide shoes for swollen feet..

  • Heels

I know you like heels and perhaps you have won high heel shoes all your life.

However, this is a different ball game with a whole set of different rules the first being…run away from high heels!

But why?

You are either suffering from a swollen foot or own some extra- wide feet meaning that since most high-heeled footwear is made narrow, they will never fit comfortably.

  • Fashion

My boss lady is always attracted to everything colorful and stylish. Luckily for her, she has perfectly normal feet.

But if a day comes and she gets edema or starts swelling for some reason, my advice to her would be the same:

The appeal or the color of the fashionable wide width shoes should never blind you! Yes, it’s good to look awesome and beautiful but when we come to womens wide comfort shoes, comfort rules!

So, never buy it because of the looks. Focus more on your relaxation and fit than on cute shoes for swollen feet.

  • Budget

Something else:

Be ready to spend. I am sure you want the best for your feet so, don’t be surprised to find that the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet cost a couple of dollars more. After all, they mostly guarantee true value for money so even if it’s not what you may have budgeted, the long-term benefit will be many times more worthwhile.

Of course, there is still the odd chance of you landing a jewel at an unbelievably low price.

  • Your Other Conditions

The presence of other foot problems will affect your choice of shoes for swollen feet elderly.

Hammertoes, athlete’s foot, blisters, bunions, heel spurs, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails, may worsen if you concentrate on only a wide shoe without considering these special conditions.

If unsure, you can raise a conversation with your doctor and get his/her opinion on how you should approach the purchasing decision for womens wide width shoes for problem feet.

One of the things medics recommend is to ensure that, first and foremost, your shoe has great cushioning.

  • Size

You have zero chance of ever experiencing joy walking around in wrongly fitting shoes or a pair which is too tight for your feet.

For Christ’s sake, you have a wide or a swollen fit so nobody will understand your obsession with those narrow build shoes being marketed as the best shoes for swollen feet .

Instead, your feet will be looking forward to the day you come up with a pair which is true to its size and width.

  • Durability

Unless you have heaps of money, you hate products that wear off at the slightest sign of stress because they will send you back to the seller prematurely.

This applies when buying shoes for edema feet…

Fortunately, the market seems to understand this with some of the womens comfort shoes wide width especially hardened and very durable overall.

For example, the outsole may be from hard rubber while the leather is top class.

Yet, they don’t compromise on support!

  • Stability

If you are donning the best shoe, then you wouldn’t fear walking fast or even jogging (it helps with edema by the way).

So, your best shoe should also be stable. This means it needs a feature like a heel clutch to keep your foot firmly in place. That way, you can run all you want without fearing falls.

  • Breathability

Let’s face it:

Wearing closed walking shoes and sneakers for more hours can be pure torture.

You sweat and burn and suffer.

Still, while sneakers are undeniably super comfortable, they don’t feel as comfortable sandals for swollen feet.

  • Is It Light Enough?

If an opportunity arises, go for light extra wide shoes for women with swollen feet. This is paramount if you walk for lengthy periods of time may be at work or love jogging.

A lightweight foam compound makes it very good not to mention that it enhances its stability if on the outsole.

Lighter shoes for swollen diabetic feet also mean less braking (and thus less impact).

  • Shock Absorption

I previously told you about stability, remember? Now, there’s more…your choice of specialist shoes for swollen feet need to provide ample energy return.

This helps your step when running and during daily activities.

Besides, you also need sufficient shock absorption to reduce possible impact as you walk around.

In most cases, comfortable wide shoes come with customized midsoles and are awesome in absorbing shock.


Extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet are probably the most comfortable piece of footwear for women with swollen or bigger feet.

Your feet are relaxed and happy meaning you can walk, stand, workout, and generally do more daily.

Aged women and those recovering from feet injuries also benefit greatly from these shoes.

Indeed, their stability, shock absorption, softness, and correct fit will make you wonder why you never discovered them earlier!

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