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Best Recliners For Elderly People.

Almost a century on from their discovery, recliners for old people are nowadays so advanced and have become synonymous with modern-day comfortable living for the older generation.Best Recliners For Elderly People

This simply because the best recliners for elderly offer much more than mere sofas…

Not only does the senior get a chance to catch a breath and relax in a plush chair, they can also put their feet up to relieve aching joints and muscles.

As a matter of fact, most of the recliners for elderly offer plenty of neck and lower back support and are in some case the only natural that an elder can ease suffering.

Very cool! Or is it?

Okay. Now, let’s get deep into these amazing inventions.

What Is A Recliner Chair For The Elderly?

A senior recliner chair is an armchair or sofa that can recline and is one of the most pleasant chairs purpose-made to serve the needs of the senior citizenry.

Recliners for senior citizens can rock, swivel, heat, massage, and even lift making them phenomenal even for people experiencing difficulties sitting down or getting back up.

It gets better:

If your elderly friend or parent is finding getting around a struggle, riser recliners for seniors make life a whole lot easier (we will learn how in a bit…).

How Do Reclining Chairs For Elderly Work?

Recliners do exactly that; recline to allow the occupant to sink in and enjoy luxurious comfort.

Riser recliners go a step further and will not only recline but also rise to an angle that the senior feels more at home.

You control the recline (and rise) using a hand lever while electric recliner chairs for the elderly are automated and use a motor (needs electricity) to control movement.

Some have a TV-like remote or easy-to-use buttons to help the user to recline.

Advantages Of A Recliner For Elderly Person.

While recliners can be awesome for anyone who needs to rewind, reclining chairs for elderly are especially beneficial to the aged…

Here is why

  • Fantastic Mobility Aids

Some of the best lift recliners for elderly make it easier for seniors with limited mobility to rise from and get into the seat.

A number of the modern-day reclining chairs for the elderly can even be adjusted to a higher position, so elders with bad knees will also find them friendlier to climb into.

If not so, senior can use lift electric recliner chairs for senior citizens since their motorized mechanism help elevate the chair from its base, again simplifying entry.

Moreover, the swivel feature enables seniors to roam about without standing up.

  • So Comfortable

Elderly recliner chairs are indomitable when we come to relaxing and lounging. They have more padding and deliver complete body plus lumbar support.

Then we have the types which lean flat backward against a wall bringing extra relaxation. Still, some even help charge your phone and/or cool your drink as they softly cradle the spine from your head to the tuchus.

  • Reduce Exposure To Injuries

By adjusting the lift reclining chairs for elderly to the most comfortable position, seniors avoid straining their muscles and back minimizing potential injuries.

Besides, the general construction is safe and the user can’t fall even when unable to cope with sudden changes in sitting positions.

On the same note, some recliners have sophisticated features that reduce random movements ensuring that the senior can’t come tumbling down when napping.

  • They Encourage Good Posture

Equally important is the fact that elderly riser recliners emphasize proper posture helping your spine to remain in shape even as years advance.

Remember that proper postural alignment allows him/her to work efficiently, fights fatigue and minimizes strain that could harm various body ligaments.

  • Improve Blood Circulation

By lifting their feet, the best recliners for seniors help circulate blood better in their body.

Otherwise, it’s a well-known fact that sitting down flat for long starts pooling blood (and other) fluids to the lower part of the body causing swelling and potentially clogging veins.

Different Types Of Recliners Suitable for Elderly people.

1.     Two-Position Recliners

Two-position recliners can either recline 45 degrees or fully (not in between) making them ideal for reading or watch TV.

To engage the recline in a chair like the Easy Comfort Lift 2-Position Recliner ; the elder will need to release the footrest then tilt the lever.

Even though they are the cheapest types of recliners for elders, they may not be the most suitable for sleeping because of the somehow limiting recline.

Also, they eat up excess space when positioned against a wall.

2.     Wall Hugger Recliners

Wall saver recliners allow you to kick back and still recline beautifully even when positioned next to a wall.

Their design takes up reduced space meaning they are a superb choice for elders living in smaller rooms.

Equally important, a wall-hugger recliner like the Umax Chair Wall is adjustable and can be modified to sit higher to allow elders with physical handicaps to get up easily.

3.     Rocker Recliners

A rocker recliner for elderly does exactly that- It rocks and smoothly reclines.

It is handy when a senior wants to doze off and can be very useful to elders with insomnia since the rocking motion slowly induces sleep.

Most rocker recliners also feature total body and superior lumbar support. I find the Bonded Leather Rocker Chair  fully supportive courtesy of extra padding and an extra-large frame.

4.     Push-Back Recliners (Flex-Back Recliners)

These are one of the most modern recliners and lack a built-in footrest. They’re so called because you simply push back into their seat for it to recline.

Because it’s only the back part that moves, these furniture save more space than two-position or rocker recliners.

The lack of a footrest can be solved by pairing a pushback chair like the Savannah Pushback Recliner with an ottoman to enable it to serve all the relaxing needs of seniors.

5.     Riser Recliners

Riser recliners are extremely versatile. Just like lift recliners, the chair is awesome if the senior wants to change positions and get in/out without being assisted by a caregiver.

Inspired by the all-conquering Ashley Furniture Signature Chair, these recliners typically come with dual or a single motor with the mechanism operating quietly and efficiently as it helps users get back to their feet.

The slight difference with lift recliners is that some of the recent models deliver more spinal support, fights circulation challenges, edema and related conditions

6.     Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliners are built on a typical circular base that lets them to freely swivel left or right as well to recline backward.

Your grandpa/grandma can face any direction by simply turning so as to enjoy the action.

Led by the Baby Relax Swivel Recliner, they include the smoothest gliding motion and are very relaxing.

7.     Heat And Massage Recliners

Heat and massage chairs have a built-in massager plus a heater adding an extra layer of relaxation to your body.

The massage feature may be found in different configurations including lumbar massage units, full length, leg, or neck to foot units.

The massage and heating systems are mostly controlled by an ergonomic remote control meaning the senior can change the settings without moving an inch.

A popular brand here is the Dorel Living Dual Massage Recliner.

8.     Electric Recliners For Seniors

The predominant feature in electric recliners is the installed electric motor that gently lowers the chair and/or elevates the older folk easily to their feet.

Similar to powerlift and riser recliners, the idea behind the design of models like the Giantex Electric Reclining Chair is to make sitting and/or standing as effortless as possible.

9.     Power Recliners For Elderly

By simply touching the button, a power lift recliner chair let him/her comfortably recline and relax and, then assist him/her to safely shift to a standing position to whenever they desire to disembark.

They are thus excellent for those with a limited ability to use the legs on top of being helpful to anybody with knee or hips trouble.

No wonder the best power recliners –the highly-rated Lifestyle Powerlift Recliner included- cost substantially more than both wall-huggers and rockers.

10. Sofa Recliners

These are types of sofa crafted and designed in different mechanisms, colors, materials, styles, and sizes and has the capacity to move a section of the sofa up/down according to the construction.

The upholstered backs and heavily cushioned seats like those on the Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa make these sofas truly restful making them yet another leisurely choice for elders liking to calm their muscles.

11.  Small Recliners For Elderly

Petite recliners including the bestselling Davis Recliner Chair are also made from the high-quality materials used in the lavish recliners for seniors.

Their compact size ensures that elders can enjoy all the benefits of a fully powered recliner in spite of having only a limited amount of room space.

These charming recliners are also tailored to serve all the demands of smaller users.

12.  Remote Control Recliners Elderly

Remote controlled recliners have again the sleek features from the posh recliners and have the finest craftsmanship.

From the outside, the frame, the mechanism, and everything other section, everything works like a charm.

But crucially, they are operated easily using a remote control that effectively puts all the handy features within the reach of your fingers.

An extraordinary example is the U-Max Wall-Hugging Recliner Chair which also flaunts a convenient pocket to store the remote control.

Overall, they could be an amazing choice for a disabled elder or one unable to use their hands to manage the lever.

13.  Best Recliners For Sleeping

If you are hunting for a recliner chair to nudge your elders to sleep at night, you need to stick only to the tremendously plush options offered by various companies.
A sleeping recliner including those from Giantex Furniture provides seniors with sleeping challenges the comfort they need to drift into dreamland since they allow the occupant to stretch their body for a most relaxing feeling.

These types include adjusting footrests and automatically adjust as you recline or you can alter their positioning manually to allow the body and legs enjoy eminent rest.

14.  Lazy Boy Recliners

La-ZBoy is one of the leading brands in the market for recliners for elders and has several reputable alternatives all of which bring immense comfort to an elder’s lifestyle.

Usually, a lazy boy recliner is created from legendary microfiber fabric and boast of the ultimate support for the users.

Models such as the  La-Z-Boy Niagara Reclina-Rocker Recliner also have the quality to outlast many of the rivals in the industry and are very highly rated.

How To Choose The Best Recliners For Elderly People.

Picking the best recliner for elderly isn’t such daunting if you’re sure of the key features. Let’s skim through them;

  • Reclining Mechanism

Test the reclining mechanism. Recliners are activated variously- using handles, knobs, levers, to push backs.

Settle on what feels great to you. Furthermore, hidden mechanisms are there for those who loath visible handles or levers.

However, they sometimes take more effort to push the sofa into its reclining position.

The best way, therefore, is to have your elderly relative/friend try out the mechanism. That being said, the newest power mechanisms feature motors resembling those used in today’s automobile seats and are the easiest for elders with teething physical problems.

  • Size

Recliners are available in a variety of sizes, from small recliners for elderly to grand.

For both the enjoyment and safety of the elder, find the most comfortable chair for elderly that is fitting regardless of their height or weight.

Then, chairs for elderly riser recliner are engineered differently and withstand extra weight capacities so it pays to know the weight rating of the intended user.

Also, petite electric chairs for seniors are scaled to allow shorter legs to rest easily on the floor while medium-sized recliners may be cozier for average-sized people.

  • Comfort

The comfortable chairs for seniors should be adequately padded, have a cozy backrest, head support and abundant neck plus lumbar support.

The best recliners should rock, massage, and probably lift to serve people with weak knees.

  • Existing Décor

When selecting a recliner, it’s always advisable to find stylish recliners that go with your present decor.

This ensures that you can still retain the natural beauty of your living room without incurring an additional cost to redo the decorations.

  • Overall Construction

Safety comes first in any old people chair. So, shop for a recliner that is sturdy and can hold out strongly even with larger elders.

Also, it shouldn’t compromise on other key features such as simple push backs, functional handles, working reclining mechanisms, and cushioning.

  • Extras

Some recliners come with an incredible collection of options including gliders, swivels, rockers, heat, massage, lifters, refrigerator units, and built-in phone chargers.

You can request the sales representative to demonstrate the installed features for you to test in your choice of comfort chairs for elderly.

  • Budget

While you need the ultimate comfort, numbers matter.

Be sure to set a fixed budget before you start thinking of the model to pick. If for example, you’re planning to spend $500, then don’t exceed amount.

Also, stay away from un-budgeted loans just to fund a sleek recliner. Instead, try to compromise smartly while remaining within your budget though you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort.

  • Room Space

When buying a recliner, it’s important to find the kind that fits within the room where you plan to put it. If the senior wants it placed near a wall, then buy a wall-hugger.

Before everything, measure the space so as to gauge the range that will recline appropriately.

  • Electric Or Manual (Battery)

Some of the recliners are battery-powered while others have electric motors.

On the whole, electric riser recliner chairs for the elderly are more popular since they don’t need to be recharged or to have their batteries replaced.

  • Wheels

Wheels enable reclining chairs to move easily around the home or a care facility so family members or caregivers can effortlessly move the elder from the bedroom to the living room or outside.

Fortunately, most of the orthopedic chairs for the elderly come on wheels.


best recliners for elderly people help in mobility which declines with age, are super comfortable, and help circulation which is vital for everyone.

They also reduce the risk of suffering injuries on seniors in addition to being useful in promoting proper body posture.

They can thus be the perfect gift for a senior citizen looking for relaxation despite wrestling with various negative knock-on effects of advanced age.

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