About Me.

Hey. I’m Patrick and have been caring for my 65+ parents for the best part of the last decade.

During this time, I have dealt with dozens of providers and organizations that help old people lead a quality life despite the unavoidable decline in strength and emerging health and mobility issues.

I have also bought tons of devices and tools to help my seniors retain their independence and live positively in their golden years.

My happiest moment is when I see my efforts bearing fruits and my parents walking around with a smile on the face.

A home for elderly peopleHaving elderly parents or getting to an age of 50 + years is quite a blessing. However, more often than not, there is always a price to pay in terms of decline in strength and mobility.

Additionally, you might experience other health issues like arthritis, edema and even amnesia.

With this in mind, you need the best products and assistance to enable a smooth living and enhance safety and care.

I opened this blog to share with you useful tips, options and well researched information on how you can help your ageing parents, relative, or friends live life to the fullest and  age gracefully.

You will learn about handy devices, healthy living during old age, and how to make life fun for an old person.

Go over my top notch resources and I’ll always give you the best recommendations as we gracefully walk the old age journey together.

Welcome and let’s travel this journey together. It’s very much worthy.


You can contact me anytime here: [email protected]

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